Hue Jackson understands fans leaving early, “I probably would have”


Browns fans have seen enough bad football over the years to know what to do when the home team goes down 31-0 before the end of the third quarter.

They headed home in plenty of time for Sunday dinner, leaving patches of empty seats to watch the Browns avoid a shutout against the Bengals with a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game. The sight of the exodus from the stadium was hard to miss from the Browns sideline and coach Hue Jackson said after the game that he could understand why so many headed for the doors.

“It pains me. It does,” Jackson said, via “I see it all. I saw everything here today because we all want to give them what they deserve. We didn’t today. I understand our fans leaving. I probably would have, too. We weren’t playing good enough. I respect that. Hopefully, they’ll be back next week. We have a big game against New York. I know our guys. We are going to go back to work on Monday, and they are going to get ready to play a big time game here at home. We need to give our fans and our football team what they deserve, which is an opportunity to win. That’s what we are trying to do.”

There was hope coming into the season that the Browns had made progress after overhauling their roster the last two years, but signs of it were hard to find on Sunday. Jackson didn’t argue when asked if the loss represented a step backward for the team.

“I can see you saying that about today,” Jacksons said. “We got beat soundly in every phase, but we are going to work. I’m not going to let this tram go backwards. We did today. There’s no question about that. We have some work to do. I think to a man in there, we’ll go back to work. We’ll put our heads down and get better.”

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones said after Sunday’s game that he doesn’t know if Jackson “has enough to win” when discussing the Browns’ talent. Jackson wouldn’t comment on if the Browns’ process of stockpiling draft picks and young players is working when asked after the game. Whatever Jackson might say, it would be hard to make that kind of argument after a fourth straight loss and the familiar sight of dejected fans shuffling off before the final whistle.

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  1. Sashi should be fired after this year. His pathetic attempt at money ball is back firing disastrously! You poor, poor people of Cleveland. Time to put your focus into your Indians and move on from the browns.

  2. I don’t get the surprise. They basically pulled an NFL version of the Sixers. They loaded up on young players and picks. But a lot of those picks have yet to be made, and a lot of those young guys still have a lot of learning to do

    IMO, this plan will eventually turn into a better team (not saying that it was the best way to go either), but unfortunately for Jackson, that team probably won’t be put together until after he is fired

  3. The problem is that Sashi and FO crew really are on a 3-5yr timeline. But no one else works that way. If they win only 2 or 3 games this year (fingers crossed) they’re all on a hot seat. You have to produce more quickly than the FO is planning. The pitch forks and torches are already coming out and they’re 1/4 the way through season 2. They’ve got to start producing this year. They have to look competent, like they’re progressing. THIS year. Cutting Haden and Gary Barnidge and trading Damario Davis, these are team leaders if not exceptional players. The FO is still tearing DOWN. They need to start building UP with more than just rooks and picks.

    I really do like a lot of the guys they brought in and drafted. But they stranded them on islands before they’re ready. They’ve neglected the translation.

  4. Jackson can only do so much with what little talent he has. They better give him at least three years and hope the front office can turn some of those picks into talent on the field. If not, the front office needs to be fired.

  5. I think Hue should stay, but he should be Offensive Coordinator. Bring in a REAL head coach and this team could be scary. I love him, but he’s in over his head.

  6. There’s an assumption being made as part of the overall equation that the right people are in place to pick the talent and that the right person is in place to put together a staff to coach them.

    I’m just a focus group of one, but I’m not convinced.

  7. Time to eliminate the Cleveland franchise for good. Maybe even get rid of the original one which is in Baltimore – both are rancid.

  8. Yeah Sashi. 3-5 year time line. Keep telling your boss that and keep acting like you’re the smartest guys in the room. You win the trophy for number of players drafted. Have a parade and celebrate!

  9. To the immediate eye test you can see that Cleveland has had 11 1st round draft picks in only the last 6 years. That’s a potential godsend of playmaker, game changer talents. That includes Brandon Weeden (That ship has sailed and sank),Trent Richardson (ship crashed in port before christening), Barkevious Mingo (traded to N.E. for a 5th round draft pick), Johnny Manziel (ship died of alcohol poisoning upon christening with a wine bottle), Justin Gilbert (washed out of the NFL), Cameron Erving ( traded to the Chiefs for a fifth-round pick), Danny Shelton (*103 tackles – 1.5 sacks*), Corey Coleman (*475 yards rec/w 4 TDs*). It’s too soon to to get a feel for 2017 1st rounders Myles Garrett (who has yet to see the field), and Jabrill Peppers. But there is enough evidence to show that with opportunities abound to draft franchise cornerstones, upper management has failed horribly. JMHO

  10. Seriously… it’s NOT the COACHES job to put together a winnng game plan?

    Holy apologist Batman… who’s job IS IT?

    As bad as the Brown have been.. they’ve had PLENTY OF SHOTS at top talent. Stop the excuses.

  11. Exactly! EVERY expert on last year’s draft said Watson was the only one NFL ready coming out of college. So the Clowns instead traded down and took a loser from college whose own coach said he wasn’t ready. SOO many superstars were taken by other teams when the Clowns passed on them. I’m nauseated! Time to clean the management and coaching offices.

  12. Players like Hue because he’s a nice guy. Remember the famous Lombardi quote, “Nice guys finish last!” I’m supremely unimpressed with what’s he’s done for the Brown’s offense. No to OC!

  13. Agree! Sashi may be a smart lawyer. He sure as hell can’t judge talent! Look at the wide receives he drafted. Pitiful! Next time you need brain surgery, see if they can find a brilliant mathematician to do the job. Brains alone won’t get the job done.

  14. No team in a the NFL can win with a QB that can’t complete 50% of his passes. Hue hitched his wagon to a QB that is clearly not ready. Granted he’s not getting much help from his receivers, but the offense at least looks like it can operate when Hogan is playing.

  15. The biggest difference between Watson and Kizer’s situations is that Watson has talent all around him. Having a really solid team around you allows you to make rookie mistakes and recover from them in the same game. Watson doesn’t have the weight of the team on him, and because of that, he can relax and excel. Kizer has Duke Johnson and????? It was a coaching mistake to throw that poor kid to the wolves like this. It’s a management mistake to not have a lot more talent on that offense by now.

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