Despite 1-19 record, Hue Jackson defends the Browns’ process

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Last year the new regime in Cleveland took over and promised to build from the ground up, prioritizing future draft picks over winning immediately, with the idea that the Browns might stink in the short term, but in the future those picks would turn into good players who could build a championship team.

They’ve got the “stink in the short term” part down, anyway.

The Browns are 1-19 after 20 games with Hue Jackson as coach, Sashi Brown as G.M. and Paul DePodesta running the front office strategy, and if some fans in Cleveland are getting frustrated, it’s hard to blame them. Sunday’s blowout loss to the previously winless Bengals raises the question of when this team will be good again.

But Jackson said today that he remains confident in the Browns’ front office process, and he said Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is on board with the way they’re building the team.

“Jimmy has been supportive. People think he’s going to throw me over in river,” Jackson said. “There’s pain in this process.”

The Browns have two first-round picks and three second-round picks in the 2018 NFL draft, so they’re going to keep adding talent to the roster. At some point, however, that talent has to turn into winning football if the Browns want people to keep trusting the process.

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  1. “Jimmy has been supportive. People think he’s going to throw me over in river,” Jackson said. “There’s **ONLY** pain in this process.”

  2. The record speaks for itself, but Hue Jackson still considers himself a topflight HC. That speaks volumes about both his ego and his mental state.

  3. The safety the coach wanted at #12, Hooker, is looking good for Indy. I still say they need a better person overseeing their drafts. Still way too many holes. If you take nearly half of your first class as wide receivers yet have none, that’s a problem.

  4. I understand the need for wins beyond team morale, keeping fans engaged is important for your business model, but I think the most important thing in terms of “the process” is player progression. It’s one thing to lose games, and seeing players develop. It’s another to lose games, and have players continuously make the same mistakes.

  5. At least the Bills arent the laughing stock of the NFL anymore. Sorry Cleveland, we thought the Jets would take over but no such luck.

  6. jaymatt says:
    October 2, 2017 at 3:11 pm
    “Jimmy has been supportive. People think he’s going to throw me over in river,” Jackson said. “There’s **ONLY** pain in this process.”

    If Jimmy needs help I’ll grab his legs

  7. We witnessed the worst football in NFL history here in Detroit going 0 – 16 and 2 – 14 then 6 – 10 and 10 – 6.

    It’s a process and if Cleveland’s drafting was as historically awful as ours was then you would want to give Hue another year following this one.

    4 – 5 wins is not too much to ask for this season though while seeing continual improvement on the field, not necessarily in the win/loss column. Yet.

  8. Other than total mismanagement, I don’t think there is any excuse you can give for going 1-19. Being a Steelers fan I loathe the Browns, but their fans certainly deserve better.

  9. Part of the problem is that college players are becoming simultaneously less well trained, and less trainable. Stockpiling picks means little when every player you pick is somewhere on the millennial spectrum between Manziel and Kaepernick.

  10. The Browns have two first-round picks and three second-round picks in the 2018 NFL draft, which they’ll trade for three fourth round picks in 2019, a fifth rounder and a conditional second round pick in 2021. The Browns will also pay the team’s they trade with a few dozen million to sweeten the pot and won’t rule out trading with the Broncos for Brock Osweiler if the price is right.

  11. This team is not competitive. Do something to shake it up! Bench Kizer, bench Peppers, bench Britt, just send some message that the current level of play is unacceptable! The games are boring – everything is predictable. You will be out as coach and we will have the number 1 pick unless you get this together.

  12. Hue Jackson is making Mike Pettine look good. Haslam fired Joe Banner and hired trainees like Mike Farmer ever since. A lawyer for a GM and a baseball guy for front office, no wonder Peppers is playing center field.

  13. Kizer was telegraphing all of his passes and he still under threw the cornerbacks, I mean wide receivers.

  14. How to Fail at Coaching
    a seminar featuring….H. Jackson…M. Lewis…A. Lynn…R, Ryan…M. Pettine…
    Keynote speech by R. Kotite (ok?)
    Welcoming remarks by J. Fisher

  15. Why the fan base in Cleveland continues to support this disgrace of a team with it’s protesting players is beyond me.

    If they bothered to spend additional time focused on beating their opponent rather than disrespecting the flag, they might be a better team and the fans could certainly appreciate their effort. Right now all the players are doing (with their protests) are just giving the fans more and more reasons to not show up and not support the team.

  16. Hue Jackson is overrated as a QB guru and an offensive coordinator. Jackson playing calling has to be the worst in the NFL the Browns paid a lot of money on an offensive live that’s not being used because of Jackson’s playcalling. This team has a rookie QB that is in need of running game but Jackson wants to throw the football deep on every other play.

  17. I honestly feel bad for Browns fans. I went to a game out there when the Pats played Cleveland last year and met great people who love their team, are passionate about the sport of football and a lot of fun at the tailgate. Hopefully sooner rather than later the organization will figure out a way to put a competitive team on the field for these fans.

  18. The only thing worse than the pain of going through this process is if they succumb to the pressure and reboot AGAIN! Please let this ride through the year. I think they’ll be better by the 2nd half of the season. This is the youngest team in the league BY FAR. Yes, it looks ugly, but they have to see this through. If they reboot to early they won’t have any good options for coaching and FO. Who would take it???

