Derek Carr hopes everyone’s right that his back is OK

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Raiders coach Jack Del Rio described quarterback Derek Carr‘s injury as “back spasms” and indicated it wasn’t particularly serious.

Derek Carr, the owner of said back, wants to visit with a doctor just to make sure.

I’m glad he knows,” Carr said, vis Scott Bair of “That’s awesome. That sounds good to me.”

Carr left yesterday’s loss to the Broncos after being dragged down by the neck, twisting him awkwardly. He said he had x-rays during the game that were negative for structural damage, and he hopes he’s able to play this week against the Ravens.

“I just wanted some pain to wear off and just go from there,” Carr said. “I came in there and had them work on it. I tried to throw, but it just wasn’t ready. Yet. That’s not to say it won’t be. It just wasn’t ready today. I tried to do anything I could to be out there, but I just couldn’t do it. . . .

“(I don’t feel) too good, but neither does anyone in the NFL. We’re going to do the treatment and all those kinds of things. Y’all know me. It’s going to take a lot to keep me off the field.”

The Raiders sagged when their leader was injured (just like last year in the playoffs), as backup EJ Manuel was not able to save them.

“It felt like the whole sideline got its wind knocked out,” defensive lineman Mario Edwards Jr. said. “I talked to him after, and it was great to hear that he’s good. We’re not worried about it. We’re ready to go back to work.”

All the people who are now Carr telling Carr his back is fine certainly mean well, and we hope their backs feel loose and pain-free this morning when they wake up.

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  1. I hope that Carr is given a clean bill of health. But even if he does come back soon, I’m just as worried about his effectiveness. He’s looked terrible in his last 7 quarters and the Raiders offense only showed a spark after Manuel replaced him yesterday. Hopefully Carr’s slump is just a temporary thing.

  2. “The Raiders sagged when their leader was injured (just like last year in the playoffs), as backup EJ Manuel was not able to save them.”

    I don’t know, I actually watched the game and EJ Manuel almost pulled out the win at the end. I would venture to say they looked better when Manuel took over.

    Having said that, I want Carr back ASAP.

  3. When it comes to injuries people have incredible pain tolerance for other people’s injuries. None more so than coaches who have no issue sacrificing a player’s future or future effectiveness for the next week’s win.

  4. Carr is a tough dude. Anyone ever try throwing a ball with dislocated/ broken finger ? I have and it HURTS !!!!! Now a back is something different. Hopefully there’s nothing broken and is just a pain issue.

  5. Simply put the Oakland Raiders receivers minus Micheal Crabtree cannot catch!!! Jared Cook had a touchdown pass hit his hands… he dropped it! Amari Cooper cannot catch a cold time to bench him and give Holton a try at least he caught a deep pass and ran in for the touchdown. They are extremely predictable on offense with Todd downing bring back Bill Musgrave???

  6. Funny, the last 3 NFL coaches that used the back spasms line had players that actually sustained herniated discs.

  7. Did you see Lynch dancing on the sidelines this week?

    “Commitment to Excellence” – No Playoff wins since 2002

  8. Manuel had the team moving and just made a bad read at the end.

    It makes me wonder if Carr is tipping something. He went from a solid top 5-10 QB to garbage in two weeks?

  9. Lifelong Raiders fan but the Oline sitting during the national anthem and basically throwing the game last week and poor play this week has me seriously considering giving up on the NFL.

  10. ***********************************************************

    It makes me wonder if Carr is tipping something. He went from a solid top 5-10 QB to garbage in two weeks?


    Good call. It doesn’t make sense.

  11. Life long Raiders fan here. I see a couple issues with this years team:

    1) The lack of veteran leadership (7-8 + years in the league) is hurting this team. No way would a vet let the beatdown of the Jets go to the teams head. Carr and Mack are great leaders.. they just haven’t been there yet so the blind is literally leading the blind.

    2) Letting Musgrave go might have been a tad premature. Todd Downing will be be an excellent coordinator and coach one day, but right now he is trying to lead an explosive offense and it’s not working. The play calling, Carr’s demeanor on the field and giving him the authority to change the play at the line doesn’t seem to be working (i.e. first play of the Redskins game was changed at the line and intercepted) and the team doesn’t look as strong as last year at all levels.

    Hopefully Carr isn’t out too long and the play calling and execution improves. Otherwise we’re dead in the water with a strong division and the Pats doing the same old thing…. win games by any means.

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