NFL applauds Zeke Elliott, a day before their next court date

Getty Images

On Monday, the NFL renews its quest to remove Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott from the field. On Sunday, the NFL celebrated Elliott’s accomplishments on the field in a game that, if the NFL had its way, Elliott wouldn’t have played.

HAVE A DAY @EzekielElliott!” was the message on the league’s official Twitter page, heralding to its 24.1 million followers Elliott’s 25 touches, 85 rushing yards, 54 receiving yards, and two touchdowns in a loss to the Rams.

“Have a day in court @EzekielElliott!” should be the next tweet from the NFL’s official account, because the NFL’s official legal team will see Elliott’s legal team in New Orleans on Monday, as the NFL tries to dismiss Elliott’s federal case and immediately implement the six-game suspension imposed under the Personal Conduct Policy.