Steelers feel they’re wasting their offensive talent

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There was discussion about the Steelers’ slow offensive start after each of the first two weeks of the season, but the concern didn’t swell to a particularly high level because the team won both times.

The offense fell short of expectations again in Chicago on Sunday and it was more of a talking point because the Bears pulled out a 23-17 win in overtime. The Steelers managed 282 yards, down from their modest totals in the first two weeks and way below the bar set for the unit coming into the season.

Tight end Jesse James called 17 points a waste for a team with the talent the Steelers have on hand and guard David DeCastro agreed with that assessment.

“We’re so much better than this. It’s tough to waste all the talent we have,” DeCastro said, via “Look at the offense we have. If we’re not putting up 350, 400 yards a game, it feels like we’re wasting it.”

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said “this one is on me” after going 22-of-39 for 235 yards and losing a fumble, but the entire unit has failed to click as hoped through the first three weeks and it will take a change across the board for the Steelers to get where they want to go this year.

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  1. Big brother didn’t have a problem closing out a tight game. But this is the steelers, always losing to underdogs. That will be how coach T is remembered.

  2. Ben has been terrible for 3 weeks now. The steelers are fortunate to play terrible teams those 3 weeks. The Oc coordinator was horrendous the 1st week. Tomlin has been terrible with preparation for teams under 500 his whole career. The loss to the Bears was #Asexpected!

  3. Bell should feel ashamed given the weekly check that he is pulling. Unless he gives Pittshburgh a home town discount next year, he’s gone.

  4. To me the bigger story was the Steelers defense. With the worst starting QB in the league and no WRs to speak of, the Bears offense is the definition of one dimensional, yet the Steelers could not stop the only thing the Bears do well which is run the ball. And the Bears hadn’t even been doing that all that well until yesterday.

  5. unfairbutbalanced says:
    September 25, 2017 at 7:05 am
    Bell should feel ashamed given the weekly check that he is pulling. Unless he gives Pittshburgh a home town discount next year, he’s gone.

    Bell has given the team a “hometown” discount for 4 years. It’s called a rookie contract. You know. The kind that allows teams to pay all-pros multiple millions below their production level.

  6. The Steelers need a spark on offense to get them going. I think they should convert to a read-option, sign Kaepernik, and let Big Ben compete for the job. That might get his attention…true competition.

  7. Anytime a guy talks about retirement (Ben), the thrill is gone from his game. Ben is not using this talent + Bell’s selfishness is apparent. They r lucky the Ravens wet-the-bed in London. They better show up in Balt or that defense will sack Ben 10 times.

  8. Lots of time to right the ship offensively, its only week 3. The one thing I do know for sure is the Steelers better tighten up that run defense. They didn’t do well at all in that area.

  9. Big Bum has yet to score more than 2 touchdowns in a game this year and would have lost to the BROWNS if not for a Steeler special teams blocked punt touchdown. Big Bum was lucky to get 14 points against that legendary Browns defense that gave up 24 to the Ravens and 31 to the Colts.

    17 points of offense yesterday??? Big Bum must have thought he was in a playoff game! LOLZ That’s just how good Big Bum is.

  10. This was nothing more, nothing less, than a typical Tomlin road loss against another terrible team. Nothing new here, and it will never change. As Tomlin himself says over and over, “It is what it is”. Not only are the players wasting the talent on this roster, the coaches and ownership is too. No discipline, no preparation, no effort, no accountability, from anywhere in the entire organization. “The Standard is the Standard” means so little now, it’s embarrassing. I am not giving up and will remain a fan for the rest of my days, but like I told my kid after years of receiving F’s in math related high school classes, my expectations of a budding rocket scientist (or 7th Lombardi) have been lowered greatly. I expect less & less every year, and frankly my care & concern are headed in the same direction.

  11. Agree with bassplucker. Was watching on Redzone, but from what I could see, the defense was a bigger problem than the offense. Tackling was just awful. Every time they showed the Bears running, it looked as though our defense was a sieve. Can’t stand watching the defense being run over.

  12. Let’s remember the defense gave the offense the ball twice inside the 30 yard line on turnovers. The defense struggled against the run, but going into OT the defense had only given up 200 yards, and one touchdown, as 10 points was given up by special teams on the fumbled punt return and then the crazy blocked FG. When the defense gives that kind of performance, there’s absolutely no excuse not to win. This is 100 percent on the offense, and something needs to change after three weeks.

  13. They were too busy kneeling in the locker room to care about a game. They’ll have plenty of time to think about it during the playoffs while they are all sitting in their mansions complaining about how unfair it is in this country.

  14. Offense has been poor for 3 weeks in a row, and yesterday the defense paid the price for the offense not being able to stay on the field.

    the worst part is that, if history teaches us anything, since Tomlin is the head coach and the Steelers don’t have a particularly difficult schedule this season, this will most likely happen at least one to two more times this season. Consistent failure to get his teams up for lesser opponents…with a team that talented it’s a SIN! The Mike Tomlin era ladies and gentlemen! Quite possibly the most overrated coach in the league. That’s coming from a Steelers fan.

    Oh, I’m done defending Haley as well. That game was extremely poorly called. As was the season opener against Cleveland.

  15. The Steelers have so much team speed it’s ridiculous. What is Haley thinking? Instead of utilizing it, he has Ben standing there pre snap like he’s Peyton Manning. Take the pre-snap read and come of the line! Hit the medium routes and open up the running game! Art Rooney needs to be reading Tomlin and Haley the riot act.

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