Broncos’ Brandon Marshall wishes support led to job for Colin Kaepernick

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Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall looks around the league now, and he can’t believe the kind of support he’s seeing for the issues that Colin Kaepernick began talking about a year ago.

He also looks around the league and sees enough bad quarterbacks that he can’t believe his old college teammate doesn’t have a job.

There’s a lot of [poor] quarterback play around the league,” Marshall said, via the Associated Press. “I’m not saying the Bears should sign him, but you know the player Mike Glennon is. You can’t tell me he’s better than Colin Kaepernick, and he’s a starter right now.”

Singling out Glennon may be unfair, because there are plenty of teams playing guys not nearly as accomplished as Kaepernick. But the larger point remains, that the guy who initiated the protests of police brutality and racial inequality that eventually got the attention of President Donald Trump (and thus, the world) is still out of work.

“The dude, he’s in shape — he’s yoked, actually,” Marshall said. “He’s so strong. He’s ready to go. He told me he’s been working out when I last talked to him. He said he’s just waiting for a call. That’s the next step.”

Marshall took a knee throughout last year, and also spent time working with Denver police. When they changed their use-of-force policy, Marshall stood up for the anthem like everyone else.

But Sunday, he was back down to one knee like many around the league.

“Last year, I did it all by myself for eight games, but it’s a lot different to have your brothers backing you,” Marshall said. “I think whenever we decide to come together and do something, there’s strength in numbers, they say, right? So, I definitely think that makes us stronger.”

He was also skeptical of the rising tide of teams standing with locked arms, in a quest to keep diverse locker rooms together by suggesting they are one.

“In my opinion, that means nothing if we all stand and lock arms,” Marshall said. “I mean, I understand that’s showing unity. But I just don’t see the point in it.”

But as both sides try to make as much political hay as possible, things that can be promoted and hashtagged like unity are all the rage, even if people forget what Kaepernick was angry about in the first place.

15 responses to “Broncos’ Brandon Marshall wishes support led to job for Colin Kaepernick

  1. In my opinion, that means nothing if we all stand and lock arms,” Marshall said. “I mean, I understand that’s showing unity. But I just don’t see the point in it.”

    And most of us don’t see the point in taking a knee during the anthem

  2. Well Brandon,if locking arms and showing unity doesn’t have a point, then kneeling down doesn’t have a point either. You want to kneel, that is ok. If someone else wants to lock arms, that is ok too. Just try and understand everyone’s point of view.

  3. Kaepernick remains too much of a risk for any owner.

    He’d be a distraction for any team and God only knows what he would do again given the chance.

    He can’t be trusted.

    We haven’t forgotten him wearing the ‘pigs dressed as cops’ socks either

  4. “Broncos’ Brandon Marshall wishes support led to job for Colin Kaepernick”

    The “support” isn’t helping Kaepernick get a job at all.

    If anything, it probably has made it less likely.

    Wrong method, wrong place, wrong timing.

    Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers. Maybe he shouldn’t have done that if he really wanted to play football.

  5. “people forget what Kaepernick was angry about in the first place.”
    I think Kaep was mostly angry because he got benched, then, had to scratch up a reason for his behavior that sounded somewhat legitimate.

  6. Kneeling during anthems has never won employment anywhere as far as I know.
    And how dare other teams try to promote unity and rise above our differences!

  7. I wish every player that kneels during the anthem would just not show up to the game at all! Put your money where your mouth is!! You are all very replaceable!! I’d watch scabs over you!

  8. After this weekend he should have a job, if his unemployment was only about his protest. Obviously his unemployment isn’t only about his protesting but his sorry play.

  9. After the sideline shenanigans during this last week of football, the time is ripe for the triumphant return of Colin Kaepernick to an NFL club. The current reasoning isn’t how great Kaepernick is, its how poor the quarterback play has been so far this season.

  10. There are 3 key reasons that Kap doesn’t have a job in my opinion.

    1. Protest, there are other players kneeling they still have jobs, why? After the kneeling, he told us why he was protesting then wore pig socks, called all cops slave hunters, wore the Castro shirt, and then when his vote could’ve helped his protest he deigned to actually try to make the problem better. Now that he isn’t working, he said he would stop the protest, so people might want to ask was the protest authentic or an attempt to get on the field?

    2. His talent doesn’t equal the bad PR. With everything listed in point 1, when he did get a tryout with the Ravens, his GF comes out and calls the owner a slave owner and Ray Lewis a house slave. It seems that every time someone would try to give him a chance he would say, do, or someone around him would say something that ruined his chances.

    3. Nobody wants to pay their 2nd or 3rd string QB an 8 digit salary. The scuttle has stated that he wants more than he is worth, whether that is true or not, that is what it seems to be, so that could be what the owners are looking at when considering.

    Perception is reality, and he has not been very helpful to himself when it comes to that.

  11. Support for Kaepernick? He is still out of a job. Being yoked up/in-shape is not the same as the ability to do a pre-read and make audibles, then read the defenses and be able to make the intermediate range throws that good QBs can do. Kaep is a one trick pony. He can scramble around and make a monster throw if coverage breaks down, but in the meantime he either gets sacked or throws a dump pass for 2 yards. Kaep is teaching everyone a valuable lesson, no player is bigger than the league.

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