Antonio Brown has “no regrets” for sideline outburst

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Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown lost his temper in the second quarter of Sunday’s win over the Ravens when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw an incomplete pass to running back Le'Veon Bell on a play that saw Brown running free in the middle of the field.

Brown went to the sideline, knocked over a Gatorade bucket and pushed offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s away after Haley put it on his shoulder while trying to talk. After the game, Brown said that he had “no regrets” and that “you just get a little frustrated” when things don’t go as expected.

“We won the game today. … It’s like a kid being excited for Christmas,” Brown said, via the Ravens website. “You work on it. You’re expecting that play on that day. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, and you move on.”

The rest of the team also downplayed any fallout from Brown’s outburst with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger calling Brown “very passionate” and saying that all is “fine now.”

Brown caught four passes for 34 yards a few days after Roethlisberger said he thought he’s been “zoning in” on Brown too much in the opening weeks of the season. He completed passes to five other players in Sunday’s win, which featured Le’Veon Bell running 35 times to lead the way on offense.

33 responses to “Antonio Brown has “no regrets” for sideline outburst

  1. let me guess…. contract year need good stats to drive up his price….

    Last’s years stunt wasn’t enough to teach this diva???

  2. Yeah I don’t give a crap, it’s just frustration at leaving a touchdown on the field. He’s still the best wr in football in part because of how much he wants to be the best. Nobody outworks Antonio Brown. Besides, Gatorade tastes terrible. At least no one has to drink it now.

    Go Steelers!

  3. I looked all over for any video of Larry Fitzgerald throwing a tantrum before OT in that game. Never found any. I wonder why? Class is my guess. He has it, Brown does not.

  4. They missed him on a wide-open play, which would have resulted in a touchdown and would have ultimately given his team a larger lead. The result was the Steelers had to punt. Heck ya, he’s mad. It’s an emotional game played by a bunch of alpha males. Guys get upset and do irrational things all the time, it’s the nature of the beast. It has nothing to do with class or any other type of crap that you guys make it out to be, it’s about winning and giving your team the best chance to succeed. Not every receiver and person has the same personality, some guys wear their emotions on their sleeve and it’s what propels them to be great.

  5. I give him a break. As much as I hate his antics, there is not another WR in the game that works at his craft as much as Brown. He is selfish at times, but I’ll let it slide because he has the work ethic and drive to he the best. He just wants the stats to show that and gets mad when they are left on the field. Let him throw a Gatorade container. As long as he keeps making incredible catches and making DBs look silly.

  6. “rideforjesus says…
    let me guess…. contract year need good stats to drive up his price….”

    Instead of guessing, why not check? The fact is, he signed a $73 million 5-year contract in February. Not a contract year.

  7. he was sort of open on that play, it would have been tough for ben to set his feet and make that throw with the rush in his face, the DBs knew that and weddle bit on the crossing route

    and btw- that streak of 5 catches and 50 yards has been broken twice by the ravens

    jimmy smith eats antonio brown alive

  8. You can’t win with guys like this…he showed up his QB in a selfish, childish outburst. I wonder how Brown would react if the QB threw a temper tantrum every time Brown dropped a ball, or ran the wrong route…its bush league and confirms his me-first attitude. You apologists making excuses for him because “he’s so competitive” must think nobody else on the field wants to win.

  9. Typical Steelers BS….starts at the top with ownership….They pay a WR who may or may not get the ball depending on where Ben Roxenburg is looking….but won’t pay Leveon Bell…. who’s far more important to their offense than Brown…I demand the Media start calling out the Steelers more for this classless behavior…

  10. @theandy Well sadly, Brown rarely drops any balls and there’s proof of that on Pro Football Focus, he’s also one of the best route-runners in the league and is arguably the hardest worker in the NFL. Wanting to propel your team to victory and not wanting to miss out on opportunities to put points on the board, isn’t new in the NFL. It’s a game where every point matters and missing open targets like that could be the difference between a win and a loss. Nothing bush league about it, it’s an emotional game, guys want to win at all costs and they get upset, it’s the nature of the beast. From a lot of you guys’ responses, it’s easy to tell you’ve never played competitive sports or were good at any. Things happen in the heat of the moment all the time.

  11. mvberry says:

    October 2, 2017 at 11:47 am

    “rideforjesus says…
    let me guess…. contract year need good stats to drive up his price….”

    Instead of guessing, why not check? The fact is, he signed a $73 million 5-year contract in February. Not a contract year.

    Sarcasm….. I know he signed a new contract……

  12. No regrets after an outburst like that? That is alarming but not surprising. Coaches should hand out baby pacifiers for the guys that throw tantrums. One shot of that on national TV and sportscenter replays and most of these me first guys will stop their whining.

  13. Love the guy who commented you can’t win with guys like this, they literally won this game lol also I’d rather have him get mad and throw a Gatorade container than not care at all, you only get that mad about something if you truly care and he does his play speaks for itself he can act however he wants he’s not hurting anyone but everyone keeps trying to make a bigger story out of these things than there actually is

  14. I’d love to see some sort of investigative report sometime but I’m guessing Wide Receivers have a higher than average estrogen count compared to any other position on the team.

  15. Meh. Dude got caught on camera flipping a Gatorade bucket? BFD. I’ve seen Brady throw tantrums quite often. Saw Philip Rivers absolutely flip his spit yesterday. Much ado about nothing.

    AB is a class act off the field and a top producer on it. I was at the game in Chicago the week before and saw him run free down the sideline, wide open, in similar fashion and Ben went a different direction. Dude gets open. His frustration got the better of him for a moment and he flipped for a few seconds. Then he moved on.

    Again, BFD.

  16. Why don’t people get this up and arms when they see Brady berate his teammates and throw tantrums on the sidelines or when Philip Rivers pulls what he did yesterday? Or better yet when Belichick breaks his Ipad. What’s the difference exactly?

  17. Lolz at all the haters jumping in to add their dribble.

    Truth is Antonio made a great read on what the
    Ravens D was doing, adjusted his route and
    was wide open. Too bad Ben didn’t see him
    for the easy completion and possible score.

    Antonio will probably be disciplined by
    Tomlin behind closed doors, and they will
    move on from it. You just wont hear about it.
    It’s how it should be handled, internally.

  18. No regrets? Gee, if I was losing it like that on the sidelines I would have a few regrets. Great player, but needs to grow up.

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