Cam Newton: “Legend” Colin Kaepernick sacrificed career for movement

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton hasn’t made himself an activist yet.

But he also respects the work being done by those who have been willing to put themselves out there for a cause, to their personal detriment.

After processing a weekend filled with players kneeling during the national anthem in response to criticism by President Donald Trump, Newton was moved by what he saw and where it came from.

“My hat goes off to the Colin Kaepernicks of the world,” Newton said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer. “He’s made the ultimate sacrifice [as a player] and I respect that wholeheartedly. I can’t let a moment go by without shedding light to that: A person that does have the talent to play, a person that should be in this league, but I feel as if he’s not getting his just due because of his views.

But that’s a legend, right there. For him to think outside of himself, to raise awareness of something that, this is 365 days removed from his first initial stand, and now here we are doing the same things. And now everybody is kind of understanding what his reasoning was, and I respect that.”

Some are, at least. And while Newton hasn’t always been the most eloquent spokesman for his own views — he clumsily declared racism a thing of the past while trying to steer himself out of controversy last year — it’s not as if he doesn’t have strong feelings. And those who would trip on his use of the words “ultimate sacrifice” to make their patriotic points are missing his as well.

He said Wednesday that while he understands his status and socioeconomic situation insulates him from much of the injustice in the world, he has seen it first hand growing up outside Atlanta.

“That doesn’t mean where I’m from, they don’t see it,” he said. “How I view things, it’s not the Cam you see [before you] today. I often remind people of where I’m from – I’m from Atlanta, Ga., by way of College Park. And it’s a lot of stereotyping, it’s a lot of cultural division, so to speak, in those areas.

“So the person that I am now, if I were to see a person of a different race, of course I’m going to get their best behavior. But when you go back to those sides of College Park, of East Point, Ben Hill, Bowen Homes. . . . A person growing up, walking down the street may not have the same cushion, so to speak, from a policeman. That’s what I mean.

“I feel like it’s my job, my duty, my fine print as a person that people do look up to and people love to critique, that I represent those people knowing that we haven’t been getting our just due. And I would want the people from the top to understand that as well as the bottom understand the top. It’s going to take us to come together and unify.”

While Newton’s call for unity falls in with the current trend toward finding a hashtag for a bigger problem, there’s a level of understanding in his recent remarks he hasn’t always communicated. And recognizing that Kaepernick has turned himself into a football version of Curt Flood (whose baseball career effectively ended when he challenged restrictive labor rules), is a significant step for Newton.

117 responses to “Cam Newton: “Legend” Colin Kaepernick sacrificed career for movement

  1. Colin Kaepernick’s “movement” is all about spitting in the face of the country that made him rich and successful. Good to know Cam Newton is on board with that.

  2. What exactly did Kaepernick’s “sacrifice” accomplish? All I see is a lot of virtue signaling, hashtag slactivism, declining viewership and a whole lot of annoyed people from all political leanings that just want watch football.

  3. He is basically right, Kap is finished…

    But in essence there is no movement, no one is doing anything except protesting.

  4. All Kaepernick has done is screwed himself out of a job. Nothing has changed because of what he started doing. This all would have died out if Trump hadn’t opened his big mouth and the media is also to blame for making such a big deal out of it.

  5. I wasn’t aware that his dramatic dropoff in quality of play on the field was actually just a form of protest. How brave.

  6. ROFL, hey Cam, try to remember that Kap opted out of something like 16 million dollars in SF. He thought he was worth more, and he was wrong!!!

  7. Victim card once again. Poor us, we don’t have opportunity, it’s not our communities fault, blah blah blah. Protest in the area you came from that you speak of and work to fix things there.

  8. One thing I’m surprised that no one has brought up yet with this protest business is you can look at it as selfish by the players. The players are rich. They don’t have the concerns of poor African Americans living in inner cities, who might be caught in drug violence. That doesn’t affect them. The plight of young men killing each other in Chicago isn’t their problem and won’t be the problem of their families or children. But, police discrimination, real or hyped, does have the potential to affect them, despite their wealth and fame. People have wondered why the protests have focused almost exclusively on police issues and not other and larger problems facing African Americans. This is why. They are protesting the issue that has the potential to affect them.

  9. I almost threw up my coffee reading the headline. Didn’t even waste the time to read the article. No cam, YOU are a legend. The legend of the only quarterback to refuse to do what it takes to win on the biggest stage. When a fumble occurs YOU DIVE for it, not jump back like its a dog nipping at you. As for the loser you were referring to, you reap what you sew.

  10. Between the boycott of players kneeling in the NFL and the boycott for not letting Krap play, I’m surprised anyone is left to watch games.

