Von Miller not fined for taunting

Getty Images

After the Broncos lost to the Bills last Sunday, Broncos linebacker Von Miller said that he “killed” the game for his team because of a taunting penalty.

Miller was flagged for offering his hand to Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor to help him up before pulling his hand back in a move familiar from playgrounds nationwide. The penalty allowed the Bills to continue a drive that ended with a field goal that expanded their lead to 10 points in the fourth quarter.

Former NFL officiating heads Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino both said that they thought the flag should not have been thrown and the current regime in the league office may agree with them. PFT has confirmed with the league that Miller was not fined as a result of the penalty.

That won’t erase the impact of the flag, but it will keep a little more money in Miller’s pocket.