Eagles run over the Chargers in their own stadium


Eagles fans took over the Chargers’ new stadium in Los Angeles.

Then the Eagles themselves took over the game in a decidedly old-school way.

Philadelphia got a 26-24 “road” win over the Chargers, despite the fact their own fans seemed to outnumber or at least draw even with Chargers fans at the StubHub Center in Carson. The cheers were audible when the Eagles did positive things, and at one point their players motioned to quiet the crowd when they were on offense.

And the Eagles (3-1) ran the ball in a way in which allowed them to demoralize the Chargers.

They made big runs (like LeGarrette Blount‘s stiff-arm special for 68 yards) to the small ones (like Corey Clement‘s late third-down conversion) to keep the clock moving.

They finished with 214 rushing yards on 42 carries, divided among three backs the week after Darren Sproles was lost for the season.

Blount led the way with 136 yards.

That was enough on a day when the Chargers made a few big plays, but not enough on a consistent basis, as they fell to 0-4.

22 responses to “Eagles run over the Chargers in their own stadium

  1. Don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an away team’s fans take over a stadium like that. Kudos to Philly and pretty damn embarrassing for LA

  2. Great win. Overcame the West Coast, injuries, and questionable officiating in the second half. The last drive was brilliantly called and executed. Just need to fix pass coverage. If we can do that we might make some noise.

  3. This was what I envisioned when they signed Blount. Take the pressure off the qb by pounding the rock. Keep the opposing offense off the field.

    And oh yes, we Eagles fans are among the most loyal and vocal. Great fans!!!

  4. “Don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an away team’s fans take over a stadium”

    Pretty sure its going to be that way every single game this season, and only get worse as the losses add up.

    Would be lovely to see Spanos humiliated through the entire season.

  5. Yes, and Florio picked against the Birds and said they aren’t as good as their 2-1 record suggests … 3-1 and running the ball and looking good!

  6. Whose stadium? Philles fans used to take over Nats Park ; only surprise is that PA wasn’t blaring Fly Eagles 🦅 Fly …Chargers will not even be #2 in that market LA~ LV Raiders will have more of a following

  7. dirkanger23 says:

    October 1, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    Don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an away team’s fans take over a stadium like that. Kudos to Philly and pretty damn embarrassing for LA


    I wouldn’t say embarrassing for LA because LA never asked for or wanted the Chargers. This is embarrassing for Dean Spanos, who killed out pretty much half of the team fan base for a city that simply don’t care about them.

  8. More seats won’t change a thing Deano, except for increasing your embarrassment. Enjoy that windfall.

  9. Fight for LA?

    Maybe fight for a couple of blocks near Flub Hub

    Left a fan base in San Diego for ????

    Just Sad

  10. Being a Charger fan is hard, but seeing Rivers out there is harder. He doesn’t want to be in L.A. and you can tell. Thanks for ruining a San Diego team Dean.Your greed is awful.

  11. So the league and owners are just willing to let the Chargers go through this embarrassing situation until the Rams get their new stadium up and running. Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful. (By
    the way, is it a guarantee the Chargers will be allowed to share the Rams’ stadium?)

  12. Will the first place Eagles remain behind the Cowboys and Redskins in the power rankings this week?

  13. I don’t think it is appropriate to put “road” in quotes, the Eagles had to travel over 3000 miles and 3 hours of time zone change. A road game is defined by just the “home” team’s support or lack there of, or the fact that the road team’s fan base travels to support the team, or the fact that they are playing in a stadium that is foreign to them. I have no problem with discounting to a degree the Chargers “home” advantage, but to take away from the Eagles or any other team (except maybe the Rams) when they travel to an opponents stadium and come away with a win is a bit insulting and degrading to the winning team.

  14. That was a great road victory by the Eagles against a Chargers team that has an 0-4 record by literally inches, LA could just as easily be 2-2 or even 3-1. I thought this was a trap game, but the Eagles came in well prepared while down their most important two defensive players (which showed on the Chargers big plays). They did enough to have the lead and then the O-line laid the road to wear down the Chargers D and eat up the clock. Significant progress over where the team was last year.

  15. Wheres all the people saying … Another free agent bust. Har har har. If the Patriots let a player go hes done. Har har har.

    I havent heard u guys in a couple weeks while Blount has been dominating defenses.

    Hows letting Ealy, Collins, and Jones working out for the Patriots? They sure look as good as ever.

    Or those genius additions of Rowe, Cooks, and Gilmore doing? I thought if the Patriots make a roster move that meant 31 teams made a mistake?

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