Dalvin Cook on pace for an Adrian Peterson-style workload


After a decade of having the offense built around running back Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are diversifying. Unless they aren’t.

Rookie Dalvin Cook has 71 touches through Week Three, an average of 23.66 per game. It projects to 378 touches for the season.

As a rookie 10 years ago, Peterson had 257.

Yes, Peterson missed two games with a knee injury and was splitting time (sort of) with Chester Taylor, who had 186 touches that year. Still, the Vikings have Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon, but they have contributed only seven and 16 touches, respectively.

It definitely wasn’t supposed to be this way, and it’s hard to imagine Cook being used so much over the rest of the year. Racking up 378 touches would compare Cook with Peterson in his prime years, like 2008 (384 touches), 2009 (357 touches), 2012 (388 touches), and 2015 (357 touches).

Potential overuse of Cook is one of the topics that was discussed when Paul Allen of KFAN (and voice of the Vikings) gave PFT Live a phone call on Friday. As usual, he supplied the boom, and I provided the gloom.

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  1. Dalvin Cook 2017 Statistics:

    61 rushes – 288 yards – 1 td

    10 rec. – 81 yards

    0 fumbles

    $3,225,607 salary

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    adrian peterson 2017 Statistics:

    23 rushes – 77 yards – 0 td

    2 rec. – 4 yards

    0 fumbles

    $3,500,000 salary

  2. I like Cook, his breakaway speed is very dangerous. In time, they’ll use him all over the field to wreck havoc on defensive coordinators sleeping patterns.

    But I’m not sure he’s built to handle 375 touches.

  3. I’m not saying Cook will be a better runner than AP was, although he has been everything you could have expected and more. He’s already a better pass blocker and receiver than Peterson ever was, which is why he’s getting the ball so often – he’s a three down back.

  4. Cook is much better out of the backfield than Peterson in my opinion. He’s better suited to today’s NFL and the way the league has shifted to a more wide open offense. As a lions fan I’m really hoping the defense can find a way to contain him this weekend. Vikings offense has a lot of playmakers in the passing game too, but I think if you can stop cook and make them one dimensional you take your chances with Keenum. Hopefully ansah and jarrad Davis can play or the defense may be in for a long day.

    Matchups I’m looking forward too— slay vs diggs and ansah vs former teammate Reilly reiff. You can bet they know each other’s tendency from years of practicing against each other. Not sure if slay will follow diggs, particularly if they put him in the slot, but here’s to hoping he does.

  5. I am excited to watch tomorrows game not only for what I will get to see but for I will not be seeing….Vikings players arguing with their coaches, quitting and leaving the stadium early. Yep I am pretty sure that will not happen in Minnesota tomorrow.

  6. doctorrustbelt says:
    September 30, 2017 at 9:04 am

    Dalvin Cook 2017 Statistics:

    61 rushes – 288 yards – 1 td

    10 rec. – 81 yards

    0 fumbles

    $3,225,607 salary

    If you don’t attribute all of Cook’s signing bonus to this year and prorate it instead, he’s making $1,155,147 this year.

  7. The reason is pretty simple: Cook is good in both pass protection and receiving so he’s on the field more. No Viking player will ever run as well as AP, but I think I’ve already seen more blitz pick-ups by Cook in 3 games than I did in AP’s entire Viking career. They’ll need him Sunday, as I have a hard time believing Keenum will play as lights out as he did last week.

  8. its third and 7, Keenum tosses a pass to Cook in left flat about 5 yards before the first down marker.

    Cook has an 11 yard reception. First down.

    That’s something we never did with Adrian, because he couldn’t catch. Cook can.

    I could get used to that. Instead of a Viking WR catching a 5 yard pass and we punt, or go for the field goal. By the way, we scored a touchdown on that drive. Skol.

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