  11. CK is unemployed by choice. His messages were nullified and voided by his pig socks and his texts. Yes, I believe police brutality is real and needs to be addressed. Yes, I believe there is social injustice and I support the respectful protest. CK is no Rosa Parks or Ali.

  12. After this weekend he should have a job, if his unemployment was only about his protest. Obviously his unemployment isn’t only about his protesting but his sorry play.

  13. So now that everyone is protesting and the only reason Kaep wasnt signed was because he protested. Why aren’t team rushing to sign him? Oh, its because he’s not a good QB. No other excuse now.

  14. Yes, this “legend” promotes an oppressive dictatorial regime while standing against oppression. Should he have had opportunity to demonstrate in like manner there, there’s zero doubt as to how he would have fared.

  15. Sounds like Cam and all of these other SJWs need to quit and go spend all of their time and money teaching young kids and people living under these conditions of oppression how to lift themselves and their communities up by hard work, taking advantage of educational opportunities, reporting crime to police, and taking personal responsibility for themselves and their family.

  16. what has been accomplished? people have knelt, the news has made it a big story but then what? im not against the symbolism, i just dont see the point because i dont see any actual changes.

  17. “to raise awareness of something”

    What exactly is awareness being raised bout? What exactly is it that no one knows about that awareness needs to be raised? I still don’t understand what the protest is for. What do they want exactly? Just looks like protesting to be protesting.

  18. Wearing pig socks, supporting violent oppressive communist regimes, Kaepernick is nothing more than a man with a teenage brain, fascinated in an ideology that neglects the reality of those he supports. He opted out of his contract and found out there wasn’t demand for an athletic quarterback who makes bad decisions and is convinced that they weren’t.

    Cam did not help his cause with these comments. In general, players are making themselves look bad when speaking in support of these protests. They either don’t even know what they are supporting or are oblivious to why people would be upset with their behavior. I think that’s a key, not the supposed hollow cause that statistics prove wrong, but the behavior that indicates they don’t understand the proper place and time. You may have a right to do things, but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

  19. Someone should check Newton for a head injury…. which would also explain his drop in play this season.

  20. Cam who almost was and now never will be
    Another failure of a scrambling QB
    Once they get hurt they are never the same again

  21. There is no way this is still about Kaep.

    This has now become a BLM political protest and like sheep, those that can’t think for themselves, follow. This went from a few to over 200 and spread to other sports.

    My family is no longer watching any NFL games and have joined the boycott.

  22. He did not sacrifice his career for the movement. At first, He sacrificed $14 million in the hopes of getting more pay. Then when he saw all the attention he was getting he actively sabetaged the real chances at getting an offer from Miami and Baltimore (maybe because they weren’t more money – who knows).

  23. “He’s made the ultimate sacrifice [as a player] and I respect that wholeheartedly.”

    You know who made the ultimate sacrifice for his right to protest?

  24. So basically Cam is saying Kap is a “legend” and Kap is out of the league. Well, I wish you the best Cam, I hope you too become a “legend”. Haha, this has to be the biggest joke ever. Kap no hero to anyone, at least I hope not.

  25. Keap had declared he was going to stand from this point on for the national anthem. He is now out of the league because that NONSENSE has continued. Once it died down, Keap would have been given a chance. But all his SUPPORTERS are only making it worse for him. With all the new kneeling movement, well lets just say they have made Kaep unwillingly a lightning rod of distraction at this point. What team would want that now. All their fans want is for all of it to go away. You know, the people who pay their salaries. STOP DISRESPECTING THE FLAG and things will get back to normal. The sooner the better.

  26. …hasn’t been the same qb since he got “clocked” in the Super Bowl…setting up his second career as a “legend” because of his diminishing skills…

  27. I’d love to play professional football, but I wasn’t born the genetic ability to compete at that level. #EQUALITY

  28. So you mean that the guy that when he was winning he was taunting other players (including you, remember the Superman mock when the 49ers beat the Panthers in the playoffs) and couldn’t care less about inequality, but when he was benched be decided to protest, is a legend? I think that we need to redefine the word “legend”.

  29. A guy who, once no longer a starter in this league, decides to revere murderous dictators, depict cops as literal pigs, and allow those close to him to post despicable racist garbage on social media, is not a “Legend”.

    Cam, you can take several seats, bruh. Or you can just pout, get up, and leave.

  30. It’s a fact, when this hits boiling point, some team will go over top and hire Kaep. Its going that way.

  31. I still feel like the first time Kap knelt for the anthem it wasn’t any kind of statement or protest, he was just pouting because he wasn’t playing and didn’t feel like standing. If I remember correctly he was just kind of kneeling by the bench. I don’t think he expected to be called on it and when he was he just spouted out the first thing that came to his mind.

