Larry Fitzgerald touchdown gives Cardinals an overtime win over 49ers


A boring field goal fest in Arizona had a spectacular finish, as a Larry Fitzgerald leaping touchdown pass gave the Cardinals a thrilling overtime victory.

The Cardinals’ 18-15 victory came with less than a minute remaining in the 10-minute overtime session, and came after Cardinals receiver John Brown had previously appeared to score a spectacular game-winning touchdown of his own. But the official on the field ruled Brown out of bounds, and the league office ruled that there was no conclusive replay angle that could overturn that ruling. FOX did not have a camera close enough to the sideline to give a definitive look, but it sure seemed like Brown caught the ball.

But no matter: Fitzgerald’s touchdown sealed it for Arizona, which improves to 2-2 while San Francisco falls to 0-4.

Until that great touchdown, it hadn’t been much of a game: Each team kicked four field goals to make it 12-12 at the end of regulation, and the 49ers kicked their fifth field goal of the game to take a 15-12 lead in overtime. Only at the end did it get exciting — but that ending was great.

Tyrann Mathieu had a big game for the Cardinals, with 12 solo tackles, two of which were behind the line of scrimmage, and a sack. The Cardinals did a solid job of holding the 49ers’ offense in check.

The 49ers are, unsurprisingly, a last place team. They knew they had a rebuilding effort ahead of them, and today’s loss was another reminder of that. The Cardinals, however, are hoping they can put together one more winning season with Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer. They got a big win today.

9 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald touchdown gives Cardinals an overtime win over 49ers

  1. The Cardinals play their best in the no huddle, pass heavy offense. They should just do that on five drives a game. It’s the only way to compensate for their injury-riddled offensive line. Oh and this game would have never gone to overtime if Palmer had not thrown another re zone pick. He is clearly troubled by the poor offensive line play.

  2. Once again… bad QB play from Hoyer! He lost us that game. We should have kept the rookie QB in! We will never win without a good QB and I am not saying pay Cousins money that he is not worth. I say, put the youngster in there and let him take his lumps! Let’s take that 3rd round pick out for a spin and let’s see what it can do!

  3. A total crap-fest of field goals, turnovers, penalties, dropped balls and boneheaded plays by two very mediocre football teams that aren’t going anywhere.
    Got to give it up to Larry F., however. All class, and still a fair amount of skills.

  4. I actually thought it was an entertaining game. Lots of deep balls, hard runs, and solid D.

    This game couldn’t have played out any better for the Niners IMO. Clearly showed signs of progress, played entertaining football, threw the ball, almost won but still came one step closer to a top pick.

  5. I’ve never been a Cardinals fan,
    but man, Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best reasons to watch NFL football.
    He is what the game is about.

  6. I watched the Seahawks game and highlights from the Texans game. Without a very mobile QB you are not going very far. This has been the Cards problem and Arians can’t seem to get the New NFL. Yes he has some brilliant players but will only get to mid level at best. Gabbert is mobile but probably won’t get a chance to play. This team will be very lucky to get to 8 and 8

  7. Not true ^^^.

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Kurt Warner aren’t mobile and all have had far more success than mobile QBs. They overcame defenses with intelligence, powerful offensive lines, and superior scheme/play calling when the offensive line play is subpar.

  8. The Offensive Line is going to get Palmer killed. He is playing out of his mind, considering he is sometimes getting sacked two steps into a five-step drop. 17 sacks in 4 games? 16 QB hits in 1 game? Show me a QB that makes it through a whole season at that rate. Yikes!

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