Colts players release statement about players kneeling during anthem


The Colts play the Seahawks on Sunday night, which means we haven’t seen how the team’s players are dealing with the national anthem this week.

Several Colts players did take a knee last week and the team’s players released a statement on Sunday afternoon that suggests they will have some doing so again this week. The full text of the statement appears below in its unedited form.

“Recently, there have been several misperceptions regarding a personal choice made by members of our team to bring awareness to prevailing issues facing our nation. To be clear — those of us who kneeled did not intend to disrespect our flag, our National Anthem or those who serve our country. We all have family and friends who are servicemen and women. We appreciate and respect the incredible sacrifices they make. 

But as NFL players, we have a platform. And as Americans, we have a responsibility to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Our intention was to raise awareness and continue critical conversations about real equality, the injustices against black and brown people, police brutality, respect, unity and equal opportunity. Our players are hurting, our people are hurting, our neighborhoods are hurting and kneeling was a direct response to that hurt. 

But what makes football so special is the way it brings people together — fans, players, coaches, all of us. We represent different races, backgrounds and beliefs, but we come together for a common goal. That togetherness seen on the field and in the stands when we play should resonate even when we leave the stadium. 

In that same spirit, as unified Americans, we will respect all forms of peaceful protests, as they are protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Some of our players may kneel, while others may stand. But this is just the beginning. There is much work to do, and it will take all of us. 

Kneeling for JUSTICE. Standing for UNITY. Fighting for EQUALITY. Showing RESPECT. 


30 responses to “Colts players release statement about players kneeling during anthem

  1. So if you say you’re not disrespecting the flag or our service people then it makes it ok? Gotcha.

  2. “our people are hurting”? Any American who speaks of our people without including all Americans is being divisive. Pathetic statement in many ways. It’s hard to believe all the players on that team agree with that statement.

  3. You don’t get to tell me how i am allowed to perceive something. Kneeling for the anthem disrespects the flag and the country, and it has nothing to do with whatever is being protested. I say whatever because it’s been walked back and revised so many times that it’s meaningless.

  4. To the unknown colt player, your anti police protest is extremely divisive. There is no togetherness, listen to all the boos when kneeling! This has been spun into an anti Trump protest, not sure how that plays in Indy! …but you can raise a banner for the kneel Ers!

  5. Please read the message sent out by the Colts before you spout some garbage about disrespectful kneeling. People of color are not immune to discrimination just bc they are professionals or rich. I think we can all agree that pro athletes families in particular mother’s, father’s, children, wives, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends are not known thus are affected by discrimination like any other famous person are athletes not supposed to empathize with that?

    The players are kneeling for EVERYONES RIGHTS including those complaining about them.

    The national anthem and flag means something different to everyone you cannot take someone’s intentions out of context to fit your own narrative and agenda. Black fist is not just black power it represents the voiceless black Americans making to clear that they have your backs.

    Stop spreading divisive messages 45 loves to create conflict and he’s hurting American and is the MAIN reason these guys are all speaking out now. It was a select few now it’s every single team showing he can’t oppress others with influence. He’s trying damn hard to though.

    Honest question if they weren’t kneeling for the anthem would these same people pretending that these guys don’t live in the same America we all live accept the message?

  6. True story: Im out having lunch with my family right now! Have not watched since the 1st half of the morning games. Its actually an awesome Sunday. Less NFL each week until I can quit completely. Like a junkie would.

  7. This is equal to me going into church and yelling at the top of my lungs and telling them im not disrespecting the church and its service, im doing this to protest the unethical treatment of animals

  8. OK…these guys have brought awareness to the issue. NOW WHAT!!? None of these supposed “warriors” are talking about what’s next or what they plan to do now that they have the attention. Use your influence to do something that will FIX the problem and not make it WORSE! The anthem and flag should not be your target!

  9. I’m not listing to guys making six and seven figures protest. If you want to provide some homeless folks who are suffering, I’ll listen.

    Also, when someone like Cam Newton gives the “black power” salute, how is that working toward the supposed goal of equality and unity?

  10. If you are booing during the national anthem are you honoring the flag? It seems to me booing during the playing of the anthem is probably the most disrespectful thing you can do. Other countries that dislike america during international competition frequently boo during the playing of the anthem so watch out for those booing at these games.

  11. I wish anyone in the media would challenge the players or organizations that release these sorts of statements to specify exactly what is being protested, and make them back up their argument with actual facts. How about asking them about violence committed against peace officers? What about the link between single parenthood and poverty? How about making them explain how, in an allegedly racist country, the highest real median household income data from 1987 to 2015 shows that Asians out-earn all other racial groups?

    It won’t be PFT asking those questions, though, as the site has relentlessly portrayed Kaepernick as some kind of victim even though he indisputably hurt every one of his 32 potential employers.

  12. What a joke statement. Looks like they asked some 5th grade classes to submit essays and chose what they thought was the best one. There is no First Amendment right to free speech while you’re on the job. The owners and commissioner are allowing them to protest. Even the 5th graders should be able to figure that out.

  13. What a joke statement. Looks like they asked some 5th grade classes to submit essays and chose what they thought was the best one. There is no First Amendment right to free speech while you’re on the job. The owners and commissioner are allowing them to protest. Even the 5th graders should be able to figure that out.

  14. If I point a gun at you but say I’m not threatening you (simply exercising my 2nd amendment rights), will this be the same as kneeling but not disrespecting the flag?

  15. Should make for great ratings for the Sponsors on the NBC broadcast of the game. Those ads won’t be seen by the eyes of anyone I know of in my family.

  16. My dad and many of my uncles served in the military, fighting for freedom. Today we have many young Americans fighting overseas. They do not want to return to a country that was less free than when they left. Our enemies probably wouldn’t allow their citizens the same freedoms we enjoy. That’s why they’re our enemies. They hate freedom. It’s gross when I hear some people in our country who try to take away our freedom. They seem to like our enemy’s way of life better than the one our veterans fought for. Now that is disrespecting the flag.

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