Jets say it’s time to start respecting them

Getty Images

Sunday’s overtime victory over the Jaguars wasn’t always pretty, but it was a win and the Jets are now 2-2 with a quarter of the season in the books.

That’s not reason to start printing playoff tickets, but the Jets believe it is time for those who talked about an 0-16 season to start eating some of their words. Cornerback Morris Claiborne said that teams can’t “think you’re just going to push us over” and wide receiver Robby Anderson shared a similar sentiment while noting that there are still 12 games left on the schedule.

“When the game takes twists and turns, I think we’re developing that mindset of not letting that affect us,” Anderson said, via “I think we’re starting to prove some people wrong. They’ve got to start to respect us. We’ve still got a long way to go.”

One can find flaws with the Jets without digging too deeply, but the old saying goes that you are what your record says you are. Right now, it says that the Jets are a lot more competitive than most people thought they would be and a win in Cleveland next weekend would say that they’re a winning team.