Danny Trevathan says he regrets hit on Davante Adams

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Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan laid a brutal hit on Packers receiver Davante Adams on Thursday night, putting Adams in the hospital and raising questions about whether Trevathan will be suspended. Trevathan said after the game that he wasn’t trying to hit Adams in the head like that.

I regret the level I hit him at,” Trevathan said. “But you got to understand, I had momentum, and I was just trying to make a play.”

Trevathan said he doesn’t believe the NFL should suspend him for the hit.

“I don’t think it should be a suspension, but my main concern is that he’s OK,” Trevathan said.

The good news is that the Packers indicated that Adams is expected to be OK after being checked out for head and neck injuries.

Although Trevathan was flagged for a 15-yard penalty he was not ejected, as referee John Hussey said, “I just didn’t see enough to have it rise to that level.” It’s possible that the league office will see enough and that Trevathan could be suspended next week.

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  1. Not the first time we’ve seen Trevathan flagged for what could be interpreted as an illegal, cheap, late or dirty hit. He’s been doing it for years. Just sayin …

  2. “I regret the level I hit him at,” Trevathan said. “But you got to understand, I was trained to deliver dirty hits when I played for the Donko’s.”

  3. If the Commissioner is serious about the danger of CTE from high hits, he should suspend Trevathan for 6 games as a message to all dirty players across the NFL.

  4. If the Commissioner is serious about the danger of CTE from high hits, he should suspend Trevathan for 6 games and suspend John Fox at least 1 game. That would send a message.

  5. Man, watch that video. That should be the poster child of dirty hits. Guys like this don’t belong in the league.

  6. “I just didn’t see enough to have it rise to that level.” Really? a crown-of-the-helmet launch into another player’s face wasn’t enough to warrant ejection? Makes one wonder what a player has to do to actually be ejected…

  7. Yet Trevathan was not ejected. What Jeremy Lane did was miles less vicious or threatening, and he was pulled to the ground by his facemask before being ejected.

    No consistency anywhere.

    Hope Adams is okay.

  8. He should be gone for multiple games. It was one of the worst I’ve seen in sometime. It wasn’t just the sheer brutality of it that made it so egregious, but the fact that it was completely and utterly unnecessary. This should be the poster for what needs to be out of the game. Drop the hammer as if he had deflated a football a little bit.

  9. This was not a dirty hit, just a player trying t make a play. Like he said, he had the momentum, is he just supposed to stop dead in his tracks? Watching it slowly, Adams shoulders were starting to go lower, whether that was because he was being brought down or on his own, and Trevathan was coming in hard. He’s not going to stop on a dime at that speed, in a split second. He can’t go lower on him because then’s he flagged for going at the legs. Sometimes the NFL, Teams and fans just have to accept that tackling and hard hits are part of the game. Now are there dirty hits, yes, but this wasn’t one of them.

  10. Soooooooo, the pieces flying off of Adams’ helmet weren’t enough for the ref to see it rise to the level of an ejection?? Did he think Adams nuts had faulty equipment?? Ref should be suspended too.

  11. “I regret the level I hit him at,” Trevathan said. “But you got to understand, I had momentum, and I was just trying to make a play.”

    Making a play on a receiver who was already down! Plus replay shows you had a couple of steps to alter your path. You should be fined a minimum of 50K and suspended for a minimum 4 games.

  12. That play was over and this guy is a liar, his head was up to take a bead and then down with the crown right to the head

  13. Danny you might not be a dirty player, but that was certainly a dirty hit. Maybe when you are done worrying about your fine and possible suspension from the NFL, you will be able to be honest with yourself.

  14. Vontaze Burfict would be shot on the 50 yard line had he made that hit. Let’s see if there is a suspension for an illegal hit as opposed to Tez’s legal preseason hit that he got 5 games(reduced to 3) for.

  15. Trevathan should have been ejected from the game. That hit was not justified and hits like that have to end.

  16. If the officials would call the game correctly, they wouldn’t get tempers flaring. If the players were getting too rough, it’s on the officials. They created that environment.

  17. I think in the heat of the moment he made a decision to punish Adams for the scoreboard. Young people often try to revise, justify, or deny when they realize they’ve done something terrible. I’m glad he has remorse, but his actions still warrant a significant suspension.

  18. He can avoid future regret by keeping his eyes on what he is hitting, not staring at the ground while he is hitting it. Those kinds of hits may make fans go “ooh” but it is sloppy football that leads to poor tackling–an epidemic throughout the NFL.

  19. well we can tell the packer fans are out early this morning. Was it a bad hit yes, does one bad hit make a guy dirty? No. If that play makes him dirty and despicable, then how about Ha Ha targeted the Bears WR that also drew a flag, does that make him dirty too? or less dirty because Thompson got back up? Trevathon isn’t a dirty player but he laid a hit that was against the rules on that play.

  20. He should have been ejected. The competition committee and league guidance is to not eject players as ejections affect the competitive balance. that is a gutless stance! trevathan affected the competitive balance by injuring another player. Do you ever see a player carted off return?

    Fines are silly and I don’t think effective in encouraging safe play. The policy should be if you hit the head and a player is carted off, the hitter is removed from the game due to reckless play. One for one.

  21. Definitely should be a suspension. It was in retaliation for Adams and Hicks getting into it for sure. Its pathetic people can’t handle themselves like adults. Totally unnecessary.

