1.6 million streams initiated on Amazon Prime

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Amazon typically doesn’t release streaming numbers. For Thursday’s debut of live NFL game action, it did.

According to the NFL, 1.6 million viewers worldwide initiated a stream on Amazon Prime Video. Of those, 372,000 watched for an average of 30 seconds, with each viewer watching for an average of 55 minutes. (I don’t really understand any of that, either. I’m just the messenger.)

Those numbers, whatever they mean, don’t easily compare to traditional TV numbers, where the relevant metric is average viewers per minute. For the CBS/NFL Network simulcast, an average of 14.6 million viewers tuned in. As MDS noted earlier in the day, it’s hard to compare apples to apples because last year’s Week Four Thursday night game was broadcast exclusively on NFL Network.

The Amazon experiment isn’t about maximizing the audience; if it were, Amazon would have been required to make it available to anyone and everyone, not simply to those who subscribe to the Prime service. Still, it’s safe to assume that the numbers have been presented in the light most favorable to the NFL and to Amazon, and that even in that light they aren’t exactly jaw dropping.

But at least the numbers have been released. Five days after a free, worldwide Yahoo stream of Ravens-Jaguars, the data has yet to emerge. And all that that implies.

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  1. Tried to stream it to see if the broadcast or picture quality was any different (or if, gasp, there wouldn’t be commercials) but it booted me after a few minutes and wouldn’t let me start it again. Kept saying it was unavailable. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try again next week. Seemed identical to the CBS broadcast so there isn’t much point unless you can’t pick it up with your antenna.

  2. Of that 1.6M mil streams initiated can’t help but wonder how many were the same people either losing the stream and retrying or checking in repeatedly to see if teh weather delay was over. In other words, how many of them were ‘fresh’ vs repeat looks?

  3. I watched the whole game after the weather delay. Excellent quality. Excellent commentary from Romo & Nantz. First time I have watched a Thursday night game.

  4. I watched the whole game after the weather delay. Excellent quality. Excellent commentary from Romo & Nantz. First time I have watched a Thursday night game. Ill watch again.

  5. Count on me tuning in and doing my part to show there are those of us out there that would like to consume football via streaming.

    The only way to create competition for the networks and Direct TV is showing that there is a significant audience that will consume live entertainment beyond the typical channels.

    I’m looking forward to the day when I might stream games ala carte as opposed to the slam job of Sunday Ticket and the price it carries.

  6. Excellent streaming, I watched on my laptop while my wife streams other stuff on the big screen. The only thing that sucked was the Bears.

  7. NFL Ticket sales are down 18% after President Trump called them out .. looks like y’all are avoiding that news and going w/ the Fake Stuff instead.

  8. Seems to me that is 1.6 million people initiating the stream. 372k who watched for an average of 30 secs and were not considered “viewers”. Most likely people who didn’t have the game on for more than a minute or two, or perhaps people who had issues with the stream. Each person designated as a viewer watched for an average of 55 mins. I think they likely did this to increase the stream length for each “viewer”. I’m not exactly sure why they care about the length of stream unless they cannot determine unique viewership.

  9. cord cutting is over rated. I can understand not getting high end cable packages and maybe using netflix or purchasing hbo separately for certain things. But the dependability and availability of a basic cable package is still nice to have. I’d probably only cord cut if I really was in a crunch and needed to trim the budget. but as long as I can afford it I prefer an actual cable package.

  10. I’m glad NFL football isn’t on 7 days a week because I’d be watching every day. I have the NFL Sunday Ticket, and watch as many games as I can. I watch with my kids and we go out and but whatever products they’re advertising. I guess we’re just a typical All-American family. Everyone I know is watching too. We love the NFL. We don’t have time for hate. Our family is doing quite well. It’s great to be an American! So many other countries around the world are begging for NFL games, and we (mostly) have it all to ourselves. Yes, we’re spoiled. Football, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet!!! Rah Rah America!!!

  11. I couldn’t get on Amazon or Verizon’s feed last night. Just wanted to for comparison purposes… CBS’s broadcast was fine. Romo and Nance are a good tandem. I’m so tired of Aikman and Buck… Romo is a breath of fresh air and will be until THEY make him “conform” to their professional standards.

  12. I initiated my stream four times last night. The first three it timed out and told me to try again in a few minutes.

  13. I hate when either Aikman or Romo work Packers games. They’re both Cowboys through and through and obviously have a thing for the Packers. They’re probably both bad on the Giants and Eagles too and Aikman is bad with the 49’ers although he hasn’t had to be jealous of them for a long time.

  14. 1.6 million unique streams which averaged 55 minutes per unique stream. 88 million total streaming minutes for this broadcast.

    Every 30 seconds during the stream, Amazon took a metric, this metric averaged 372000 streams.

  15. I didn’t get to stream on Amazon the other night but the Yahoo stream on Sunday morning was pretty decent on my smart TV. A bit of an audio delay but other than that I was pretty impressed. I chose to do away with cable to save money but the trade of was losing a lot of love sports at home. The new streaming options are pretty exciting

  16. I started out streaming it, but lost audio. Only English, I could get the other languages and didn’t want English UK because I was looking forward to Romo.

    So I went in the other room and turned on the TV.

  17. patriotmaleorgy says:
    September 29, 2017 at 8:24 pm
    Awful lot of altering or adding different things for tv ratings. I wonder why?

    This doesn’t effect TV ratings. How are people so uninformed?

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