Panthers take halftime lead, as Cam Newton warms up


The Panthers have rebounded nicely after a slow start in New England, and Cam Newton has cleaned up a sloppy start.

Since a long interception/arm-punt, Newton has led them to back-to-back touchdown drives, as they lead 17-16 at halftime.

Newton’s 8-of-8 passing for 137 yards and two touchdowns since his ugly start, hitting open receivers. That hasn’t always been a given, as he looked extremely rusty the first three weeks of the season.

Of course, there are plenty of open receivers, as the Patriots last-in-the-league defense continues to leak. A number of Panthers targets were wide open, and the Patriots defenders were getting quite a scolding just before halftime.

The Panthers have some injury concerns, as safety Kurt Coleman (knee) and wide receiver Damiere Byrd (arm) have left the game.

7 responses to “Panthers take halftime lead, as Cam Newton warms up

  1. The Patriots defense couldn’t stop a high school team right now. The Panthers looked great throwing to wide open receivers. It’s unfortunate for the Panthers that they have a few injuries on their side.

  2. If you eliminate run after catch yardage, NE is averaging just over 2 yards per completion. If you calculate yds passing per attempt, NE is averaging 1.3 air yards per passing attempt. That is pathetic in today’s NFL

  3. .
    Newton had been struggling, but you always have to beware of a QB who’s proven himself before.

  4. At this point I wouldn’t trust our secondary to guard a junkyard. Brady has been carrying the team for weeks and when that eventually doesn’t work he will be blamed. But the changes will happen elsewhere.

  5. People might not want to admit it but the pats aren’t all that good overall. The offense is fine, the defense stinks.

    If they weren’t in the AFC east they’d be competing for a Wildcard spot with 4-5 other teams.

  6. As a Panther fan, I’m not ready to claim Cam Newton is back in MVP form. The Pats pass coverage is a mess and think about every starting QB in the NFL can put up big numbers on them. It’s a start and good to see Cam doing some of the things he did in 2015, but lets see what happens in Detroit next week before doing cartwheels.

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