  32. Milton Friedman’s famous quote comes to mind (although not exact for this circumstance):

    “The biggest mistake we make in evaluating government policy is to base it on its intent rather than its results”

  33. Yeah………. They’ll write a book about him someday.

    It’ll be divided up into books and have a verse for each line for easy reference and it’ll be published in different versions.

  34. LOL – yeah wearing pig socks, Castro T-Shirts, and calling police “slave patrols” is certainly stuff of “legends”.

  35. My favorite is when the fist is raised in the air like 1968….uh, except now, instead of segregated water fountains you can segregate your ferrari from the the range rover with it’s own garage because you live in a country that will pay you north of 100 million dollars to play a sport well….and, uh, you can be the president, or a world renowned physicist, or anything else you want to be as long as you’re not a total cancer on society.

  36. Yeah maybe… unintentionally. Because he had no earthly idea the magnitude of what he was doing when he was doing it.

    Let’s not forget the convenient fact that Kaepernick had asked for a trade that offseason and did not get it. Then was benched for Blaine Gabbert before the preseason.

    Any rational person would argue he was disgruntled more with the San Francisco fans (who had turned on him –rightfully so– for demanding a trade) and the team’s front office than anything else.

    This didn’t occur to Kaep until he was already at rock bottom.

  37. People who haven’t been paying attention believe what Cam Newton believes and it’s just what the entitled, selfish Kaepernick wanted once he got benched, and then fired; to be a martyr as he counts his millions.

    Sorry folks, I am 100% behind equality and supporting anything to help our society progress as one, but I am not buying this garbage.

    Wearing murderous Castro shirts and trying to act like some martyr, but ONLY AFTER you got benched due to quitting on your team, is beyond weak sauce and an insult to people like MLK, Rosa parks, and the countless other minorities who took REAL stands in decades past.

    Makes me ill what he thinks he is doing. Newton and other people who aren’t very intelligent, who can’t see right through this, also make me kind of sick to my stomach.

  38. Cam has lost his mind. Legend, lol. Kaeperick didn’t accomplish anything except stirring the pot on this matter and watching what a disaster he has created.

  39. Just remember it was a Army Ranger Nate Boyer that sit and had a discussion with Kaepernick and they came to the conclusion together that kneeling was respectful gesture. Also as a veteran myself when we honor a fallen soldier we kneel in front of the memorial set up for them or kneel at their grave, because it’s a sign of RESPECT.

  40. These NFL players always bring up policemen. Maybe if the did some ride alongs in the parts of town Cam suggested, they would see that the police are not there to kill people, but help the community. The police are called to these areas by the residents.

  41. Just remember that it was a Army Ranger Nate Boyer that sit and had a discussion with Kaepernick and they came to the conclusion together that kneeling was a respectful gesture. Also as a veteran myself when we honor a fallen soldier we kneel at the memorial set up for them or kneel at their grave, because it was the ultimate sign of RESPECT.

  42. This is all the NFL and Fans fault…if you would have just let him do his thing without the bull crap faux outrage and if the NFL would have allowed him to compete this summer this story would not be front news…once you try to silence someone things get out of hand and now you got the Nut job trump exploiting it to gain votes and popularity….You have no one to blame but yourselves…

  43. Maybe he’d still have a career if he hadn’t chosen such a useless and me-first way of protesting for his cause. I’ve said all along that if he had created a charity benefitting the families of minorities negatively affected by police brutality, such a specific charity would likely generate even more conversation than what they are currently doing, especially if other players were donating. And people would look at the need for it, wonder if it was neccessary, and see that it is a big problem in many parts of the country. But then again, this is also a guy who saw no problem wearing a Dolphins hat while employed by the Niners and saw no issue with it because it matched his outfit, intelligence was never his forte.

  44. The Mount Rushmore of the civil rights movement: Martin Luther King, Jr, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks….and now…Colin Kaepernick.

    Let’s start carving the busts in a mountain side.

  45. golions1 says:

    September 28, 2017 at 8:00 am

    Kaepernick did not make “the ultimate sacrifice”. Many of those he disrespects did.


  46. Cam the way you’re playing maybe you should sacfice your position and let Kaep step in…99.99% sure he can’t play any worse.

    “I feel like it’s my job…” I have a feeling “Big Cat” has a completely different opinion as to what your job is…he gave you 103,800,000 (still 7th highest in NFL) to play football.

    Lastly, the only Panther articles this week are about protests glad you didn’t get worked last Sunday and are on a bye this week…Oh wait…!

