Derek Carr out 2-6 weeks with fracture in back

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is expected to miss two to six weeks after suffering a fracture in his back.

Oakland coach Jack Del Rio announced today that Carr has a transverse process fracture.

“It could be as short as two weeks. It could be longer,” Del Rio said.

In 2014 two NFL quarterbacks suffered transverse process fractures: Tony Romo in a game, and Cam Newton in a car accident. Both missed one game. Carr’s brother David Carr also suffered an injury while playing for the Panthers in 2007 and also missed one game, and David Carr said today on NFL Network that his injury was “very similar” to the one his brother just suffered.

With Carr out, EJ Manuel will start for the Raiders on Sunday against the Ravens.

59 responses to “Derek Carr out 2-6 weeks with fracture in back

  1. The Raiders are gonna sign Colin Kaepernick and the “very fine people” on this board are gonna collectively lose their mind.

  2. E.J.
    Coming from a Bills fan..
    Oakland, you are in for a real eye opener, and not in a good way..
    You won’t believe this guy has a job in the NFL.

  3. Another victim of dirty Denver defense. Luck, Newton, now Derek Carr. Where is Goodell?

  4. They need to look at Dallas and realize how important a backup QB is. Whenever Romo got hurt, the cowboys completely disappeared. Looks to be the same deal as Carr and the Raiders

  5. Get well soon Derek. I hate seeing all these players getting hurt, but it’s the nature of the beast, I guess.

  6. As a pats fan, I hate to see that happen after his injury last year. For the AFC West, although early, this is the best chance for KC and DEN ago go hog wild while he is out. Tough luck for that kid, love him.

  7. There is a good chance he misses 3 games to the Ravens, Chargers and then have to play KC on a short week. They could easily lose 5 games in a row.

  8. Those are some nasty ‘spasms’ he got….Who were the Raiders trying to bamboozle here? The minute Carr got hit he knew, we all knew

  9. I don’t understand why the Raiders punt E.J. Manuel in the game. I don’t even understand why he’s on their team. Conner Cook is a great QB. I know there were some character concerns coming out of college, but his talent was off the charts. If they don’t like Cook, they should get rid of him, but I promise you E.J. Manuel isn’t the answer (unless the question is how do you get a coach fired?)

  10. its going to be GREAT rest of the season. not going to have to deal with Raider fans at the bars, 2017 just got a whole lot better

  11. 2-6 weeks? That is a strange ready/back timeframe….So he could be back in 2 weeks if he does what?? We all know that back ain’t ever going to feel good all season, who they fooling.

  12. @ td30 says:

    “They need to look at Dallas and realize how important a backup QB is. Whenever Romo got hurt, the cowboys completely disappeared. Looks to be the same deal as Carr and the Raiders”

    2 years ago, yes, but not last year, chief. Luckily Dallas drafted Prescott, and he was able to step in in preseason and lead the Cowboys to a 13-3 record. EJ Manuel is no Prescott. Carr will be missed in a big way, and he better expect drops if throwing to Cooper. Lynch’s workload just increased in a big way.

  13. sorry raiders fans. get well soon carr.

    EJ, sheesh, better dail up Kap’s agent. at least he won a few games in the NFL.

  14. EJ Manuel came in and performed better than Carr yesterday against Den. Nearly brought them back to win the game, which they no business winning. If that’s any indication of how he’ll play with Carr out, I think Baltimore and LA are winnable games.

  15. I watched the game the other night and EJ threw some beautiful passes. They were off target and one was picked off but effortless perfect spirals with great velocity – almost Jeff George esque. Its too bad he cant put it together, that arm of his is a gift for sure.

  16. Well, their season is over. After what happened last year, why they didn’t invest in a half-way decent backup QB is mystifying. Much like how the Colts went into the season with Scott Tolzien as their backup. And when he was with the Packers, it was obvious to anyone that he did not belong on an NFL field in any circumstances.

    Matt McGloin is better than E.J. Manuel. But of course the Raiders chose to sign the latter for some reason. McGloin is a free agent though, so the smartest thing they could do is sign him and release E.J.

