Mike Pereira, Dean Blandino both say Von Miller penalty shouldn’t have been called


The last two people to run the NFL’s officiating department say they officials erred by handing Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller a costly taunting penalty on Sunday against the Bills.

Miller got flagged when he stuck his hand out as if to help Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor up, then pulled his hand away. It was a schoolyard trick that Taylor said he laughed about, but the referee didn’t think it was funny. Miller’s penalty gave the Bills an automatic first down on what would have been fourth down, and helped the Bills seal the game.

Today, former NFL heads of officiating Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino, now analysts for FOX, both said they think that call was a mistake.

“To me it was an overreaction, unless there was something that was said,” Pereira said. “It’s just not a foul.”

Added Blandino, “I have to agree. If something is said at an opponent, that’s one thing. It didn’t appear on the video. . . . I think it’s an overreaction.”

It’s hard to argue with that, but there’s no sense in arguing after the fact. The ref called what he called, and the Broncos were dealt a costly blow.

45 responses to “Mike Pereira, Dean Blandino both say Von Miller penalty shouldn’t have been called

  1. Unsportsmanlike, taunting. What Von Miller did could be part of the definition of both those words. Who hasn’t seen a player toss a football attest the play hey the flag because it landed to close to the other teams player. If that can be called so can this.

    Besides it happened with over 8 minutes left in the game, it did not cause the Broncos to lose.

  2. since when does something have to be said for it to be taunting? i’m not a fan of the taunting rule to begin with, but if the rule exists then this was clearly a violation of it. players get flagged for standing and flexing over a player they just tackled, or for taunting a defensive player while or after they score a touchdown. how is this any different?

  3. How can the suits at Park Ave watch the games on the weekends and see all these ridiculous penalties and flags and think the product is good? That they are on the right track? It’s becoming absolutely brutal to watch an NFL game because every play seems to have a flag or the refs are left looking clueless after a play? Its so disheartening seeing old, over weight referees trying to keep up with some of the youngest and best athletes in the world.

  4. As a rule of thumb, I always believe the opposite of what Dean Blandino says. I used to think that a flag wasn’t warranted but now I believe it was.

  5. Good call my the ref. Taunting is easy to catch. Even Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino dont even know what a taunt is…
    One reason why he was flagged for taunting is cuz he processed to try and help the player up but then he moved his hand back and started to laugh. Ref saw it threw the flag… good call. Maybe he will learn next time to help the player up

  6. Did it cost Denver the game – prob not. Props to Buffalo, they played great. But C’MON what Von did was hilarious. Hell his old spice commercials are funny. Dude is a character, was just funning around.

  7. Taylor pointed at him and laughed like, hey, ya got me. Don’t they have warnings? Where you tell him not to do that again instead of causing such a change with a 15 yd penalty.

  8. patsfan1820 says:

    September 25, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    As someone who despises the Broncos, they got hosed yesterday by this call

    BS call but the way Buffalo’s defense was playing it wouldn’t of mattered. Just another opportunity for the Bills secondary to grab another interception.

  9. ryanc2015 says:
    September 25, 2017 at 4:32 pm
    One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen in an NFL game. Potentially cost the Broncos the win. Not a good look for the NFL at all.
    It may have been ridiculous, but the Broncos had the ball plenty of times where they didn’t score. So no.

  10. The turning point in the game wasn’t the Miller penalty. The penalty was ticky-tacky, but not wrong. The turning point was the awful, inexcusable fake punt called by rookie head coach Vance Joesph deep in Bills territory. Most fans know that you’re never supposed to run that play that deep in enemy territory because if you screw it up, your handing the opponent the ball on the 30 (like Denver did).

  11. Players just have to focus on football for 60 minutes. When they get penalized for stuff after the whistle, I have no sympathy. Just play football. I love Von Miller, but he brought it on himself. He’s not paid to clown around like that.

  12. red says:
    September 25, 2017 at 4:31 pm
    The league is fixed.