  47. Let me get this straight. Kaepernik wore a shirt showing support for Castro. He also wore pig socks portraying police. Cam calls him a legend? Says quite a lot about Cam.

  48. Thoughts and prayers out to the families of the officers assassinated in Dallas last year as the anniversary approaches, who were protecting people, not colors, as NFL players protest against them for their ultimate sacrifice. They are Legends and in our hearts.

  49. No other protesting player got fired or even benched for it, so CK getting put up as some sort of martyr seems more like an awfully convenient media creation than anything else.

  50. If Scam Newton supports Krapernick, then I feel much better about my position against him and the NFL.

  51. Cam Newton should worry more about this play on the football field which has been abysmal or he is going to be looking for another job. He is currently rated dead last as a starting qb in the NFL. How the mighty have fallen in just two short years from MVP to the bottom of the league says it all. He should worry more about himself and his team than worrying about Kaepernick.

  52. Protesting and making a difference are two different things. You’ve got everybody’s attention, now do something with it.

  53. Should just treat this “movement” like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. Ignore it. Don’t pay it any attention. Let these clowns get on their knees and just pretend its not even there.

  54. An article yesterday mentioned Newton’s body breaking down fast already……..seems as he’s also taken too many hits to the head !

  55. Ultimate sacrifice? That’s rich. How about the Ultimate sacrifice the Veterans made for the country you are disrespecting?

  56. He was not cut for kneeling really. He was cut because he regressed as an NFL quarterback and therefore made himself not employable mainly over his talent. So if you can call that a career even?? And he has no movement. All he did is stir up trouble with guys that will never do anything to help any cause. They will be rude and kneel and once off the clock will do NOTHING to help with any cause.

  57. Newton stick to stinking it up on sundays. You’ll be in the unemployment line with him before you know it

  58. What career? The only thing he did well was steal millions from tje 49 ers.

    If he could have played Dom Capers defense every week, he’d be in the HOF already.

  59. Why don’t these players make a real sacrifice? How about not taking the field at all? If this is as important as they claim, sacrificing their pay and stopping America’s real past time would seem to actually bring people to the table instead of just pissing them off.

  60. This is foolishness on a previously unimaginable level.

    Ever heard the story of the killing the goose that laid the golden eggs? Maybe you should.

    My thanks to Mr. Newton for emphasizing the rather obvious fact that – we live in mediocre times.

    Full disclosure – I just listened to a performance of Saint-Saens’ Symphony #3 – The organ symphony, the 4th movement is familiar to you who watched the movie ‘Babe’.

    What to do this Sunday between 1 & 6?

    Read a book, take a nice long walk, write a letter, clean the house, take a nap – the possibilities are endless.

    Mr. Newton – I am a man who, although I am old, is still capable of many things.

    Taking you and your ilk seriously is not one of them.

  61. I can’t wait for the FBI to investigate college football next and destroy this fraud scam Newton for being paid 250k to go to Auburn. Auburn basketball is being raided, football team next. Hopefully he and his fraud dad end up in prison

  62. The irony is that he wasn’t starting a movement as much as stating his opinion. From there, it took on a life of its own. As for why Kap started it, trying to explain to general population is pointless. General population shuts down, covers its eyes and ears whenever they’re made to feel uncomfortable.

  63. @ wtfru2 says:

    The thing he’d better worry about is Kaepernick replacing him. He’s terrible this year!
    Not fully recovered from surgery on his throwing shoulder. Probably shouldn’t be playing.

  64. bigots stop watching and move on flakes. NFL has a 27 billion dollar TV deal and will be fine without you. For boycotting the NFL a lot you seem to still waste your time talking about it.

  65. why do you guys even want to watch players in the NFL? The comments on here sound like you would want to watch what used to happen to people of color in the south in the 1900s. If people read this comments and still think their protest is invalid than we have problems. Stop watching please NFL has TV deals for 27 billion dollars through 2022, I think they will be fine.

  66. Cam!! Ooooooooooh Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! Caaaaaaaaaaaam!!! No need in talking now, had your opportunity last week to “speak” on it. Let’s talk about your readiness for the game Sunday!

  67. you can look at it as selfish by the players. The players are rich. They don’t have the concerns of poor African Americans living in inner cities, who might be caught in drug violence. That doesn’t affect them.

    But a silver-spoon billionaire who lived in a gold plated NYC penthouse is a populist, blue collar hero for the unemployed. And the same guy who dodged military service is a champion for the flag and military. Congratulations to everyone who got played.

  68. Cam Newton, another clown.

    Sorry, but when someone praises Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, complains about society, but then refuses to vote, and depicts Police Officers as Pigs on his socks, he is not a legend. He is a clown, just like you Cam.

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