It’s the official debut of the PFT PM podcast


It’s officially here, even though it’s unofficially been around for a while.

Soft launched as a vacation diversion in June as the PFT Live afternoon podcast and brought back for a second soft launch a few weeks ago with the same name, the PFT PM podcast officially has arrived.

So what the hell is it, you ask? It’s a weekday (for at least three days per week, maybe more) end-of-day look at the day that was in the NFL and/or a look ahead to the next day or two, as a bookend to the three-hour early morning PFT Live radio/TV show and podcast.

Friday’s edition, the first to have the new show open that includes the PFT PM name (or at least it was the first time I noticed it), previews Week Four with a visit from MDS, who discusses the five games from Sunday on which we disagree.

Moving forward, new episodes of PFT PM will arrive at least on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, most will be in the range of 30 to 45 minutes, and plenty will feature extended discussions with media members, newsmakers, or whoever else I feel like talking to about whatever I feel like talking about.

Which is a good way to spin in advance an inability to get the guests we may be trying to get.

Check it out on Apple podcasts, art19, and pretty much wherever podcasts are available, drop a review (YOU SUCK, YOU SNOWFLAKE), and subscribe.