Bills pick off impressive road win over Falcons


The Falcons are no longer unbeaten, and the Bills are no longer apologizing for the way they play.

Buffalo forced three Matt Ryan turnovers and left Atlanta with a 23-17 win, improving to 3-1 in the process. That’s the same record as the Falcons, though few might have predicted the way this one would go down.

The Bills allowed the Falcons 391 yards, but made stops at key junctures, with safety Micah Hyde picking off a pair of passes. Coupled with a strip-sack-fumble return for a touchdown (which perhaps should have been an incomplete pass), it was a timely defensive effort from the Bills.

Coupled with a Tyrod Taylor touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews, and a pair of long bombs from Bills kicker Steven Hauschka (who hit from 56 and 55 yards in the fourth quarter), it was enough scoring for the Bills.

Atlanta was playing without wide receivers Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu in the second half, but still had a chance to win the game late, before the Bills got a fourth-and-1 stop in the shadow of the goal line.

23 responses to “Bills pick off impressive road win over Falcons

  1. Definitely an incomplete pass. The ball travelled forward at least 10 yards off Matt Ryan’s fingertips. Not a fumble.

  2. Good for them; for once, they might actually have some meaningful games to play in November…

  3. thewardenbb says:
    October 1, 2017 at 4:36 pm
    Bills lose if Julio or Sanu was playing. I love the Bills, but Matt had nobody to throw to. Bills got the breaks as well. I’m happy with the win.

    And who exactly do the Bills have to throw to? Gotta play with what you have, that’s football. And the Bills didn’t get the breaks, they made the plays. It was a fumble, it was pretty clear that Hughes knocked the ball out and Ryan pushed it forward. Just because Gumbel and Green lost their minds because they don’t know what a fumble is doesn’t mean it actually wasn’t a fumble.

  4. It’s amazing how much better the Bills defense is with someone not named Ryan doing the coaching. Yet another sign of how poorly he used the teams’ personnel.

    But yeah, I would say this defense is legit. The bills will have issues with points at times, but they have good pieces to play with. I’m curious to see how the Bills will match up vs the Patriots. Clearly, the Patriots defense is really not off to a good start.

  5. Love this Bills team, they play hard for their new coach. Rex Ryan messed up this defense, the Bills have great speed on defense, it shows. They lead the NFL in points given up, they don’t give up the big play. For sure, they are headed in the right direction. Nice win for sure.

  6. How ironic that the Bills got their biggest win in several years because their defense was pounding, hitting, harassing and beating up a guy named Ryan.

  7. I guess Buffalo only won because Atlanta didn’t have their best receivers on the field. Well Buffalo didn’t have two of their best best defenders on the field, but whatever.

  8. Falcons were missing two defensive starters, including their best defensive player. They were missing their best offensive lineman. They were missing their two starting receivers, including one who’s considered the best in the NFL. Still, Atlanta came close at the end and lost mainly because of poor play-calling. And that Ryan fumble call has been ruled a mistake by NFL officiating in NYC.

    In other words, don’t get so excited Buffalo. They’re still the Bills!

  9. Falcons play down to the competition….again, That said, hopefully the Bills can keep it going and make some noise in the AFC East. The NFC South just got pretty interesting with all four teams having won at least two games.

  10. All the homers that keep calling for Nathan Peterman owe me an apology. “Tyrod is garbage” they said. You’re wrong wrong wrong…. Apology accepted.

  11. Are we going to skip over the fact the Bills lost a starting corner, linebacker, and their #1 WR in this game? The media will spin this win because ATL had their top 2 WRs out…

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