John Fox: We have 11 critical positions, not just quarterback

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Bears coach John Fox was back at the podium on Friday and the issue of the team’s quarterback play was once again front and center.

It was a big topic after Thursday night’s loss because Mike Glennon‘s four turnovers gave the Bears almost no chance to win the game and his eight turnovers on the season make it hard to argue that this was a one-week bump in the road. Fox said the team was going to look at everything before returning to the field in Week Five when asked if Mitch Trubisky could move into the starting lineup and his answers on Friday didn’t provide much of a hint about which way things will go.

One thing Fox was willing to make clear is that he isn’t just looking at quarterback when it comes to finding offensive improvement.

“I don’t single out one position,” Fox said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I know there are a lot of people out there that enjoy that, but there are 11 critical positions. And we’ve got to do a lot of work on all 11 of them.”

Fox said that Glennon’s contract wouldn’t factor into his decision and said that he’d consider all possibilities when asked if Mark Sanchez was a consideration for the starting job. In short, it sounds like everything is on the table for the Bears and that it will be some time before Fox shares how they’ll set the table in the future.

17 responses to “John Fox: We have 11 critical positions, not just quarterback

  1. It took Bill O’Brien about half a game to figure out he made a mistake by going with Savage as the starter. Fox just doesn’t want to admit he is wrong.

  2. It’s obvious the Ryan Pace doesn’t know how to evaluate qb’s. That scares me. Glennon is terrible , lets hope Pace didn’t see the same attributes in Trubisky.

  3. 11 critical positions but they hinge on the one. WR’s can’t do their job, TE’s or RBs when your QB is turning the ball over all the time.

    They aren’t independent of one another.

  4. What is getting lost in the Bears qb controversy is that Fox has been horrible as HC for the bears. Lots of penalties. Terrible special teams.
    And speaking of Special teams, the bears kicker is terrible. Meanwhile, Gould hasn’t missed a kick since he left the bears.

    IMO Pace deserves more of a pass. He’s brought in some great players. It took Jim Finks almost 10 years to build the 85 bears. Personally I’d keep Pace.
    But I really want David Toub as our Head Coach

  5. Fox is the epitome of loser. He would rather not lose than win. I truly think he dislikes winning. His style is to play not to lose rather than attack and win. Man I hate this guy.

  6. The Bears did an impressive job of controlling the clock and chewing up the 4th quarter -too bad they were the ones down by 3 touchdowns.
    Loser football for a loser team with a loser coach.

  7. By switching to Sanchez right now, Trubisky learns a valuable lesson: Bad ball security gets you benched.

    This year is about developing the kid on the bench right? Well, Glennon’s start to the season can be a learning opportunity.

  8. Between Fox/Pace and the Bears ownership there is just something missing. 45 mill for Glennon after the Cutler deal? I suppose it might be worse if I was a Charger fan but not by much. Another 3 and 13 season headed our way.

  9. Fox is a goof. They could put Mitch in, and should have in the GB game in the second half, they weren’t coming back in that game. Maybe seeing the kid gives them a lift in that game maybe it goes badly but that was mop up time and that is what a #2 is for. I am more disappointed in the Bears defense. They let GB run the ball on them. You expect Rodger to eventually pick everyone apart at some point, but they had two guards playing tackle…and they couldn’t stop the run, or meet at the QB. The players they have on the DLine should have been eating all night against back ups. I am going to say Fangio very likely had them prepared, and they didn’t execute. Vic has taken a cast off like Hicks and obviously done enough with him to make him a much better player, and a big contract.
    Fox needs to go, but I really want Fangio to stay. Does he desire a HC job? Because when I hear him talk, when he is asked questions, he answers straight forward. He has a Parcells quality to him, that delivers an unspoken accountability for players or anyone. Tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Don’t have to like it, but you will respect it or don’t play here.

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