    Yeah the NFL has been fixing games in favor of the BILLS for years and the Broncos just get hosed all the time.

  13. It’s funny because weird officiating happened the last time the Broncos played the Bills in 2015. Only that time it was in Denver and Buffalo was the one getting screwed over by officiating. Parity at work I suppose.

  14. I am now thrilled this was called. Can you imagine what would have happened if Von did this to Tom Brady. Pat fans would demand Von be put on death row!

  15. ganzendofstory says:
    September 25, 2017 at 5:32 pm
    Clay Matthews did the EXACT same thing to Carson Palmer in 2015. No flag. Then again, Von Miller doesn’t play for the Ref’s Sweethearts…


    no but he plays for one of the nfls biggest love interests. the broncos get out of everything including blatant salary cap violations during their back to back title years. NFLs way of legislation is a joke all around anyways.

  16. It was a make up call, several years late. Jerry Hughes was once flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for congratulating a teammate on a 4th down stop against New England. Hughes was slapping at the top of the helmet of another defender but was flagged anyway. The Von Miller flag was about that level of stupidity.

    What is lost in this story is the fact that the Bills outplayed the Broncos. While the Broncos were healthy the Bills were down both the starting LT and one of their starting DTs. It was one of those “any given Sunday” type games, in which the underdog was the better team for that one day.

  17. It was an awful calll but…….that brings the grand total of bogus calls going the bills way in the last 17 years to 1.
    I don’t remember seeing any headlines when they grazed Bradys shoulder on a 3rd and long and the refs threw a flag

  18. If you look at the tape, I think the ref was waiting for Von to go back and help him up. When he realized Von wasn’t going to “fix” it, that is what pushed it into a flag.

  19. Blandino didn’t have a good rep anyway.

    Hanging out on the Cowboys team party bus the night before a big game doesn’t instill much confidence in fans when he’s head of officiating for the NFL.

    Someone else get the crying towels out for the Broncos. Miller’s play was childish taunting.

  20. yes how dare the entitled cheaters get called for a penalty that everyone else gets called for. goodells favorites should be gifted another trophy for their troubles! ***

  21. It was a ridiculous call at a critical time. Did it lose the game for Denver? Probably not, 2 picks, bad play calling and a mailed in effort did that. But face it, it did have a huge impact on the outcome. No one knows what Denver would have done with that drive. How many times have we seen a big defensive stop spark on offense and swing mo? Yeah yeah, I know that happens in a lot of games due to penalties. But that was a bad flag that insinuated the Cheffers into the outcome of the game. It also set a precedent that he had better follow all year.

  22. red says:
    September 25, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Please stop with the ‘league is fixed’ thing. No one is fixing games so the bills can get to 2-1, it helps the nfl if bronco’s get to 3-0 and stay undefeated. If you watched the game, bill had 3 horrible calls (one for a 4 yd bump on a WR, one for hitting a player ‘out of bounds’ as he was stepping out and one roughing the passer call that was just horrible). It was a dumb call, but in that game the bills were not getting calls all day so it justified it a little. Dumb call- but no one is fixing games to help the bills.

  23. riverhorsey says:
    September 25, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    To your point, the night before the ‘deflate gate’ game against the colts, the night before Goodell was at Krafts personal home. The week before that the pats played ravens in a playoff game, the night before that game goodell was at krafts personal home as well. I’ve never once heard of goodell chilling at my team owners house the night before a huge playoff game…… but ofcourse….. ‘goodell is out to get the patriots!’.

  24. What is the purpose of Dean Blandino sitting next to Pereira and just nodding along in agreement every time? Is he being groomed for Pereira’s retirement?

  25. I’m sick and tired of watching the officials, both on field and the booth guy in NY. I want to watch football, with its human flaws and outcomes. Why do we try so hard to perfect? Just play….it’s a game! Hold on, forgot about Vegas….

  26. “red says:
    September 25, 2017 at 4:31 pm
    The league is fixed.”

    The league is fixed…for the Bills to win? The league is doing a pretty crappy job with their fix then…

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