Josh Norman on Donald Trump: “Not my president”

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A new wave of protests during (not of) the national anthem was generally followed by a tide of players lining up to rip President Donald Trump.

The last of the day, at least chronologically, was Washington cornerback Josh Norman, who was emotional and pointed when asked about Trump’s charge that the “sons of bitches” who knelt for the anthem should be fired.

What president?” Norman said, via Lorenzo Reyes of USA Today. “Not my president. He was chosen, true. But when a president acts like that, what do you say to that? That’s not someone that stands with dignity, pride, respect, honor. Where’s the honor in that? Where’s the dignity in that? Where is anything that’s prideful in doing what you did?

“Words are powerful. They can either unite you, or they can divide you. So what he said united us.”

Norman and many of his teammates stood with arms locked during the anthem, with owner Daniel Snyder on one side of the Pro Bowl corner. Of course, Snyder donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee and $100,000 to his current campaign, so he had no problem standing. Some Washington players kneeled, including wide receiver Jamison Crowder and tight ends Jordan Reed and Niles Paul.

Players yesterday were up in arms after Trump’s attack over the weekend on former quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players who have protested racial inequality and unfair treatement by law enforcement. And Trump the individual has the same right to an opinion as Norman, but the power of his office made it a threat that many players took seriously.

“When a man calls you out like that, behind the [office of the] POTUS, and he’s supposed to be the President of America – he’s supposed to be – calls you out like that, in a group, and there’s more going on in the world, that’s frustrating,” Norman said. “That’s coming from you. I’m all cool. You give people the benefit of the doubt, but he’s coming in that direction, directly at you, nah, man. One brother, you mess with one, you mess with all. Nobody’s divided in this. We was in unity. We wanted to stand for something.

“I’m telling you right now, this man is not welcome in Washington, D.C. He’s not. I hope he won’t be around when I see him. He’s not welcome. I can say that to your face. He’s not welcome.”

Norman wouldn’t say if the team had other plans for the future, but made it clear that no players were showing disrespect to the flag itself or anyone who served.

“It’s not about the flag, man. We love it. We want to be here. This is our country. We were born here. We were bred here. This is what we’re about,” he said. “Nobody is spitting on the flag or disrespecting it. We know you gave your life for it and our gratitude to your service is deeply endeared. Understand that. But if somebody comes on your front porch and takes a piss, as a man, what are you going to do? Sit there and watch him pee? Or are you going to step outside and be like, ‘Hey, what are you doing, sir? You’re on private property. You’ve got to get off, or we’ll make you get off.’ ”

And Sunday, Norman and many other players made their feelings clear. We await the inevitable Twitter response.

37 responses to “Josh Norman on Donald Trump: “Not my president”

  1. Actually he is. And something you people are missing is Trumps comments echoed tens of millions who aren’t acknowledged by the media. Why does our opinion not matter? By the way, all these owners and coaches claimed to be sooooooo offended yet they aren’t offended by players using the NFL time and workplace to show disrespect during our national anthem? That doesn’t offend you but for those it does offend and our message gets sent by the President, and suddenly you are appalled? I enjoyed not watching a single snap yesterday.

  2. Does Josh really think people care about his political beliefs? People watch football to get away from things like politics. Not to be inundated with it.

    All this is going to hurt the NFL even worse than it already has. They really need to get politics out of the game or they’re not ever going to see their ratings rebound.

  3. kneeling is a meaningless gesture. Actions speak louder than words. So now that y’all have the attention do something to make things better. If not be quiet and stand.

  4. “What president?” Norman said, via Lorenzo Reyes of USA Today. “Not my president.”


    Josh, if you are living in this country, Donald Trump is your president.

    Individual citizens don’t get to pick and choose who the president is or is not.

    You can say you don’t like him, trust him or respect him. But he is your president.

  5. I hear a lot of talk and see a lot of kneeling from the players, but where is the action? What are they doing beyond words and getting a knee dirty because all I hear about is what is done during the anthem. Well that is not enough. Actions speak louder than words, and knees.

  6. Are you a citizen of the United States Josh? If you are then he is. May not agree with or like him, but he IS your President. I wasn’t a fan of President Obama, but he was my President when he was in office. That’s the problem with everything right now, too many people think they can just say “he’s not my President” and that makes their actions ok.

  7. For 8 years I respected a man who was in office that I disagreed with a lot of things on. I didn’t care for a lot of things Obama did and I thought he really turned this place into a country people considered weak. However, he WAS my president. Instead of acting like children, be the bigger man Josh. Lead by example.

  8. I think he speaks for a lot of Americans when he says that. I haven’t seen a President cause this much uproar ever. He needs to focus on America at hand and not worry about throwing Americans under the bus.

  9. They’re playing right into Trump’s hands… they’re creating more division and anger, and that’s exactly what Trump wants. Sometimes we need to go back to the golden rules: when there’s a loud mouth bully trying to stir the pot, the best option is to ignore him.

  10. Does Josh really think people care about his political beliefs? People watch football to get away from things like politics. Not to be inundated with it.

    All this is going to hurt the NFL even worse than it already has. They really need to get politics out of the game or they’re not ever going to see their ratings rebound.

  11. To Norman, or J-No as he is calling himself these days, Trump is your president. Even if you didn’t vote for him, like I didn’t, he is still your President. Period. Now lets all work together to find solutions to the issues of the day. Its time to move past kneeling on the ground during the anthem and calling people names in stump speeches. Its time for action.

    Talk, and kneeling, is cheap.

  12. This is simple. Let’s illustrate it simply:

    Do you live in America? >>>> No >>>> Donald Trump is not your President.

    Do you live in America? >>>> Yes >>>> Donald Trump is your President.

  13. I wonder when people will realize that they’re getting played and stop acting like Trump’s sock puppets. He says something stupid and the marionettes absolutely go bonkers. If he’s not your president and not welcome in DC, why give what he says so much power and influence? Also seems a bit paradoxical for a trash talker to be chiding someone about dignity, etc.

    Trump reminds me of Ric Flair during his heel years just baiting the crowds of rasslin fans dumb enough to believe it’s real.

    It’ll be interesting to see where the League goes from here and how, if at all, this affects revenues.

  14. Trump is the president of these divided states. He’s only cares about and represents his base alone. No he is not my president.

    Also for everyone offended by the kneeling, how about you get off your bum the next time the anthem is played?

  15. Yes, Josh he is your president, unless you have recently denounced your US citizenship and have decided to move to a different country. Maybe that would resolve your issues.

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