Joe Flacco: I sucked

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The Ravens lost 26-9 to the Steelers on Sunday, which means they’ve been outscored 70-16 over the last two weeks while dropping to 2-2 on the season.

Quarterback Joe Flacco was 31-of-49 for 235 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions this week and that led him to make a succinct assessment of his play.

I sucked. It wasn’t good,” Flacco said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun.

Flacco’s numbers were better than they were against the Jaguars in Week Three, but that doesn’t make his read on Sunday’s outing any less accurate. The Ravens were still breathing down 10 in the fourth quarter when a pair of Flacco interceptions all but turned out the lights on their hopes of coming back.

Quarterback is not the only issue with the Ravens right now. Flacco isn’t getting much help from his receivers, offensive line or running game, but it’s impossible to avoid how little production they’ve gotten from their most important offensive position.Ryan Mallett seems unlikely to lead to better results, so it’s hard to see anything they can do about it other than hope that Flacco can turn things around in the coming weeks.

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  1. Usually what happens when team doesn’t bring in a competent backup when the starter comes into the season with a serious back injury. Flacco has been regressing for 3 years and Ravens refuse to bring in a competent backup.

  2. He continually plays this bad, and the best anyone can do is “we’re stuck with him”???? No you’re not!!! The answer to “who else are we going to get” is: Anyone else!! You really think it would be that hard to find a guy to be the 31st best QB in the league (personally I’d take Kizer over Joe)??? Signing Kap to replace him makes too much sense. Instead of doing a town hall meeting with a group of redneck fans, Bisciotti should just take the plunge and save he season!

  3. Maybe they are feeling the effects from kneeling in London for the anthem and standing for a foreign anthem. That Suggs is really just a big teddy bear!! That must be it!

  4. Brady lost today as well, however his stats were:
    Tom Brady 32/45 307yards 6.8ypa 2td 0int 80.2qbr 104.6rtg

    The Patriots defense has much to answer for. Flacco has done a fine job of pinpointing his team’s issue.

  5. They ARE stuck with him. In a very serious way. The cap hit would be crippling, they have no successor, and would be unable to trade him without eating a lot of his salary. At this point the best they could do is bring in someone to try and fix him until they’re able to move on from him. Not this season though. This season is a waste. They went defense and running game this offseason, and don’t do either one that well. Ozzie and Harbs made the bed they’re in.

  6. The Raven’s and Flacco’s spark was extinguished when Ray Lewis retired. Harbaugh and retread coaching staff are never innovative and are very predictable. Time to clean house.

  7. Tony Romo could walk down from the booth , toos a uni on and be better than 90% of the QB’s in the NFL

  8. Yes you could have been more accurate, Yes you should not panic when under pressure, make a poor decision, or throw a bad pass. It seems that since your knee injury you are scared to take a hit. That being said your line isn’t giving you time and your receivers have trouble catching.

    What does it mean when the two best offense players are a running back off the practice squad and a free agent tight end coming off an Achilles injury?

  9. Nofoolnodrool says:
    October 1, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    yes you did

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    Ya he sucked like the Pat’s defense….lol.


    Don’t worry they will still be good enough to beat Tomlin and the Steelers. Say how about the hissy for Antonio Brown threw today?

  10. The problem with Flacco is that he has NEVER been better than good.

    He is really as he is now – and that is mediocre and incompetent – and I am so enjoying the fall of the Baltimore Murdering Black Birds.

  11. this was not unexpected but we usually play the Steelers closer. But injuries have doomed this team to another non playoff season. In my opinion Harbaugh and Newsome should be on the hot seat, letting guys like KO, who they will face next week, go. All this in order to pay one Joe Flacco who is playing worse than the average Joe. They are gonna have to turn the page on this guy and find another more mobile qb (Baker Mayfield) in the draft or someone in free agency. This season is looking like another long one for us Raven fans.

  12. Flacco has been and always will mediocre, with flashes of very limited great thrown in. I think they need to bring Woodrum up and let him start getting some garbage time and see if he can be a successor.

  13. This guy has sucked his entire career. Good defense and Ray Rice taking dump offs 20+ yards masked what has always been a polished turd.

    Ravens need to move on from this guy, he is a back up at this point.

  14. So, the notion that Flacco has never played the QB position well is just absurd. You don’t get ‘bailed out’ by everyone else again and again en route to the best-ever playoff run in QB history. And the Ravens D was a shell of its former self during that 2012 run, Flacco was carrying them if anything. You may recall the D very nearly let the niners come back to win that Super Bowl.

    THAT SAID- I’m sick and tired of Flacco. I do believe he can be better than this, but I also believe the conditions have to be just right. The guy does not seem to improve the players around him, and if things aren’t going well then he turns into stone. His back may be messed up, but the way this team is built, he needs to be the dude rallying the young backups to rise to the occasion. Working the sideline, keeping guys heads up- he doesn’t ever do any of that. His teammates also don’t seem to really believe it at this point either.

    He’s right, he does currently suck, and he’s got a lot of Ravens fans like myself about to bail on him altogether. Instead of drafting nothing but defensive players, this team could really use a hungry young mobile QB on the bench to press the situation.

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