  17. freshchorizo says:
    October 2, 2017 at 4:55 pm
    Life long Raiders fan here. I see a couple issues with this years team:

    1) The lack of veteran leadership (7-8 + years in the league) is hurting this team. No way would a vet let the beatdown of the Jets go to the teams head. Carr and Mack are great leaders.. they just haven’t been there yet so the blind is literally leading the blind.

    2) Letting Musgrave go might have been a tad premature. Todd Downing will be be an excellent coordinator and coach one day, but right now he is trying to lead an explosive offense and it’s not working. The play calling, Carr’s demeanor on the field and giving him the authority to change the play at the line doesn’t seem to be working (i.e. first play of the Redskins game was changed at the line and intercepted) and the team doesn’t look as strong as last year at all levels.

    Hopefully Carr isn’t out too long and the play calling and execution improves. Otherwise we’re dead in the water with a strong division and the Pats doing the same old thing…. win games by any means.

  18. Their season wasn’t looking so great anyway. They’ve got problems even without Carr being injured.
    Why push the panic button on a QB? They weren’t headed to the playoffs playing like they have been.

  19. McGloin? Really? He had his chance and crapped the bed.

    Folks dissing on EJ… he has more TD passes than INT’s in the NFL and looked light years ahead of Cook’s last tape. He put the team in position to win a game it had no business winning.

  20. As a Viking fan, I feel your pain Raider fans. Carr is a great young QB, I enjoy watching him play. Hope he is back before to long.

  21. I thought the Carr would break down in December or January, October just starting and the car already doesn’t start.

  22. And here we go again. Raiders will claim all things on the loss of Carr just like last year, even though Carr was having a terrible year this year.

  23. In trying to have it easier on themselves in training camp by cutting back on the allowed number of padded practices, the players have actually increased the risk of injury to QBs because the Olines don’t have it together very well the first few games. In fact I think possibly injuries are up through all the positions because of the lack of adequate practice time

    A damn shame a young star like this gets knocked out so early in the year.

  24. Overrated! Looks like they wont win Super Bowl before they leave for Vegas,eh? Sorry Oaktown!

    Go Niners! We have the Bay to ourselves the way it should be. Kind of like the Giants vs A’s?

  25. sorry to see Carr go down, i like him alot,however I think it will be longer than predicted ,. As a bengal fan, even we cut loose newhouse after a couple games , do yourself a favor .

  26. Yeah, I know. Newhouse needs to go. Move Jackson outside. They shouldn’t have let Austin Howard go and replace him with a stiff like Newhouse.

    TomsulasMustache says:
    October 2, 2017 at 9:44 pm
    dejadoh says:
    October 2, 2017 at 8:33 pm
    The Raiders need a new RG. Newhouse sucks.
    Newhouse is the right tackle. Gabe Jackson plays RG

  27. Go Niners! We have the Bay to ourselves the way it should be. Kind of like the Giants vs A’s
    Don’t say that too loud pantherpro! Raiders could beat the 49ers without Carr.

  28. I wonder how much this has to do with the kneeling thing that Carr did not participate in??? Inquiring minds just have this kind of feeling when it comes to the NFL bias!!!

  29. OKAY THIS IS GOOD ,WERE FINALLY WEEDING OUT ALL THESE FAKE BANDWAGON FANS , I CAN’T WAIT HOW YALL FLIP FLIP WHEN EJ PUT TOGETHER A FEW WINS , this is just like 2002 Superbowl team they lost 4 0r five in a row and ended up with 11-5 record, let me remind you charles woodson got hurt bad and missed time and Charlie garner did to so if carr miss a few games im not sweating it i belive in ej manuel because im a real loyal fan see yall in Minnesota….

  30. Maybe his O line would have blocked better for him if he knelt like the rest of the team. Shades of Willie Beamon!

  31. Carr just needs to learn to get rid of the ball or take a sack on certain plays, and live for another down.

    Go Raiders! Get Well #4

  32. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 2, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Another victim of dirty Denver defense. Luck, Newton, now Derek Carr. Where is Goodell?
    Where’s the flag, the fines, the suspensions? Ticktock.

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