Florida doesn’t want O.J. Simpson

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When Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson emerges from prison as soon as Monday, he wants to move to Florida. The only problem is that Florida doesn’t want him.

Via the New York Post, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi sent a letter on Friday to the Florida Department of Corrections that urges the agency to tell Nevada that the Sunshine State doesn’t want Simpson there.

“Floridians are well aware of Mr. Simpson’s background, his wanton disregard for the lives of others, and of his scofflaw attitude with respect to the heinous acts for which he has been found civilly liable,” Bondi wrote regarding the prospect of Simpson’s parole being transferred from Nevada to Florida. “Our state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal.”

It seems like a belated effort by Florida to put the wheels in motion to keep Simpson out of the state, given that he becomes eligible for release as of Sunday. However, it’s still not clear when Simpson actually will get out, and the powers-that-be are keeping plans secret for safety reasons. Simpson’s lawyer recently said that he’ll begin asking questions if Simpson isn’t free by October 8.

Simpson has served nearly a decade in Nevada for armed robbery and other crimes relating to the attempted recovery of memorabilia that he contends was stolen from him.

26 responses to “Florida doesn’t want O.J. Simpson

  1. this coming from one of the most corrupt AG’s in history. This is just a cheap gimmick to garner publicity for her political ambitions. Christ, this harpy didn’t want to return a dog to a flood victim and rightful owner.

  2. With the way things are going for the NFL right now, I am sure Simpson could get a job working for Goodell. Well, he could at least help Bennett with his fictional account of the dealing with the Las Vegas Police.

  3. If he can’t move to Florida, then the money that he owes the Goldman’s and to attorneys can’t be hidden. He also has an $80k/yr pension from the NFL that he would like to keep away from the Goldman’s. That should be enough for one steak and an iPhone.

  4. As ugly as it is.. he should be able to live wherever he likes. He is being released. He got away with murder and was convicted of a crime for which he has completed his sentence.


  5. But how the State of Florida did not filed a parole denial in the first place? Months ago, they could had filed a parole denial with the state of Nevada, if he solely intended to continue serving his parole in the state of Florida. Also, OJ Simpson has been living in the state of Florida following his criminal acquittal and following his civil conviction? Unless is being used as a slingshot for Pam Bondi’s intention to run for either Congress or maybe attempt to run against GOP contender and Florida’s Agricultural Secretary, Adam “Fresh From Florida’ Putnam? Looks like fresh OJ comes from Florida…

  6. Thing is, OJ has various properties in Florida, and legally can’t be kept from his already owned property. Also his children have over a dozen homes that he can legally live as as their father. So if they want him out they would have to fight a losing battle of homeowners rights, making his likely a financial windfall.

  7. The entire reason he wants to go to Florida is so the Goldmans cannot touch his estate there. His NFL pension is safe and whatever personnel assets he has left are his and not subject to forfeiture. He has served his time and can go where he wants, and Florida has the best night live for old NFL’ers. He can party with Warren Sapp all night long, or until the blow and hookers run out.

  8. Pam Bondi, the one that accepted the bribe from Trump to drop a suit against him? Yeah, she’s a real pillar of law and order.

  9. Good Grief! Let his man alone! He was found innocent of the two homicides and also the civil judgement was given to appease Goldman’s father who just would NOT stop squeaking! Enough already – the Goldman’s and Brown’s have to move on to try live the rest of the life they have to live. Being held hostage and using your every waking moment to try to be before the cameras and relive this horrible experience is less than smart and very counterproductive to personal health.

  10. The Republicans will run him for Vice President in the next election. He and Chump are the perfect pair. Complete scumbags with a total disregard for human life and liberty.

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