Matt Prater sets a full-season record in only three games

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As most full-season NFL records go, December or January are the months when a new record is, or isn’t, set. (Possibly with a dive from Brett Favre.) One player has set a new NFL record, and it’s still September.

Lions kicker Matt Prater has made in only three games four field goals of 55 yards or longer. The prior record was three. For a full season.

Then-rookies Blair Walsh and Greg Zuerlein did it in 2012. Before that, Hall of Famer Morten Anderson accomplished it in 1995. Fred Steinfort became the first player to do it in 1980.

Prater made a 55-yard and a 57-yard field goal in Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, two of four field goals that he made on the day. While it wasn’t enough to beat out Eagles rookie kicker Jake Elliott for NFC special-teams player of the week honors, Prater is well on his way to being the NFL’s special-teams player of the month for September.

11 responses to “Matt Prater sets a full-season record in only three games

  1. Great for him, but not exactly a compliment for the rest of the offense. Isn’t Stafford the highest paid player in NFL history?

  2. I really think Matt Prater is one of the greatest kickers of all time. 23-23 on kicks to tie or win games in the 4th and OT…. and the longest FG at 64 yards…. and the longest gamewinner at 59 yards. I think all his HOF application is missing are SB winning kicks.

  3. The good news is he’s kicked that many 50+ yard field goals.

    The bad news is he HAD to kick that many 50+ yard field goals.

    Offense played only half a game against the Falcons… even with 3 quarters, the Lions win that game. A strong RUNNING game scores that last touchdown at the very least. Cmon Jim Bob. The Lions are really THAT close. Get it done Jim Bob.

  4. weepingjebus says:
    September 27, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Great for him, but not exactly a compliment for the rest of the offense
    That is LITERALLY a compliment to the offense.

  5. Playing against the likes of the honey badger and Patrick Peterson, the Giants front 7, and an all world caliber Falcons’ defense, the Lions have stolen a lot of points with the help of Prater.

    It won’t get any easier this week playing the Vikes D, so expect more of the same… hopefully.

  6. That dive by Favre should never have been considered a sack. There was never any intent to pass the ball. It was a tackle for loss but the NFL really wanted to give Strahan that record. In reality is still actually resides with Gastineau.

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