Adam Gase dismisses possible quarterback change


The Miami offense went from garbage to rubbish on Sunday in London, scoring a total of no points against the Saints.

After the game, coach Adam Gase dismissed the possibility of changing quarterbacks. Jay Cutler is now 1-2 as the replacement for Ryan Tannehill, who suffered a non-contact knee injury in training camp. Veteran Matt Moore is the backup.

“It’s not time to panic,” Gase said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “We’ve been way worse than this.”

Gase also praised the defense, and he said that the Saints took away the outside zone run, which is usually the way that running back Jay Ajayi has his biggest impact.

The Dolphins finished with 186 yards on offense. In a loss to the Jets last Sunday, the Dolphins had 225 yards. They now return from London without a break to face the Titans at home.

19 responses to “Adam Gase dismisses possible quarterback change

  1. The change that Gase should make is sitting himself down as head coach and play caller. He is so predictable one should refer to him as a defensive coordinators dream. Gase obviously wants to run but when they take away the run and give you the pass down field; GO FOR IT! Gase continues to target the slowest skill player on the Dolphins Jarvis Landry. I’m certain Jarvis can’t beat many linebackers in a 40 yard dash. No separation, short routes equals not much yardage and 0 scoring! Running in predictable fashion on first down with 9 defensive players on the line equals little yardage and 0 scoring.

  2. I will be glad when Jim harbaugh is done at Michigan and would come to coach the dolphins. Gase ain’t the answer. Cutler is a bust. Suh is a bust etc etc etc. MATTMOORE SHOULD BE THE QB!,,,,

  3. Gase said “they took away the outside run zone which Ajayi has his biggest impact ” which translates to ” the Jets and the Saints defense shut down our offense and kicked our asses doing so and I have no clue how to stop it”

  4. Jay Cutler isn’t the reason the offense isn’t getting the job done. It’s a collective effort from the sidelines to the field. Right now the Dolphins are where they should be, at the bottom of the AFC East.

  5. Always come back to the o-line. When you can’t run passing is a ton more difficult.. especially with a qb that is not mobile. Defenses are pressuring cutler who is not only not mobile he is still new to his team. O-line must lead and that is were Pouncey, Bushrod,ect. come in. No holes..No run game. No Run game. No pass game. No pass game NO Points. No Points No Wins.

  6. Gotta love all the clueless fans that don’t know a thing about football saying things like “Gase is a bust, Cutler is a bust, Suh is a bust.” And then go on to say Matt Moore, who is literally worse than all of those names, is the answer.

    My god, we seriously have the worst fan base. The same thing happened last year, and Miami had a worse roster, and still made the playoffs. Maybe it won’t happen this year, but maybe it does, and maybe they go a little further even. Relax fanball fans. The problem is the oline. clearly. Not the Quarterback.

    In both games they’ve lost, they weren’t able to run the ball because defenders are already in the backfield. Then when the opponents get ahead, they can take out everything over the top. Which only allows underneath passes. Common football sense. When the oline works, Ajayi can run, Cutler can pass, and Miami can win. Hence how they beat LAC in week 1. As close of a game as that was, It’s pretty clear I’m 100% correct on this.

  7. Is Charles Harris even playing…i mean you spent a first round pick on a DE that barely even plays. Could of and should of drafted a guard. Ted Larsen healthy or not wasn’t the answer. Oline is awful!!!!! I expected the fins to take a step back this year but at this rate they are clearly the only team going after the #1 pick. The fins are easily the worst team in the league right now.

  8. I am extremely annoyed, very angry at how our offence have played this last 3 games. Wasn’t really that great in LA, got worse in NY and completely tanked in L. But really either some of you lot are spoilt children or have no clue about sports the way you are talking about a career backup and a crazy coach that got the push from the 49ers. Who on earth do you guys think we are. What I do know is we are better that and we will finish the rest of season strong. Why ! “Defence”. I actually think we might have a good defence and our offence was never the problem going into this year.

  9. I thought Gase was going to be a good Coach. Switching to a proven successful QB who has the respect of the team is a no brainer right now. Very disappointed to find out Gase is an idiot. Nobody wanted Cutler to begin with. Matt Moore is clearly a better QB and the team plays for him.

  10. Lol it’s really not on the offensive personnel other than targeting one of the slowest slot receivers in football more than Gase should. Gase let everyone know he wants to run the ball; So teams have the correct defense and subsequently the RB is trying to find a whole with defenders already in the backfield. This is the NFL and knowing what a team is going to do offensively is paramount. Adam Gase has gone from Genius Gase to Gullible Gase in 3 games! Gase has to take what the defense gives him and not try to outplay the defensive scheme with his offensive objectives!

  11. Let’s see, Ross gave up on Sporano too soon, let Ireland and Philbin hang around too long, gives Tannehill an undeserved contract extension, and continues to let Miami lose a home game in London. Is there any way we can fire him?

  12. Will the person who talked Cutler in to returning to football please resign from their duties? I know Cutler has a reputation for not having the best sideline demeanor but am I the only one that thinks he would rather be in the booth at this point. Time for Matt Moore.

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