Saints shut out Dolphins in penalty-filled mess in London


Today’s game in London was not the NFL putting its best foot forward for the U.K. fan base.

The Saints beat the Dolphins 20-0 in an ugly, penalty-filled game that featured Ed Hochuli more prominently than any of the players on either team. The game was a mess of mistakes on both sides.

For the Dolphins, the season to date has been a disaster. First they were forced out of Miami by Hurricane Irma, then they traveled to Los Angeles, to New York and on to London. Those travel issues have to wear a team down.

But there are other issues, starting with the quarterback. Jay Cutler, signed in a desperate attempt to keep the season alive after the loss of Ryan Tannehill, played his second consecutive lousy game. It’s fair to ask whether Cutler is really any better than Matt Moore. If he’s not, the Dolphins made a big mistake in signing him.

As for the Saints, their defense has now stepped up and played well two weeks in a row after looking like the worst defense in the NFL in the first two games of the season. If the Saints’ defense can be decent this year, their offense should be enough to win a lot of games, and perhaps contend for the playoffs. At 2-2, the Saints are right in the thick of things.

But the 1-2 Dolphins have a lot of work to do. They’ve been a mess two weeks in a row.

36 responses to “Saints shut out Dolphins in penalty-filled mess in London

  1. Brits keep coming back for the worst that the NFL has to offer over and over. Maybe they do deserve their own team.

  2. It’s a good thing the Dolphins signed Cutler. That’s really made the difference for their offense over what Moore would have given them in what was going to be a lost season either way because the late signing QB in the off-season has never worked ever and certainly wasn’t going to with such a bad one like Cutler.

  3. How is that far superior OL in New Orleans AD? 4 runs, 3 yards. Not only is our OL 20x better in Minnesota, any QB we put out there plays better than Brees.

    I’m calling it now, AD will be cut by mid season, and GB will pick him up. Hey, 4 runs and 3 yards is a upgrade on that GB team.

  4. Horrible performance for sure, and at 1-2 it’s still a long season. As a fan I’m disgusted for sure. But to put this on Cutler is unfair. He has had some nice drives only to get ruined by penalties or bad play. Thomas should of never allowed that int in the end zone. Go up for that ball!!! It’s a case route and you are 6 foot 5!!! Terrible effort on his part. Perhaps he needs to be benched in favor of Fasano to send a message. The OL is most of the problem. LG and RG are not playing well at all.
    Miami D is playing well with the exception of the DBs. Can still turn it around but Gase needs to get his play calling in order as well. Some of this has to fall on him. Cutler was 20 for 28 and usually that is a decent game. Not great but decent. Maybe the travel has effected them and they aren’t using that as an excuse?!?
    I just hope the team is behind Gase decision to bring in Cutler vs just going to Moore. On the outside it appears they are but it’s possible the locker room is lacking a true leader to get in everyone’s face and get them all on the same page.

  5. dolphins fans were warned about cutler

    what a disaster


    goodell trying to sell this product overseas?

    good luck with your leverage in the next cba

    the union has a great chance to take him down

    no negotiation unless he is fired

  6. Miami is a dumpster fire. The fish don’t have a NFL QB. They haven’t found a replacement for Marino. How long has Marino been retired? I’m too lazy to look it up! And where is that ‘great’ defensive line with all the free agent money Miami invested in it?
    Fire sale is imminent!

  7. 7 penalties against the phins when it was a one score ballgame. Just 1 penalty when saints went up by 10. CUTLER played decent. 2 scores taken away in first half by terrible calls and a couple to aid the Saints for their 1st score.

  8. How long is it going to take for London to start getting upset with quality of play?

  9. Saints flying under the radar right now. Lots of good young players, defense getting better, getting healthy and playing in an overrated division with Tampa Bay not ready for prime time, Carolina pathetic on offense, and overrated Falcons who should be 1-2 and are losing today to Buffalo.

  10. The issue is more than quarterback. Gase has his offense so predictable. He calls the plays so why not try passing to a back on first down to not be so predictable. The book on defensing the Dolphins this season is stop the running game. The passing game will not beat the opposition.

  11. Well done Saints for the win, but one note of caution, don’t get to excited about your defence just yet. A couple of good games against the Panthers and our limp offence does not make you good just yet. Wait a couple more weeks and see how you perform against an offence that goes forward and not in reverse.

  12. Jarvis Landry is the most targeted receiver for the Dolphins this season. He also runs no faster than a linebacker who can easily cover him. Then tackle him on a short pass thrown. There is very little separation with a Landry route. The running game is stopped because Gase is so not keeping the defenses off balance with his play calling. Gase needs to sit himself down! It’s not going to happen and the Dolphins are not going anywhere. They were lucky to win one game!

  13. How did the o-line get so bad? You can’t blame Cutler and Ajai until you fix the problems along the line.

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