DirecTV sending mixed signals about potential Sunday Ticket refunds

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Purchasers of the NFL Sunday Ticket package typically can’t get refunds. Those who seek refunds due to national anthem protests could be the rare exception.

The key words are “could be,” because even though the click-baity headline from the Wall Street Journal says that “DirecTV Allows Some NFL Refunds After Anthem Controversy,” the article lists deeper in the story four different responses from four different customer-service representatives.

From the ninth paragraph of the story: “One [representative] said refunds to those concerned about the anthem protests were only offered to subscribers with certain offers or plans. One representative said full refunds were available for those who complained about anthem protests. Another said such people could only get prorated refunds for the remainder of the season. Yet other representatives said the policy hadn’t changed and that no refunds were allowed for any reason.”

So, basically, whether a customer gets a refund may hinge on a game of call-center roulette, possibly with requests to accelerate the discussion to of management needed in order to get satisfaction.

A spokesperson for DirecTV’s parent company, AT&T, declined comment to the Wall Street Journal. The NFL declined comment for the article, as well.

However it plays out, DirecTV needs to have a clear, consistent policy that allows refunds, if available, to be obtained as efficiently and easily as when DirecTV separates the customer from his or her money at the time the purchase is made.

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  1. Local news here in Tampa just said that you can get a full refund if you cite the protests as the reason. They also said that Gerald McCoy’s social media whining and Winston’s interceptions are not valid reasons.

  2. They better refund. How can you boo these players for kneeling one minute and cheer the next when they score. It’s disingenuous and it feels psychologically dirty. The players have made it political and the NFL’s endorsement has put them on a collision course with the fan base. The occassional attendee and season ticket holder did not sign to become the captive audience of protest, political rally, not to watch players pose on all four like they are peeing, church sermons. You reserve the right to avoid that scene since they have made their intentions clear. Rodgers is asking fans to link arms in GB, trying to draw them into their mess. The next level will be fan against fan on the stands. Stop the madness. The NFL and associates are threading on dangerous waters.

  3. If you don’t read the fine print you don’t deserve a refund. You can’t rent a car, put 100 miles on it, and demand a refund because you don’t like the way it looks.

  4. I cancelled my Sunday Ticket package after week two and received a full refund. The quality of play in the NFL is horrible and I’m tired of 23 year-old millionaires telling me how unfair life is.

  5. Can remember when imgot my first sunday ticket many moons ago.’i thought i was in heaven. Huge parties every sunday with my friends lobbying for their favorite teams when the cowboys weren’t on. Now i wouldn’t subscribe period.

  6. Sounds to me like, you can get refunds, but one of the people got a lazy customer service rep who was used to saying “no refunds” so just did as they always do

    As far as the refunds themselves, I’m indifferent. Personally I think direct ticket is stupid unless you are getting it to watch your favorite team every week if you live out of that area. Otherwise, why pay all that money for direct ticket when red zone is like $1 a month? So your fault for buying something stupid

    The refund aspect would be interesting. Every story you see gives you 15 reasons why the protests are NOT the cause of a ratings decline. Would be interesting to see how many people would give up direct ticket because of them, and see if that is true or not. It’s not like it’s late enough in the season that a bunch of fans would dump it just to get some money back since their team is out of it. It’s early enough that it would be pretty clear what the reasons are

  7. Looks like there are already cracks in the leftist dam. Big Ben felt it. The 80% of the players that stood for the anthem are starting to speak up about the minority of players that took it upon themselves to disrespect the country and the flag.

    Tomlin is going to spend Tuesday apologizing to Steelers Fans. If the Steelers want any fans.

    He wont be the last. The owners are going to regret joining sides with the liberal media and the people who hate this country.

  8. Call center roulette occurs for all TV providers. It’s frustrating. Granted, granting a full refund for anthem protests is beyond absurd, so I understand why there’s no protocol in place.

