Chargers growing frustrated with their home-field disadvantage

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The Eagles certainly didn’t mind having so many fans in the stands for a road game yesterday.

As you might imagine, the alleged home team didn’t share such a charitable view.

The frustration among the Chargers seemed evident after they lost to the Eagles to fall to 0-4 in front of a crowd that didn’t seem to mind.

According to Jack Wang of the Orange County Register, a voice from inside the Chargers locker room yelled “Sixteen away-game season! Every game’s an away game!” after yesterday’s game.

Speaking one at a time, players tried to tread carefully, knowing there’s no need to alienate the (few) fans they do have in the Los Angeles area. Quarterback Philip Rivers, who has always been known for his great emotional restraint, chose his words carefully when asked if the team has squandered three early home games.

“Yeah, answering in that context, certainly,” Rivers said. “At the same time, I don’t think it’s — yeah, I better not. Yes, missed opportunity. I will stop.”

A follow-up question got Rivers to admit the crowd noise working against them was “certainly not ideal.”

“I don’t think, in a lot of ways, it compares to other teams having three home games,” he said. “Yeah, it’s tough.”

At least part of this is their own fault, as 4-0 teams are generally more popular than 0-4 ones.

“It’s sad when you’re home and it feels like it’s away,” running back Melvin Gordon. “When you’re 0-4, what can you expect?”

Until they get better at football or move into a stadium that allows traveling fans to be diluted by locals, the answer might be “not much.”

49 responses to “Chargers growing frustrated with their home-field disadvantage

  1. Wait until Raider week! It’s gonna be the Southern Cal Black Hole as that stadium will be drowning in a sea of silver and black!
    One Nation!

  2. should have stayed in SD in the old stadium and lived with it.
    just sad that SD does not have an NFL team anymore.

  3. The league should be embarrassed. The LA market isn’t worth allowing a team to play in that little tin stadium while requiring other cities to pony up big time for a stadium or lose the team. The league should have never approved this move. They are in a place where nobody wants them and they skipped town on the only fans they had.

  4. Is there a more despised owner in the NFL ?

    I don’t think so and that’s a hard crown to claim

  5. Not really surprising that the Chargers are reaping what they sow from spurning SD the way they did. Guess it’s not really worth it to be #2 in LA as opposed to being the only game in town now is it Spanos?

  6. I feel zero sympathy. The owner took them away from their fans.

    Philip Rivers crying on every play also doesn’t help my lack of sympathy. He whines more than any player Ive ever seen. He was screaming after almost every single play…

  7. Yeah, answering in that context, certainly,” Rivers said. “At the same time, I don’t think it’s [fair to consider these home games because the home crowd sucks]”
    (is what he has thinking)

    — yeah, I better not. Yes, missed opportunity. I will stop.”
    (was the smart boring answer)

  8. So a town that, historically, has not been able to keep one team is now going to support two? Jeez, you certainly don’t have to be a genius to own an NFL team, do you?

  9. Was the Murph that much different?

    I attended a Packers game there the Sunday before Irv Favre passed away, 2/3 of the stadium was full of Cheeseheads!

  10. aarons444 says:
    October 2, 2017 at 2:51 pm
    Was the Murph that much different?

    I attended a Packers game there the Sunday before Irv Favre passed away, 2/3 of the stadium was full of Cheeseheads!
    That was a function of SD being a travel destination city, and was always going to be an issue when hosting teams from cold weather climates. San Diego supported the Chargers, but now the team is playing in a location where there are almost NO fans.

  11. The Chargers are NOT 0-4. They are currently riding a 9 game losing streak, and are only 9-26 over their last 35 games. They have been in a nose dive for 3 years. They are not going to get better anytime soon. New coaches so far have delivered ZERO improvement. I think they expected the 15-18,000 OC/Inland Empire fans they claimed bought Qualcomm tickets, would be the bulk of the fans at Stubby. Based on ticket prices + parking, I suspect that didn’t happen. Expecting to get 70,000 or so up at the palace (more driving across LA) to pay for PSLs and tickets and parking – delusional.

  12. The one positive I can take away from this whole Spanos debacle is that now everyone is seeing what San Diego fans have had to deal with over the decades !

  13. This a HUGE tactical error on the part of the Spanos Family and the NFL. By all rights the Raiders should have been the team to move to LA but Kroenke had the $$ to build the stadium and would have felt truly threatened by the Raiders already existing fan base in the LA market.

    Marc Davis is now laughing all the way to the bank with Vegas and it’s the Chargers that get hosed. Spanos should have figured out a way to get a stadium built, this over reliance on public money is a joke and never results in the public making their money back.

