John Fox on possibility of QB change: “We’re going to look at everything”

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With the Chicago Bears dropping to 1-3 on the season following a 35-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, the struggles at quarterback are being magnified.

Mike Glennon tossed two interceptions, lost a fumble on a sack and the team lost another on an errant snap when Glennon wasn’t expecting the ball. Through four weeks, Glennon has thrown five interceptions to just four touchdown passes and lost three total fumbles.

“The number one thing we obviously have to fix is the turnovers,” Glennon said. “I’m not giving our team a chance when you turn the ball over like that.”

Whether he’ll get the chance to fix it as the starting quarterback appears to be uncertain. Head coach John Fox said after the game that everything will be on the table with over a week to prepare for their next game against the Vikings.

“We need to make a lot of changes,” Fox said when asked if he was considering a swap of quarterbacks. “We’ll evaluate everything. We’ve got a lot of work to do before we line up against Minnesota Monday night and we’re going to look at everything.”

Fox stressed that it’s not purely the quarterback spot that will be under the microscope.

First-round pick Mitchell Trubisky remains waiting in the wings should Fox elect to give him a chance to start. While he had some limited success in preseason, he has not taken a snap through the first month of the season.

‘We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Fox said. “Fortunately we have a mini-bye here, 10-11 days to evaluate and do things necessary for us to improve. That’s across the board.

“Mitch is a young player. He’s four regular season games into his rookie season, his NFL career. We have a big gap here. We’ll look at everything and everybody, not just the quarterback position.”

Trubisky will be the starter at some point. Whether it’s next week, next month or next year, he will get his chance to lead the Bears. The additional time between games could facilitate a change should Fox deem it’s the prudent thing to do.

8 responses to “John Fox on possibility of QB change: “We’re going to look at everything”

  1. Fox’s days as the Bears’ coach are getting shorter. His team is undisciplined, he’s getting lousy QB play, his receivers can’t catch the ball, and the Bears seem to be in disarray most of the time. This is another down year for Chicago and Fox is going to pay for that with his job. It’s only a matter of when, not if. He hasn’t improved the team or its record, and he needs to go.

  2. At this point, it’s quite apparent that Fox just wants to get canned and get out of Chicago. How else can you explain his stubbornness for refusing to make a QB change? Glennon is certainly not getting it done.

  3. How many more weeks do we have to listen to this oaf Fox and his excuses to not start Trubisky? It’s become clear they don’t trust Glennon to throw the ball and allow other teams to stack the box and basically play the run. When he does throw it, half the time he hangs the WR out to dry with poor placement…he almost got Bellamy killed last night. It won’t be long before he loses the locker room if he continues with the Glennon excuse train.

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