Von Miller: I killed the game with unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

Getty Images

The Broncos appeared set to get the ball back down seven points with just under eight minutes to play in Sunday’s game against the Bills when a penalty flag changed the scenario.

Linebacker Von Miller was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on a third down incompletion after he initially put his hand out to Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor and then pulled it back in a move familiar to elementary school students everywhere. The Bills went on to kick a field goal after holding the ball for more than four minutes and won the game 26-16

Broncos coach Vance Joseph didn’t seem to like the call —  “It’s pro football, but he called it” — but Miller castigated himself for not doing the smart thing.

“I can’t put my team in situations like that,” Miller said, via ESPN.com. “… I’ve got to be smarter than that. I’m always on the rookies and the young guys about being smart, doing this, doing that. And in a crucial situation in the game — I’ve just got to be better than that … I killed the game today with that play. I’ve just got to be better than that.”

Miller said that he and Taylor were “laughing and joking” the entire game, something Taylor confirmed along with answering “both” when asked if he was laughing because what Miller did was funny or because of the outcome.