Report: Justin Timberlake “finalizing” deal to perform at Super Bowl halftime

Getty Images

Jay Z reportedly said no. J.T. reportedly is close to saying yes.

Via, Justin Timberlake “is finalizing” a deal to perform at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

Timberlake has a history, to say the least, when it comes to the Super Bowl. He’s the one who ripped away a piece of Janet Jackson’s costume to reveal her breast during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII.

It would be fitting, and hilarious, if Janet Jackson were to make a surprise cameo during the performance. Timberlake was the surprise cameo performer when Jackson was the halftime headliner nearly 14 years ago.

Recently, a report emerged that Jay Z had declined the opportunity to serve as the headliner. Last year, Adele claimed to have passed on an invitation to perform at halftime of Super Bowl LI. Reports in recent years have suggested that the unpaid gig has morphed into a potential revenue stream for the league, with negotiations entailing a request for a piece of the bump the performer gets from performing before the biggest real-time audience in music.