  9. If I were DirectTV I wouldn’t issue refunds to anyone. It’s not like the games aren’t being played……just ridiculous. By the way I have the NFL TV and I’m against the players protesting the National Anthem but business is business and DTV is fulfilling their end of the deal.

  10. Impressive damage control to save overall subscriptions likely. Ford and Nike don’t want the majority of NFL fans business, DirecTV trying to clean up the pile of dog poop the league gave them. Cancelled the ticket after the Cleveland teams players knelt in the first preseason game to protest against the country. Gave the NFL all off season to fix it. They didn’t. I left. Still enjoy reading about the train wreck though. Thanks PFT!

  11. Who pays for the Sunday ticket? Just call up the week before the season and threaten to cancel. Have to go to the “Loyalty” department to pretend to cancel and they will give it to you. I do it every year.

  12. If you call to cancel and they give you a hard time, just tell them that you are cancelling your full service and moving to Dish. They won’t give you a hard time anymore.

  13. Personally, I would say that anyone who got NFL Ticket THIS YEAR knew of the protests because they occurred LAST YEAR. I think refunds last year would have made more sense. This year it feels like people should have known there would be more protests. But I, like someone else who posted before, tune in 5 min after kickoff and change channels during halftime to avoid all this nonsense.

  14. DirecTv provides every Sunday game, that’s it. It doesn’t promise the participants will stand for the Anthem. Anyone wanting a refund based on that, to quote the wise Judge Smails, “you’ll get nothing and like it”

  15. People are finally starting to realize that this so called movement is from the vocal minority, not the silent majority.

    This will be over real soon.

  16. People still pay for television? HD bunny ears, $40 for a Firestick (one time fee) and you’re set. You’re at $0 a month. I’d recommend adding Netflix and then some sub Hulu add ones. You’ll spend $20 in all for what I spent $275 a month at Comcast for. Except I get way more.

    Hell, I watch anything on pay per view in 1080 for free.

    Didn’t know people still paid for TV.

    Between my internet (cheapo RCN at $40 a month) and that I pay $63.12 a month on my “bundle”.

  17. It is worth noting that none of this would be happening if players learned something the rest of us already know: you don’t spend your time at work pushing personal pet causes. Protest on your days off.

  18. jcus says:

    Why would they do that?


    Because they are looking at the long term. If they refuse, they piss off a customer and ultimately lose a DTV subscriber. If they give up a few dollars (which is partially refunded by the NFL) and keep the customer happy, they win in the long run.

    The protesters will stop kneeling once they realize that this is going to cost them serious money as the players salary cap is based on a percentage of the NFL’s revenue.

    As the NFL and team owners start losing money because of Goodell failing to enforce the rules of the NFL’s own “Game Operations Manual” – eventually a decision will be made to fine or suspend these protestors.

    When they do that, the protests will disappear.

  19. They’re not sending mixed signals. All customers are not equal. I mean I haven’t worked in customer service since I was in college years ago, but when you get a customer on the line, all of their value and company loyalty overall is encompassed on the screen. A person who has been with them 20 years and has the Gold package outside of the Ticket isn’t getting treated the same as someone who just got it 3 or 4 years ago and is on the lowest tier package. That’s how it works. That’s how some customers get special retention deals with any company like that because it’s cheaper to keep a well-established customer than getting a new one in the door.

  20. “However it plays out, DirecTV needs to have a clear, consistent policy that allows refunds..”

    Just like the NFL’s “Consistent” Personal Conduct Policy…right…

  21. Customer Service Roulette is how DTV handles everything. The four examples in the article is exactly like it is. My brother& I are 10 year + subscribers. We can’t get jack squat out of them for free. They only care about nee subscribers. I guy I wirk with tv shops every 6 months, calls to complain & cancels. The next one gives him the moon. He once got Sunday ticket & 5 months free programming. My bro & I tried to get a reduction on Sunday ticket after that. Both told that only “select” customers got that offer. Couldn’t even get the standsrd complaint package of “3 months free HBO & Cinemax”. I wish everyone would just shut up & play football.

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