Sam Bradford will start when ready, and Vikings don’t know when that is


The Vikings are still unsure when quarterback Sam Bradford will return to the starting lineup, although it’s a question of when, not if.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said today that if he isn’t sure whether Bradford’s knee will be healthy enough for him to practice this week or play Sunday against the Lions. But he did say the team is committed to Bradford as its No. 1 quarterback.

“When Sam’s ready, he’s the quarterback,” Zimmer said.

Case Keenum played very well in Sunday’s win over the Buccaneers, throwing for 369 yards with three touchdowns, no sacks and no turnovers. So the Vikings don’t necessarily have to hurry Bradford back onto the field.

But they do hope to have Bradford back sooner rather than later. They just can’t point to a date yet.

21 responses to “Sam Bradford will start when ready, and Vikings don’t know when that is

  1. Oh boy. Anytime there’s even a question about Case Keenum potentially stealing a starting job, that’s a BAD sign about a teams quarterback situation…

  2. Bradford with player of the week award in week one, Case probably will get it this week. It’s good to be the best in the NFC North with the best depth to boot. Thursday will probably show who will be last in the division (Bears/Packers) while Sunday could show who will be first (Vikings/Detroit) SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. The Vikes didn’t really expect to get a full season from Bradford, did they? The guy is made of wet tissue paper.

    I guess you didn’t watch last season when he got cremated weekly behind probably the worse line in NFL history?

  4. Vikings are so deep at QB! Teams will be foaming at the mouth for Keenum and Bradford. I can see multiple first rounders being dangled. We can ride Sloter till Teddy’s back. Then trade Sloter for another 1st rounder. Hell, we could even keep Sloter and trade Teddy. Then we bring back Mitch (should of been a 1st rounder). Man its great to be a Vikings fan! SKOL

  5. Vikings are a tough play at home no matter who the starting qb is. Stafford had to steal a game there last year, I’m just hoping Swanson can go for Detroits O line to be a little better in pass pro than they were against ATL. I think it will be a good game looking forward to Diggs vs Slay.

  6. Man some of you guys give Vikings fans bad names saying super bowl and a bunch of garbage we played a team that had 4th string secondary playing most of the game the whole bucks team was banged up. Yes we played well but we got the lions up next and they are no push over they look good so far this season.

    I agree we do have some deep depth but look at what happen to our team the minute Rhodes left the game for a while….. we started falling apart. anyways SKOL to the Non homer vikes fans!

  7. Not sure about the Bradford built of glass cracks with respect to his tenure in MN — he got beat to hell last year and played every game he was available. Keenum likely won’t be able to pull that rabbit out of his you-know-what a second time. Yet it is somewhat reassuring to still sit at 2-1 despite the most important team position manned two-thirds of the time by a back-up QB, as opposed to 2-1 and completely relying upon a HOF QB to eek out a victory against two crappy teams (when not getting blown out by a good one). Yeah, that HOFer’s career potential is being fully realized.

  8. Bridgewater must be shaking in his tiny boots knowing that he’s dropped to third on the depth chart. But don’t worry Teddie, the Vikings will screw it up and start you long before you’re ready just so they can appease their fans.

  9. Bradford should want to play and get a little payback after basically giving the Lions the game on Thanksgiving.

  10. lol. I love how first it’s “There’s no way the Vikings will beat the BUCS. They are stacked on offense and defense. They destroyed the Bears at home”. Now it’s “The Vikings played a banged up BUCS team”. lol. Why do people have to take away what was a great team win? Are we going to get that production out of Case weekly?, probably not. The fact is we were not favored in that game, and we won with a backup. If Case can even do 2/3 of what he did Sunday and be a “serviceable” back up, this defense and running back will help. If We can split games until Bradford is back, we could do much worst. But lets not take away what was a great team win.

  11. Packers pulled out a tough game even though they were severely short handed and their fans are grateful.

    The vikings won again a severely depleted Bucs secondary and their fans act like they are now the Super Bowl favorites.

    I have heard like the words used here like juggernaut and playing for the best team in the North. It was a nice win but lets not overplay our hand, shall we. Reality is coming soon.

  12. Talk is cheap truthnevertoldhere109
    You had the Bucs winning too. How did that pick work out for you? Yeah it didn’t.

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