Jack Del Rio says Derek Carr had back spasms


Raiders quarterback Derek Carr exited Sunday’s loss to the Broncos after taking a knee to the back. After the game, coach Jack Del Rio expressed optimism regarding his quarterback.

Del Rio said Carr had back spasms, and that it’s “something that should be cleaned up quickly,” via Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

The coach added, however, that Carr will undergo “precautionary tests,” which could be regarded as mildly anonymous, given that if Carr was fine there would be no need for any type of tests.

The Raiders, now 2-2, host the Ravens next Sunday.

31 responses to “Jack Del Rio says Derek Carr had back spasms

  1. Chulishous,team & fan’s alike, tick tock, we go for the 3 game sweep …after you fill up on thanksgiving… You’ll be FED up with the bronco’s!!! Were sweeping this year,3xs in 2017,if you can’t hear it,LET ME TURN IT UP,c the hand….BC-WW

  2. What about the brain spasm Del Rio had on the fake punt? Or the one the punter had after the play?

  3. Jack had brain spasms not kicking that 48fg in the 1st half. Get points on board. Quiet the crowd and take momentum from the Broncos. Then we tie the game late in the 4th. This loss is on Jack.

  4. 3 out first 4 on the road with tough road games and they go 2-2. Now 3 out of 4 at home. About where I thought they would be. With this schedule, 10-6 is good. Need to see if Lynch can still play, jury still out on Lynch, hasn’t shown a lot other than the first game in Tennesee.

  5. Brandon in Northwest Suburbia says:
    October 1, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    That showed up while already warm and loose and coincidentally appeared right after getting kneed in the back? Uh…right. Sure, Jack. It was “spasms”.
    You obviously know absolutely nothing about back spasms, what causes them, or when they are likely to occur. Back spasms are not caused by not being loose or warmed up. Pulled or strained muscles are caused that way. They can occur anytime, for a number of reasons and they are, in fact, often triggered by a blow to the back.

  6. Raider fan for 37 years here. It needs to be said, Raiders new offensive coordinator has no business as an OC. Their offense is so predictable although it doesn’t help that cooper can’t even catch a cold.

  7. Who would could have guessed the true value of Bill Musgrave. We Raider fans were quick to hang him last year when the Raider offense at times looked stagnant. Here we are the next season with Todd Downing proclaiming that the Raider offense would be high flying having given Derek Carr more control of the offense. $125.000.000 man walks off the field with back spasms. Like most already knew the “Beast Mode” has passed and it’s more like 3rd string PR stunt gone wrong mode. Sadly the Ken Norton has proved that the Raiders hang on to bad coordinators for too long so we should know, Downing will be here for sometime to come. Here we were giving so much credit to Carr, Downing, and Del Rio. All along it was Musgrave.

  8. What a coincidence that since Carr refused to kneel with the offensive line he’s been sacked as many times in two games than he did all last year.

  9. I’m disappointed. I think the offensive line is letting derek carr down since he didn’t kneel with them. I want him to win a super bowl but the offensive line seems to give up on protecting him. Protests aside, this season sucks. The teams who were supposed to dominate are really bad.

  10. slick50kc says:
    October 1, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    The Chiefs own the West until further notice.


    how can that be? they only won it 9 times

  11. I think the offensive line is letting derek carr down since he didn’t kneel with them. .

    That is insane. Are they also not opening holes for Lynch because he did join them? When given time, is the ball overthrowing itself to wideouts?

    The whole team is a bit off, sadly the rookie OC is going through some serious growing pains now – it looks like defenses have figured him out and he needs to adjust, STAT.

  12. EJ looked better anyway…..might as well name him the starter and admit they overpaid a guy who has won no playoff games

  13. Raiders are just in a funk… They will still be Superbowl contenders when it’s all said and done. Look at Patriots they could of easily lost last week and be on a 2 game losing streak…Nobody expects them not to be a contender. Raiders will be fine. They almost beat Denver with a backup QB….

  14. Raiders will be fine this week. One TD should be more than enough to win. My Ravens are coming to town. And we have Zero, I repeat, ZERO offense.
    15 guys on IR. Our OL is like a turnstile.

  15. slick50kc says:
    October 1, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    The Chiefs own the West until further notice.
    Newsflash. Denver has won the West 5 of he last six seasons. Oh yeah, throw a Lombardi in their too. Chiefs, not so much.

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