Florida doesn’t want O.J. Simpson

Getty Images

When Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson emerges from prison as soon as Monday, he wants to move to Florida. The only problem is that Florida doesn’t want him.

Via the New York Post, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi sent a letter on Friday to the Florida Department of Corrections that urges the agency to tell Nevada that the Sunshine State doesn’t want Simpson there.

“Floridians are well aware of Mr. Simpson’s background, his wanton disregard for the lives of others, and of his scofflaw attitude with respect to the heinous acts for which he has been found civilly liable,” Bondi wrote regarding the prospect of Simpson’s parole being transferred from Nevada to Florida. “Our state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal.”

It seems like a belated effort by Florida to put the wheels in motion to keep Simpson out of the state, given that he becomes eligible for release as of Sunday. However, it’s still not clear when Simpson actually will get out, and the powers-that-be are keeping plans secret for safety reasons. Simpson’s lawyer recently said that he’ll begin asking questions if Simpson isn’t free by October 8.

Simpson has served nearly a decade in Nevada for armed robbery and other crimes relating to the attempted recovery of memorabilia that he contends was stolen from him.