Odell Beckham fined for celebration

Getty Images

Giants receiver Odell Beckham had one of the weirdest penalties of the season on Sunday, getting 15 yards for pretending to be a urinating dog. He’s also picked up a fine for it.

The NFL fined Beckham $12,154 for the celebration.

The penalty was the latest setback in Beckham’s relationship with the Giants. He’s perhaps the most talented receiver in the NFL, but he also makes more than his share of knucklehead plays, and after the game he didn’t seem particularly bothered that he cost his team 15 yards.

Giants owner John Mara is “very unhappy” with Beckham, and Beckham is unhappy with the amount of money Mara is paying him. The problems with Beckham, combined with the team’s 0-3 record, suggest that there’s major disfunction with this franchise.

To turn things around, the Giants will need Beckham to keep scoring touchdowns, and to stop acting like a dog afterward.