Bengals will be without John Ross and Tyler Eifert this weekend

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The Bengals had a good idea tight end Tyler Eifert would be out for a few more weeks with a back problem.

But he’s not the only one.

The Bengals have also ruled rookie wide receiver John Ross for Sunday’s game against the Browns. He missed last week’s game as well with a knee problem. The first-round pick played in Week Two, but fumbled and didn’t play much of a role afterward.

The Bengals are 0-3 and reeling offensively, and the absence of two guys they were counting on this year isn’t helping.

10 responses to “Bengals will be without John Ross and Tyler Eifert this weekend

  1. Since Eifert is always injured wouldn’t it make sense to draft a stud TE like O.J. Howard? Instead the Bengals draft a small, injury prone receiver.

  2. waynefontesismyfather says:

    September 29, 2017 at 12:57 pm
    The John Ross pick by the Bengals makes as much sense as the Corey Davis pick by the Titans…terrible decision making by those two front offices.

    Yes, this. Especially when you have an crappy Oline..which let’s face it. There is wet cheap paper than can hold up longer than they can hold the pocket. Not to mention letting 2 of the better players leave via FA

  3. Ross could be KiJana Carter part deux. Career limiting injury before seeing his first regular season snap.

  4. The Bengals have lost a number of good players over the past couple years and refuse to use free agency to fill any key positions. Zeitler and Whitworth were the two best offensive lineman on the team last year and they were allowed to leave to pinch pennies to line Mike Brown’s pocket. The year before last, it was Sanu and Jones. They have been lucky in the draft in the recent past, but the last few have been stinkers. Both new tackles are awful and they have no plan to address the need other than to sit back and watch a decent team implode through incompetence.

  5. When they drafted Ross, I thought the better selection was Howard due in part because of Eifert’s injuries over the last two years and the fact that this is the last year of his contract. Howard could be playing now. Yes, Bengals have been good in the draft but they whiffed on Ced and Fisher. I’d rather spend $ on free agents on the O-line where you know what they can do versus spend draft picks on rookies ASSUMING they develop into good linemen. But that will never happen with this organization.

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