    NFL bylaws prohibit an owner from putting the team up as collateral for loans, and that’s smart, so Spanos should have sold a piece of the team, or the whole team outright to someone who has the money to get a stadium built privately. Instead he’ll bleed for years because of this.

  14. The sad part is for the players and fans, neither of which decided to move the team. So saying that Spanos deserves this only mildly impacts him. It’s the players that are at a disadvantage especially the defense who could use the crowd noise to be a little quicker off of the snap and to make it more difficult for the offense to communicate.

  15. Don’t get me wrong on this, Spanos was a sell out moron to relocate the team to a city that didn’t want them to begin with. With that being said the Chargers didn’t have much of a home field advantage in San Diego in recent years either. I went to a few games and I dare say it was 50/50 if not 60/40 fans of the opposing teams. Just renovate Qualcomm and ship them back.

  16. This is what happens when you abandon a dedicated fanbase like the Chargers.

    If the Bills are ever forced out, expect something similar. When the team is that entrenched in the city, the fans dont follow when the team leaves

  17. What did Spanos expect? He snuck out of town like a thief in the middle of the night. Seats in StubyourtoeHub cost $250 and general parking is $100. This former Charger fan lives 3 miles from Qualcomm Stadium. My wife used to drop me off at the SDSU trolley transit station and I would take the trolley in to the stadium. Press level seats were half that of what he’s charging now for regular seating. I will never travel 3 hours up to Carson, in no traffic, to put money in Dean’s pocket. The rest of the former Chargers fans here in SD feel as I do. My only regret was not joining the guy who went down to the Chargers HQ in Murphy Canyon earlier this year to pelt it with eggs. So Dean and the team better get used to 3 and 3/4 more seasons of away games. I feel sorry for the players.

  18. Remember several years ago before any team had moved to LA and all the talk was about how the country’s second largest media market did not have an NFL team? All the talk about “where is the best place to build a stadium” and “do we move the Raiders, the Jaguars, the Vikings, or the Chargers to LA”. The one question I never saw asked was, “Do the people of Los Angeles want an NFL team in their city?” No one ever thought to ask that question.

  19. This move to LA was to increase the value of the team lol and now if Dean wants to sell the team it’s going to a fire sale ! No stadium, No fan base geez !!!

  20. Many, many people saw this coming. No excuses.

    Humble thyself, tuck tail & go back to SD. Even if you have to sell a piece of the team.

    Pride will likely make that difficult. T

  21. Spanos has dissvoled the entire local fan base in SD over the past few years, it became obvious when going to the games over the last several years. Before the relocation talk became serious and the team was actually winning consistently, The Murph was packed and loud with Charger fans for the most part even being a destination city. Ownership is getting back from the fan base exactly what he put into it, next to nothing…It’s just business Dean.

  22. few remember when the Chargers had training camp at Stub Hub in 2003 and 2004. i believe the first one drew less then 20 people.
    lesson not learned obviously

  23. Just like the Raiders were horrible till Al kicked the bucket. The Cardinals were terribad till Michael Bidwill took over as owner. San Diego will blow until Spanos croaks.

  24. Way more support in San Diego, but lets be honest…They were playing road games in San Diego as well. Raiders, Packers, Bears, Chiefs I saw all of their fans take over the Q.

  25. Rivers will demand a trade after this season. Bosa and Allen won’t resign with Chargers. No one will want to sign with that mess of a franchise. They have no shot landing any FAs after this season. Someone on that team is going to blow up and go off on the media before season’s end, guaranteed.

  26. spdy34 says:
    October 2, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    You’re literally ignoring 50 years of history to make an argument. This never happened until 2010-2011 when Spanos obviously began working on LA.

  27. What’s really sad is that it used to be only the Raiders’ fans who would do a complete takeover of Chargers games. Steelers, Green Bay, Cowboys, they would certainly show up in big numbers there in San Diego. But it was the Raiders fans who would be there in the majority of seats.

    It all started back when Jon Gruden was coach. And it was very telling that in 2002 when the Raiders were the “home team” in San Diego for all of America to see.

    And now? Now you have pretty much EVERY TEAM in the NFL taking over a Chargers game. Even the Miami Dolphins, a team hardly known for having a traveling fanbase, made the little Stubhub Center their own. And on Opening Day, too.

