O.J. Simpson is released from prison


They claimed he’d be out as soon as Monday. He’s out a day earlier than that.

Eight minutes after Simpson became eligible to be released, the Nevada authorities released him.

Via the Associated Press, Nevada prisons spokesperson Brooke Keast said Simpson was released, but had no other information about his status.

“I don’t have any information on where he’s going,” Keast said, also adding that she doesn’t know who picked him up at the prison.

The claim that he’d be released as soon as Monday apparently was about keeping a horde of media away from the prison gates. And it worked.

“We needed to do this to ensure public safety and to avoid any possible incident,” Keast said.

While actual “incidents” may not occur, Simpson surely will attract media attention and fascination, unless he wants to remain underground and successfully keeps himself out of the public eye. On one hand, there’s plenty of money for the 70-year-old to make by giving interviews, signing autographs, and making appearances; on the other hand, much of it will end up in the bank accounts of the estate of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, due to the multi-million-dollar civil verdict against him from 20 years ago.