Chargers dispute contention that seats have been covered


The smallest stadium in the NFL has not further shrunk.

Contrary to a tweeted photo from Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News implying that seats have been covered at StubHub Center, the Chargers tell PFT that the banners shown in the image have been there all year, and that they do not reduce the capacity below the 27,000 seats currently contained in the venue.

No seats are under the signage, which the Chargers opted to use so that the concourses, restrooms, and traffic wouldn’t be affected until the team had a better feel for whether an extra 3,000 seats (if the Chargers opt to expand the seating) would work.

This helps explain the sudden change in the listed capacity of the venue from 30,000 in the offseason to 27,000 once the season arrived. It could have been 30,000, but the Chargers opted to reduce it by 10 percent, at least for 2017. The Chargers will play there through 2019, joining the Rams in a new stadium in Inglewood in 2020.

Of course, none of this changes the perception/reality that the Chargers are struggling to fill the small stadium with Chargers fans; plenty of Eagles fans likely will be in the StubHub Center on Sunday.

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  1. LA native here as well. Rams and Chargers share similar type of fans so they tend to draw from each other, with a huge slight towards the Rams. Remember Spanos justified the move by claiming the 25% of fans from the OC, old Ram territory. The Raiders have huge following in LA and their fans are very different from Ram/Charger fans. Had the Rams and Raiders shared Inglewood there would be no competition between the fanbases, each have their own type of fans and they don’t really care for each other. Rams would have still drawn around the 55k-60k fans at the Coliseum and the Raiders would have easily sold out 30k seat StubHub..NFL messed up on this, screwed SD in the process and irritated LA fans with bringing the Chargers here.

  2. The Raider-Bronco game was scheduled as an afternoon TV game in LA. Instead we miss the first 16 minutes to watch the end of the Jet-Jag game. The Eagle-Charger game gets dumped to Channel 13. What’s up with that?

  3. They are struggling to fill the stadium with charger fans because there aren’t any charger fans left.

    A lot of teams are going to be torched by their local media for years for passing on deshaun Watson in the draft but man the chargers needed that kid more than any of those teams. And Rivers looks like he is definitely regressing.

    If the chargers took the top player evaluator job from john spanos would any other team in the nfl hire him?

  4. FYI there used to be quite a lot of loyal Chargers fans. You can find them in SAN DIEGO. But I did say “used to”….

  5. There are no Charger fans in LA.

    And San Diego Charger fans would rather jump off the Coronado Bridge than put another dime in Spanos’ pocket.

    The good news for the NFL is that San Diego fans would welcome the Chargers back with open arms… Just as soon as the NFL forces Spanos to sell the team.

  6. @markg5wagon
    There will continue to be empty seats until Kaepernick get a job in the nfl
    Sorry, you don’t own that narrative nor will you be allowed to obfuscate it. The empty seats will continue to increase because of what Colin started. Nice try though.

  7. Gee, if only someone could have predicted that Los Angeles didn’t want or care about the Chargers. How could we have known???????

  8. The same lame people posting the same tired takes. “I’m from LA, we hate football”. “I’m from SD and I’m crying because my city is too cheap to keep a team”. “Spanos is the devil because he’s rich and I’m not”, etc., etc.

  9. Apparently, the 25 percent of Chargers fans in OC would rather drive down to San Diego to see them than go to Carson. If there really are 25 percent of Chargers fans in OC..

  10. Please do not blame the NFL for the Chargers decision to move, it was Spanos decision. While the owners had to approve it, the idea was completely Spanos’s.

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