Brandon Marshall: I didn’t spit on an Eagles fan

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Before last Sunday’s game against the Eagles, Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall exchanged words with an Eagles fan who was on the field during warmups at Lincoln Financial Field.

Video of that conversation along with an account from someone else who was on the field appeared on Sporting News this week that included an accusation of Marshall spitting on the fan after coming back for a second round of jawing. Marshall was asked about the incident on Tuesday and denied hocking any loogies in the fan’s direction.

“No, absolutely not,” Marshall said, via “I think that if anybody does that — a fan, or a player — should be suspended, should probably pay a fine, and you should have a public apology prepared and they need to read through it on camera. So, absolutely not. But, that’s the world we live in. I’m sure because there was a lot of cameras around, he had his camera, all of his buddies had their cameras out. There should be video evidence of anything on his face or on his body. So, I’m not worrying about that.”

Assuming Marshall’s right about the lack of video or other evidence, there wouldn’t seem to be anywhere for things to go on the spit front.

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  1. westernbuc says:
    September 26, 2017 at 5:59 pm
    Kinda like Michael Bennet’s encounter with the police. Once the camera footage comes out the story mysteriously disappears

    In case this point isn’t clear, I don’t think he means the story disappears because it’s not true, but rather it disappears because it would discredit the narrative that the Left/Media is pushing about race. Dividing people is good for ratings too.

  2. So begins the unwinding, week by week, of Marshall. Starts with something small like this. Next he will want the ball more, then frustrated with Eli, then frustrated with the play calling, an so on. By week 12 he will be wanting out of NY.

  3. Doubt Brandon Marshall has any spit to spare seeing as he’s playing for 2 teams at the same time! But what happens when Giants play Broncos on Oct 15th? These teams haven’t met since 2013, just before greedy Brandon started sneaking off to moonlight at the Broncos. This guy is gonna get found out in Week 6 and then spit will be the least of his worries.

  4. Better tread careful Marshall or you will end up right next to Tomlin on Fire Chief Paul Smith’s no good list!

  5. With the way he slowly trudges off the line of scrimmage and lets balls go right through his arms every week, i thought it was the Giants fans he was spitting on.

  6. Why on Earth are fans allowed to engage players like this, in the first place? This just seems like an invitation to problems as most fans (especially those who have had a few beers) would be likely to take things too far – like this idiot did. He came awfully close to chest-bumping Marshall in that video a few times, and wouldn’t it then be Marshall’s right to stomp his fat ass into the turf at that point???

    Having fans on the field and that close to players (especially those with intense rivalries) just doesn’t seem all that smart…

  7. ” fans” like this shouldnt be allowed anywhere near NFL players. Every fan base has em’ too. I for one am actually impressed with Mr Marshall. I would have knocked that jerk out ( or if it was snowing and me being a Philly fan..would have pretended he was Santa Claus and smashed him with a snowball…lol). For you so called Giant fans..Your ragging on Marshall for dropping passes. Why does OBJ get a pass? He dropped 3 this week alone! Complain about your coach. Or not scoring TWICE in the redzone! You have bigger problems then HALL OF FAMER Brandon Marshall

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