    -Vikings fan

  22. He had momentum but that doesn’t change the fact he was not leading with his shoulder. Just sickened me to see that since Adams was being held up and had no way to move out of the way.

    Still cannot believe he wasn’t ejected.

  23. That’s odd, because many NFL experts have come out and said that Trevathan isn’t a dirty player. This was certainly a penalty and a game suspension is certainly warranted if the league issues a suspension, but 6 games- Take it easy champ. Problem child and known bad boy Burfict got a 3 game suspension with his tainted history. While the hit should not be tolerated, it doesn’t make him dirty player. These hits happen every week. it’s called football.

  24. I was at the game & the play literally happened right in front of me. Adams was stopped, and going nowhere. 59 ran up, accelerated, and went in crown of the helmet 1st right at Adams face. Adams is lucky he isn’t paralyzed. You watch one of the videos, and something small and white even flies out, it almost looks like a tooth. If 59 says he thought the play was still going, or Adams was going to break free, he is a lunatic and a liar. The Refs did no favors not blowing the play dead sooner, but you watch the video you clearly see the guy went in head first with the intent to do damage to Adams. Criminal he wasn’t ejected immediately.

  25. In the 70’s and 80’s this would have been regarded as a slobber knocker. When the mouth piece flies out and you see the spittal protrude from the lips is what defenders dreamed of in those days. The score board does not show it but at least the Packers know they played the Bears. Montgomery broken ribs and Adams taken a way in an ambulance. Most of you making comments on this page are not old enough to remember Walter Payton getting pushed over the bench by Packer defender Mark Lee, Matt Suhey getting blindsided by packer Ken Stills and Jim McMahon getting body slammed by Charles Martin well after he had thrown the ball. This was in the course of the play at full speed with Adams getting twisted around so Trevathon had no idea where he was going to end up hitting him.

  26. Normally I’m sympathetic to defensive players because of the restrictions placed on their tackling, but not here. Adams was already wrapped up, and he lead with his crown. Even if he missed Adam’s head he would have broken ribs or a shoulder, not to mention the risk to himself. He was trying to hurt him. I realize Adams wasn’t down so go ahead and help with the tackle but actually try a tackle.

  27. That was one of the dirtiest hits in a long time. Then he walked around all rough and tough like a punk afterwards.

    Whatever though. The Bears stated they were “very proud” of their team for locking arms before the game.

    I am proud of my team for winning football games, that’s their job.

  28. A lot of times you see hits and you wonder if it could have been prevented in the speed of the game. This is one where the play was basically about dead and Trevathan just absolutely needlessly lit up Adams. If this doesn’t warrant a suspension I’m not sure how you can take any of the Burfict suspensions seriously.

  29. Yeah, I could tell you were sorry about the hit when you were more worried about starting up fights with Packer players than seeing if they guy you knocked unconscious was OK as a stretcher was being run out onto the field. The hit isn’t what bothered me. Travathan’s actions after the hit really bothered me. How are you not solely focused on the well-being of the guy lying unconscious because of your brutal hit to his head? He says afterwards that his main concern is that Adams is OK. His main concern after the hit was barking at Packers players and ignoring the guy on the ground being put on a stretcher.

  30. There’s not much regret in “I regret it, but….” Inexcusable to hit a player in the face with your helmet while a team mate holds him up.

    Hope he gets a suspension of at least 4 games PLUS however long Davante is out. Also, a six figure fine PLUS medical bills seems appropriate. Accountability. Consequences.

  31. jboody79 says:
    September 29, 2017 at 7:24 am
    This was not a dirty hit, just a player trying t make a play.


    You cannot possibly be serious. That was the textbook definition of a dirty hit. Given the state of the league, Goodell will be forced to do something as a response.

  32. You know what sucks even more about this play (besides Adams health concerns obviously) is that those refs are going to skate by on that tipped punt call. No one came within 5 yards of that thing. Unreal.

  33. Past the time to start handing out major penalties for these kind of hits. Time to make players realize this is not how we play. The words so far have done little good.

  34. The refs also called a phantom holding call the play before the hit. No call there Adams had a TD and isn’t waking up in the hospital this morning.

  35. Players on defense have the hardest job in the league… How can I tackle this guy and not get fined, suspended, or ejected? It’s ridiculous. The limitations are nearly impossible to work with.

  36. In college football, players get ejected for hits far less worse than this one. I know the NCAA has a targeting rule because they can’t fine players like the NFL can, but is it time for the NFL to at least explore the idea?

  37. I don’t want to hear anything this guy has to say.

    His actions are indefensible.

    Shame he didn’t have the common sense or decency to keep his mouth shut.

  38. The refs also called a phantom holding call the play before the hit. No call there Adams had a TD and isn’t waking up in the hospital this morning.

    Watch again.

    Evans was holding his man.

  39. I was surprsised when I didn’t see a Packers Offensive Lineman try to take a shot or try to push/swing at Danny Trevathan right away! That was a terrible hit and cheap shot by Trevathan!!!!!!

    With Cobb or Nelson waving, and I assume screaming for the medical staff, I assume that contributed to there being no retaliation.

    I wish the Packers were built more like Lombardis teams and they could have just run power at Trevathan, making sure he ate a facefull of tundra after each play for the rest of the night.

  40. The Packer fans seem to be experts on dirty plays and hitting defenseless players. That hit on Bellamy in the first half somehow got missed, but then again, he had the wrong color uniform on.

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