Ray Lewis kneels with the Ravens during the anthem


Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has found himself previously in the center of the Colin Kaepernick controversy, whose unemployment traces (whether anyone admits it or not) to his decision to become the first player to not stand during the national anthem. On Sunday in London, Lewis took a knee along with multiple Ravens players during the national anthem.

It was a stunning visual, given that Lewis seemingly tried to stake out middle ground between those who support kneeling and those who oppose it. Most recently, Lewis said on Showtime’s Inside The NFL that Kaepernick would have been brought to Baltimore for a visit if his girlfriend hadn’t posted an image on Twitter that compared Lewis to a slave and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to a slave owner.

The involvement of Lewis in what surely will be an unprecedented display of protests and support for teammates during the anthem inevitably will bring back to the forefront of the discussion Kaepernick’s status. At a time when much of the NFL community is rallying in the face of an assault from the President, wouldn’t the ultimate act of defiance be to tell Kaepernick not “you’re fired” but “you’re hired”?

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  1. For the first time in probably 24 years I am skipping Sunday NFL football. I will not be subjected to these clowns supporting a false narrative. And they will not bring politics into what used to be so fun.

  2. It shows the jump on the band wagon mentality of many, yet they don’t get off their knees and go into the communities to change anything. Go and stop the drugs, killings, looting and destroying of property in the name of equality.

  3. NFL fan that now is officially fed up! Time for the fans to take a stand!
    1. I will not go to a NFL game or buy tickets.
    2. I will only watch my teams game and will not watch any other games.
    3. I will not buy any products from companies that have commercials during my teams game.
    4. I will no longer buy NFL products.
    If protests continue I will completely stop watching all NFL games.
    Time for NFL players to find another venue for their protests.

  4. Pat Tillman died for this country, he was one of your own. Can you really disrespect him on foreign soil? Time to cancel Sunday ticket

  5. desertviking64 says:
    September 24, 2017 at 10:42 am
    Pat Tillman died for this country, he was one of your own. Can you really disrespect him on foreign soil? Time to cancel Sunday ticket

    You really think Ray cares about Tillman? He only died in service of his country and fellow man, forsaking potentially a much more lucrative and less dangerous path. He was the antithesis of Ray.

  6. By most estimates there are still 30 million slaves in Africa and the Mid East, women are legally beaten and raped by their husbands in 13 countries, the same areas where gays are killed or imprisoned. So while there are some problems in this country, America and Canada are consistently rated the LEAST racist countries in the world, ponder that. Yet they’d lead you to believe that this is the most oppressive place in the world. Then why do so many people want to migrate here and why aren’t these oppressed minorities moving to other, more “free” countries. Quick answer is that they don’t exist, free market and the US Constitution are the best thing going by far and any argument to the contrary is a false narrative.

  7. “Colin Kaepernick…whose unemployment traces (whether anyone admits it or not) to his decision to become the first player to not stand during the national anthem.”

    Kaepernick’s unemployment traces (whether anyone admits it or not)to pig socks, Castro loving, hate tweets and dilettantism as well as marginal play. Fear of backlash from fans over the first 4 is what has kept an owner from taking a chance on the last. Until his champions address that it is hard to take anything they say on the subject seriously. But of course in the interest of freedom of agenda you can always continue to delete posts that bring it up.

  8. Isn’t this the same guy who had tears streaming down his face as he was reciting the national anthem during the Super Bowl a few years passed? Guess he wasn’t feeling too oppressed when he was trying so hard to convince the general public he wasn’t a murderer, supposedly.

  9. So now oppression has ceased?

    This is an empty gesture. It’s called virtue signalling, that’s why Lewis flip flops. He sees an opportunity to look virtuous. Meanwhile, how many black KIDS will be shot in Chicago TODAY? And we have an author pushing his own personal agenda, with 0 concern for real problems. If Kaep got signed tomorrow he’d pat himself on the back for being so progressive and carry on ignoring the rampant drugs and crime in our cities. But hey, as long as you’re flipping Trump the bird all’s well, amirite?

  10. If I believed Ray was doing this out of true conviction, my stance would be, “I don’t like how you’re getting your message but, it’s your right.”

    What I do believe is, this is Ray’s attempt to stay in the news cycle.

  11. I don’t understand protesting during a song of “national pride” and symbolic meaning for this country. If you want to protest a homicide by police officers of Afro Americans then one should protest at a police station. Moreover learn why some police officers are not charged with a crime; Every crime requires INTENT. The officer has to intend to commit the crime adhering to a criminal statute. Like 1st degree murder! If there is no INTENT to commit the criminal act then there is no crime. Each situation or potential crime is different!

  12. Welcome to your new football life. Enjoy the show.

    Also, those who are using Pat Tillman’s name as reason to show objection to players non-violent protests you are a whole new level of disgusting.

    He would have supported every one of those players on the field. His life was sacrificed at the hands of his fellow soldiers in a stupid meaningless war.

    USA should have never been there, but you wish to show faux outrage and use his name as your justification. You’re all cowards!!! Blindly following an even bigger coward/fake tough guy in the oval office who couldn’t give two bits about you.

  13. Ray Lewis – one of the biggest beneficiaries of the American Legal System when he was acquitted of being a murderer is now protesting the legal system…what a joke.

  14. Demonize the police, Black neighborhoods get patrolled less, more Black people die, more Black people get criminal records for protesting and the rich fat cats like George Soros who fund the protests just laugh because that’s what they really want, more divisiveness. SMH!!!

  15. Ray Lewis is the perfect example of the hidden truth (hidden only because people refuse to read the plain facts of FBI statistics):

    “The greatest threat to the safety of black people in America is other black people.”

  16. The president did not help this situation and shouldn’t have spoken.
    Then again, Ray Lewis, minus his white suit, going to London to kneel with the entire Ravens team shows the hipocracy in all of this. #murderer. Then the Ravens got spanked by the Jaguars. #Karma OMG is that funny.

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