Ravens get booed for kneeling before anthem, stand during it


The Ravens all stood during the playing of the national anthem on Sunday, but there was still booing during the pregame activities in Baltimore.

Following in the footsteps of the Cowboys from last Monday night, the Ravens took a knee as a team before the playing of the national anthem and then rose during the playing of the song. The team’s decision to kneel without the song playing drew boos from the crowd at M&T Bank Stadium.

Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com reports that there was also a stadium announcement asking “for everyone to pray as a nation to embrace kindness, justice, unity and equality.”

The Steelers, who drew a lot of attention for their approach to the anthem last week, stood on the sideline while the song was playing this time around.

39 responses to “Ravens get booed for kneeling before anthem, stand during it

  1. This feels like the day ben roethlisberger suffers a season ending injury… or… just writhes around in some over the top dramatic fashion performed to get sympathy for his eroding skills.

  2. So let me get this straight, they boo u if you kneel during the anthem AND they boo yo if you kneel BEFORE the anthem? My goodwill they boo you if you kneel AFTER the anthem? During WARM-UPS? AFTER the game? can’t please anybody.When I go 2 a game I never even think about who is sitting or singing and who has hand on heart because I only worry about myself.PPL get a life!!!

  3. Unity and Equality? What the hell is this a cult country? Individuality and freedom TRUMP that nonsense. People are sissies nowadays.

  4. *players kneel during anthem, crowd boos*
    Don’t disrespect our flag!

    *players kneel and stand for the anthem, crowd still boos*
    Don’t take a knee stick to football!

  5. When the Ravens said they were kneeling in prayer, you know they spit on GOD today! Where was the kneeling in prayer before two weeks ago.
    You think the whole team found God and a profound need to kneel uhum protest before the game in two weeks since this started. If you believe that I have some insurance to sell you

  6. The NFL is slowly falling apart and when the salary cap goes down because of revenue sharing the players will know they caused it.
    It is clear the fans paying hundreds each for ticket, food, parking etc are not happy with players stance on the national anthem hence the boos. Roger better get a grip on this or the NFL will start losing Sponsors and commercial revenue etc.

  7. Prior to the Ravens kneeling, the anouncer referenced “Many differing opinions across the country.” Based on the unified reaction from the crowd, I’d say there is only one opinion coming from the fans.

  8. Good. Keep booing these losers. Cant wait to see the drop in revenue and hope they attempt to strike lmao..its comin…kneel all u want …karma comin

  9. Don’t just boo them, stop going to the games too! Stop watching the games. The NFL and Owners don’t care what the fans think until it hits them in the wallet.

  10. No reports of booing last week and no reports of fans burning merchandise, at least we finally have some honesty in reporting instead of propaganda.

  11. doctorrustbelt says:

    October 1, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    This feels like the day ben roethlisberger suffers a season ending injury… or… just writhes around in some over the top dramatic fashion performed to get sympathy for his eroding skills

    Or the continual demise of Average Joe Flacco. Or the continuance of Ravens fans booing this anemic, hobbled team for a multitude of reasons.

  12. truthdispensary says:
    October 1, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Not complicated

    1) National Apology
    2) Hand over the heart

    And fire Goodell.

  13. What game are you enjoying during the anthem…the game hasn’t started yet. People are just arriving to their seats in some cases, so game are you enjoying. Someone said keep religion out of football, so when someone gets hurt, players shouldn’t take a knee and pray for the well being of that man….Wake up people and have some unseeing and compassion. Most people don’t care about situations unless it happening to them…and that both cruel and wrong. How will this country ever come together as one people on nation under God if we can’t put yourselves in the shoes of another person…My God wake these lost souls the hell up!

  14. Maybe we need to get rid of that amendment thing where it says something about freedom of expression.

  15. Ok. Everyone, just for ONE SECOND, forget what side of this argument you are on and ponder this: In the NFL if you want to protest social injustice kneeling before or during the national anthem is largely encouraged, right? In high school or college, if you want to kneel before or during the anthem (and sometimes kneeling for prayer after a game), you get dropped from the team or even fired for “expressing your first amendment right?” How are we supposed to resolve this issue when no one knows what is an acceptable time for prayer or protest?

  16. This is all bs. Nationalistic fervor and Flag chest thumping destroys nation’s. Just ask Hitler and the German people! We are about the Constution not the anthem or the flag.Read it you morons.

  17. I have not watched an NFL game since this “protesting” started. The NFL needs to tell the players that they are employed to play football, not make political statements, and if they have a problem with that they can find work elsewhere. We do have the right to free speech in this country, but that does not mean that there will not be any consequences of exercising those rights. The NFL teams would be well within their rights as private employers to bench, suspend, or fire players who kneel during the anthem. I think that no team hiring Kaepernick is a good start, but they need to do more. You have little kids starting to mimic this disrespectful behavior of their idols without even understanding what they are doing or why. Most of the players that are kneeling can not even express a clear reason why they are doing this or exactly what it is they are protesting. It has become almost like a fad for the players to kneel and no one want to be the odd man out by not joining in, even when they have no idea why they are kneeling. This disrespectful behavior needs to stop before I will watch or attend another NFL game or spend one dime that supports the NFL in any way.

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