Todd Gurley has career day in living up to his promise


Running back Todd Gurley vowed a week ago the Rams would “whoop up” on the Cowboys. When asked after the Rams’ 35-30 victory if Los Angeles had lived up to his promise, Gurley laughed.

“We didn’t quite whoop up on them,” Gurley told Jori Epstein of the Dallas Morning News. “But we got the win. We got the win, and it wasn’t just any win. It’s America’s Team. Everybody was watching.”

Maybe the Rams’ five-point victory didn’t qualify as a “whooping,” but Gurley definitely put a “whooping” on the Dallas defense.

He had 121 rushing yards and 94 receiving yards, with the 215 yards from scrimmage the most of his three-year career. He became the first Rams player with 200-plus yards from scrimmage since Dec. 12, 2008, when Steven Jackson had 215 yards from scrimmage against Atlanta.

“We have a lot of guys who can do a lot of things,” said Gurley, who had a 53-yard receiving touchdown. “Tavon [Austin], he is a mini-running back now, I guess I am a mini-receiver.

“Just to be able to have that diversity in our offense and being able to do pass, run, pass, run. That means a lot for us.”

Cowboys weakside linebacker Sean Lee didn’t play Sunday, but defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli refused to make excuses. Instead, he credited Gurley.

“Hell of a player,” Marinelli said. “We knew that going into it. We knew this guy is a terrific back, and we’ve got to play our gaps. We got knocked out of gaps. Give them credit.”