    Wouldn’t it be the ultimate kick if the Raiderfans decided to stay away from Stubhub when their game arrives on New Year’s Eve? What a powerful statement that would make: “Even Raider Nation wants nothing to do with the “Chargers In LA”

  28. Spanos actually turned down a stadium offer that was funded by both the City and County of San Diego; one that wouldn’t have required a vote, much less the 2/3 vote for a proposal with way too many moving parts and conditions, that was designed to fail. When the NFL gave him the right to follow Kroenke into LA, that agreement burned a hole in his pocket. He believed that his team would double in value quickly, before his Pop Alex (the real owner, who is suffering from dementia) kicks off. He’s hoping his Dad lives long enough to move into the new stadium and sell the franchise to Disney, or someone with deeper pockets.
    San Diego, besides being a vacation destination, is also a Navy/Marine Corps town, with folks from all over…who bring their allegiances with them. The Raiders games were always pretty special….and spirited. Even when the Raiders had some lean years, their fans traveled well. But it was also special to beat the Raiders too.

    When the Chargers went to their lone Super Bowl, they played some hard ball, they got upgrades to the Murph (that made it hard to play baseball in), they even got the revenue for parking and concessions from Padres games…and started bitching for a new stadium when Larry Lucchino and the Padres built Petco Park. (Of course it took the Padres going to the 98 World’s Series to clinch a new stadium).

  29. Nepotism, the Spanos way, loving this dumpster fire! John Spanos is 9 and 32 as president of operations, he has no business as an NFL exec. Would any other team hire him, NO!

  30. If San Diego wanted the team, they would have voted for the stadium.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. They shouldn’t have had to. But you know what? That’s how it works.

    You drew a line in the sand, San Diego. It cost you your team. Live with your decision.

  31. Lot of people from San Diego suffering from sour grapes on here. You had your chance to keep the team and you blew it. Now you want to blame the team. With the self-entitled attitude in SD I wouldn’t want to base anything there either. No loyalty unless you do it our way. Typical for that crowd of wingers.

  32. thegloriousone says:
    October 3, 2017 at 4:19 am
    If San Diego wanted the team, they would have voted for the stadium.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. They shouldn’t have had to. But you know what? That’s how it works.

    You drew a line in the sand, San Diego. It cost you your team. Live with your decision
    You clearly have no clue on the situation Deano created here in SD. Yes, the local gov. Isn’t great, now that that’s out of the way. Dean lies about trying to get a stadium for 14 yrs. He only had one proposal, prop C, and it was poorly executed, (favorable to Spanos). Not to mention, he didn’t build any relationships with the powers of SD, sadly It’s politics. Add, losing seasons, nepotism, cheapness, scorched earth with Fabiani, deja vu dumb coaching picks over and over. Prop C is lucky it got 42%, imagine some good will, it probably would have made that 50 + 1.

    As for the other 13 years, they were nothing more than site visits, and Escondido, O-Side, Chula Vista all have their own govs. In 2004, Spanos claims they would have built a stadium if SD gave them the land, yeah right. But there is an important truth, the Chargers investors backed out, so that really was a non starter. Throw in economic crash, there is 4-5 years of no public funds, when people were losing their livelyhoods, houses, etc.

    I won’t bring up the ticket guarantee, free rent, and rent credits they were paid. Lack of good faith from the Spanos family deserves It’s own book.

  33. The fact is, Spanos has trapped himself. He can’t and won’t move the team back to SD because he’s already in hock for $650 million re-location fees. To move again would be another $650 million. He can’t sell the team unless he gives it away as the new owner would have to pay $650 million re-location on top of the cost to purchase the team. Plus there would be $ millions of other expenses on top of that. It’s a bad deal! This is a mess that even the Raiders are being forced to re-contemplate moving to LV. Goodell might let the Charger franchise “die on the vine.” There’s nothing anybody can do! The NFL owners want their money. There will be no relief. The Murph sits with no renovation. There’s nothing left. Spanos keeps making money as TV evenly shared revenue keeps pouring in. He doesn’t care.

  34. Diluted by the locals? Meaning Angelenos? Yeah, that isn’t happening any time soon. Most the Charger fans in Stub Hub are coming up from San Diego. Sooner or later, they’ll realize they have better things to do than spend four hours in a car to see a losing NFL franchise that spit on their home town out the door.

    NFL made maybe the worst mistake ever allowing this train wreck to happen. And it’s only going to get worse when they pay Kroenke that $1 in rent in his new stadium. They’ll get less than 50K a game and will always be at best 50/50 in fans.

  35. Sorry Spanos, that’s what you get when you’re a greedy little turd. And obviously not a good business man if you make a stupid decision like this. A 5 year old could have told him this was a dumb idea.

    I feel bad for the players but until a new owner comes in and brings them back to SD I hope the losses keep piling up.

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