T.J. Yeldon isn’t playing, but Doug Marrone says Jags still love him

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When the Jaguars drafted Leonard Fournette early in the first round this year, it was easy to predict a change in how they used last year’s running back tandem of T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory.

The change has proven to be a bigger one for Yeldon. Yeldon, a 2015 second-round pick, led the team in rushing attempts in each of the last two seasons, but Ivory has settled in as Fournette’s complement in the backfield while Yeldon has spent all three weeks on the inactive list.

The team has also dressed Corey Grant, who has seen more time on special teams than offense and coach Doug Marrone said that, rather than a distaste for Yeldon, has driven the team’s roster decisions.

“We love T.J.,” Marrone said, via ESPN.com. “We think he’s an outstanding football player. Right now we feel that the guys there [at running back] are doing well and what’s difficult is if we did have more spots on game day, we would put him up there. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s very difficult with what we’re trying to accomplish from the standpoint of all three phases to get a jersey on him right now. But the minute that we do have an opportunity where it’s not going to affect any of those three phases or maybe we need it more offensively — might be a game-plan situation where we want more backs up that week — we have no issue at all bringing him up.”

Marrone didn’t mention the possibility of an injury opening the door for Yeldon, but that may wind up being the likeliest path back into the lineup.

5 responses to “T.J. Yeldon isn’t playing, but Doug Marrone says Jags still love him

  1. Yeldon is too slow to be an effective NFL rusher. He is a good pass catcher and blocker, which is why he saw the field a lot the last two years. Aside from being a potential third down back, I don’t see him having much of a future in the league.

  2. Yeldon is really good in pass protection.

    That’s the extent of the value I see for him as a contributing member of the team. He has great hands on 2 yard check downs when it’s 3rd and 5 and has never busted what anyone would call a huge run since becoming a pro. Hoping he can remain a healthy scratch or collateral for a late round 2018 draft pick.

  3. Another example of why the Jags have been horrible for years. Yeldon was a 2nd round pick.
    So you pick a RB at #2….thinking you have position set. 2 yrs later you are taking ANOTHER RB at 4th overall.

    Too many high draft pick whiffs where we keep going back to the well spending more high picks on positions we can never get right. Take a look at DE….unbelievable over last 10 years.

  4. With the arrival of Leonard Fournette I think its almost safe to say the position is his now. The answer now is can TJ provide any additional help in the run game? There is also a possibility the Jags are looking for a trade partner for a team who is in need for a RB before the trade deadline on 10/31 to help add depth to current roster or future draft picks.

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