Johnny Manziel won’t play in CFL in 2017

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Earlier this month, the CFL extended a 10-day window for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to sign quarterback Johnny Manziel in order to “facilitate a process of evaluation for the player.”

That window has been extended through the end of November, but any contract Manziel signs will not be for the 2017 season. The CFL released a statement announcing Commissioner Randy Ambrosie’s decision that the league will not register a contract for Manziel this year.

“After an extensive process of due diligence and an in-person meeting with Mr. Manziel, the Commissioner has decided that he will not register any contract for Mr. Manziel for this season. However, Mr. Manziel will be eligible to sign a contract for the 2018 season and, if Mr. Manziel meets certain conditions that have been spelled out by the Commissioner, the CFL will register that contract.  The specifics of those conditions are confidential and will not be disclosed. The CFL has extended the stay on the expiry of the 10-day window for Mr. Manziel until Nov. 30, 2017 and therefore Mr. Manziel will remain on Hamilton’s negotiation list until that date.”

Manziel triggered the opening of the window after working out for Hamilton, although the team’s vice president of football operations Kent Austin said they were “not interested in signing Johnny right now.” We’ll see if anything changes given the extended timeline for Manziel’s potential return.

33 responses to “Johnny Manziel won’t play in CFL in 2017

  1. Put a fork in Manziel. He’s done. Time to live off the trust fund set up by daddy and enjoy affluenza in Texas.

  2. I know it sounds like the opposite, but for Johnny Manziel’s long-term mental and physical health the best thing to do would be to permanently give up on football and spend his life doing something else.

    Let’s say Manziel got signed by the Saints as a backup, Brees got injured, and he had a couple incredible games. Do you think he would not start doing the money sign again, and want to hang out with celebrities and go to areas where the temptation to take drugs and alcohol is very high? He loved being a celebrity more than he loved football.

    Him being successful and in the public spotlight is the quickest way to a relapse. Instead, I’d suggest he spend his time giving speeches warning youth about the danger of drugs and alcohol and how important it is to make the most of every opportunity you are given.

  3. Only less than two months left in the CFL season now anyways. If JM is serious about playing in the league, and not just using it as a springboard to go the NFL in a couple months from now, he will stick it out until next Summer.

    Nov 30 date should be plenty of time to see if he shows up on social media boozing it up for US Thanksgiving or not, too.
    Good luck to him.

  4. Before when he was slow to accept a CFL contract his people said it was because of all the interest from NFL teams they wanted to wait and see how things developed. That was a head scratcher to me because I thought it sounded a bit delusional. Is that still the hold up? Really if this guy wants to play football thats his path is to grab any chance to prove himself and then do it over an extended period of time so teams can see that he has learned to stay on course for the long haul.

  5. The 105th Grey Cup will be played in Ottawa on November 26th. So the league has essentially put this off until the beginning of the 2018 season.

    And for the Americans this is indeed the 105th year of professional football in Canada.

  6. Isn’t this the guy who has a history of alcohol/drug abuse and of domestic violence but got a phone call for a backup job in the NFL before Colin Kaepernick?

    Yeah I remember this guy

  7. Both Arena Football and that spring mini-league have held their arms open to Manziel, so he might still go in that direction.

  8. streetyson says:
    Both Arena Football and that spring mini-league have held their arms open to Manziel, so he might still go in that direction.

    He might; he definitely should; something tells me he probably won’t.

  9. Lolz he’s never playing football again except in his back yard

    He’s an entitled loser with no self control

  10. Absolutely no surprise. Called this when the whole Art Briles saga went down, the CFL couldn’t go from that blackeye to bringing in someone charged with domestic abuse.

  11. I agree with everything on this thread except for “wasting his talent.” I think we’ve seen his ceiling. He was never a film nerd, so throw out the “student of the game” platitude that follows would be resuscitated NFL QBs. He’s not a “glue guy” and his arm hurts if he throws too much. He was a great college QB. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Remember when Americans would give people second chances, what happened to that? We have turned into a bunch of a-holes wanting everyone to fail so we can ridicule them while hiding behind screens, what happened?

  13. He’s too talented for that riffraff CFL ragtag league….belongs on NFL team now that he’s back on track…..

  14. objectivefootballfan says:
    September 27, 2017 at 11:45 am
    I think it is safe to say Johnny Manziel’s football career is over. So much talent and he wasted it by being dumb and stupid! Wanted to live the college life!
    – – – –

    I don’t think he was that talented. His playground game worked in college, and we’ve seen many college players have success with it in college. But it didn’t translate to the NFL.It usually doesn’t.

  15. footballinla says:
    Remember when Americans would give people second chances, what happened to that?

    I remember second chances, and I too am a firm believer in them.
    Trouble is, Johnny Manziel has repeatedly gotten himself into trouble under a variety of different circumstances, and each time he promises to do better. That essentially means he’s already on at least his fourth or fifth chance, not his second.
    It’s dishonest to lump a man’s repeated offenses into one chance, thereby classifying everything he does thereafter as a second chance — a perpetual “get out of jail free card,” if you will.
    If anyone wishes to give Mr. Manziel a fifth or sixth chance that’s none of my concern, and in fact I have no problem with it if they do. But a second chance? Please, he burned through that one long ago.

  16. gah05 says:
    September 27, 2017 at 2:31 pm
    How low can he go? Minor league football rejecting him…and all for $60K Canadian $ salary.

    Really don’t know much about the league up north, do you?

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