  19. Lol, please. People said this team would improve this year but they look the same as last year. Same old crappy Browns. The QB is bad, they should have taken Deshaun Watson or the guy in Chicago instead.

  20. Jimmy? Haha, that reminds me of that commercial by State Farm where the lady says “there’s 6 callers ahead of us Jimmy”

    Hugh should say “there’s only 31 teams ahead of us, Jimmy”

  21. “he said Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is on board with the way they’re building the team.”

    Of course he’s on board with conning the Browns fans the way he did with his Pilot FlyingJ customers he stole millions from. 41 million under the cap last year, a whopping 63 million under this year he’s laughing all the way to the bank while he’s putting a horribly sub-standard product on the field and clearly continues to do so.

    Its not the coaching staff’s fault. The top 24 teams closest to total cap are all 12 million or less under, and most of the rest nowhere near where the Browns are. How can any business compete when most of their competitors are spending 48 million more than they are on personnel?

  22. Must be the NFL and NCAA’s secret effort to keep players in college longer. No one would want to be drafted by the Browns 1st overall so they stop declaring early, especially with the rookie salary cap. At least back then they got paid to be on bad teams.

  23. No matter what you think about Bengals ownership Browns is worse…come back to Cincy Hue and take over for Marvin when he finally gets fired at the end of year!

  24. This is silly.

    Their No. 1 pick is by all accounts a game changer who has not yet been on the field.

    When he plays, you’ll see a different defense and a much better chance to win. But no expected much this year. The goal should be to show improvement and get ready to add a wave of now top end talent in the next draft.

  25. Not sure if this is Hue’s fault, heck he won some games coaching a disfunctional Raiders team that was controlled by an aging seemingly out of touch Al Davis

  26. Not all Hue’s fault. When you have an arrogant GM named “Sashi” who hires BASEBALL guys so they can play FANBOY NERD MONEYBALL “ANALYTICS”….you get what you get.

  27. So far we’ve seen very, very little to indicate that the Browns are improving. Have you seen anything that looks like improvement? How long should it take a coach to start turning things around? Two years? Three? Four? To this point, Jackson doesn’t seem to be accomplishing much. They’ve stockpiled a lot of draft choices, but I don’t see much of anything happening with the draft picks they’ve had for the last two years. The won/loss record sucks, and that’s how you measure success in the NFL. I’m thinking that if the Browns don’t start showing some marked improvement by the halfway point in the season, Hue might want to begin polishing up his resume. No owner is going to continue tolerating this low level of competitiveness too much longer.

  28. Browns as a team were believers at start of the year; but after three heartbreakers the Sunday beat-down means the standard Factory psychosis has settled back in like the malignant fog it is.

    Nothing worse for rookie quarterback than getting pure futility pounded into the psyche from day one game after game after game. Instead of Kizer helping the Browns, at this rate the Browns will ruin Kizer.

  29. They entire front office including Hue Jackson should be fired simply for the fact of back to back years passing on potential franchise quarterback.

  30. This isn’t a football team, its an absolute disgrace. They could move again and I couldn’t care less, just as long as Haslam can takes those ridiculous ugly jerseys with him. Thanks for somehow making a bad team worse, Jimmy, you miserable failure.

  31. Hue Jackson knows what he’s doing, and he knows he can’t do it all by himself. That’s why he’s been saying from day 1 that he wanted a real football scout in the front office. The numbers guys are fine, as long as they have legit football guy in the room on draft day. Hue is a coach. Most great coaches throughout history had a good personnel guy. Sashi Brown seems to believe the draft is a crap shoot, and the more picks you acquire, the better your chances. Hue Jackson believes more picks are better too, but if you have a good personnel guy, you get the best of both worlds. The Browns have been through so many front office people over the last decade, but they’ve yet to bring in a talent guru.

  32. We have no idea whether Kizer would have become a quality NFL quarterback because he wasn’t given a chance to develop. Instead, he was thrown to the wolves on a very bad football team, which is almost certainly going to ruin him. A huge difference between Kizer and Watson – other than draft pedigree – is that Watson is surrounded by talent who can help to mask his inexperience and inevitable rookie mistakes while Kizer is surrounded by the Cleveland Browns. If we’re so early in the process, as Hue claims, why rush your rookie QB on to the field? It’s a futile, dumb move, and it has already backfired. There’s almost nowhere to go with that project now unless he lucks into a broken pinkie or sprained toe or something to get himself off the field.

  33. The Browns have decent lines but lack offensive playmakers and CBs. They have a huge amount of cap room too because they have so many young players on rookie deals. So next offseason they could do something like sign Cousins or Garropolo, plus a CB and WR, trade for Aquib Talib, and draft Saqon Barkley and another WR. Then they’d have a legit roster if the QB plays well.

  34. 20 games. TWENTY GAMES! Rookie quarterback. ROOKIE QUARTERBACK!
    Youngest team in the league. YOUNGEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!
    This can’t happen overnight. Or in one season. Please, for the love of God, Jimmy… Let’s give them some time! That’s all we need. Just give us time.
    Personally, I say bring in Cowher or Jon Gruden as coach and make Hue the OC. THEN you’ll see the progress you crave. PLEASE!!!

  35. why should Hue be blamed for thr front office stupidity?

    they trade a hometown kid with virtually unlimited potential for a castoff who can’t catch a leech in a swamp;

    they trade Joe Haden to a division rival and overdraft a pathetically slow tweener out of Michigan as his replacement;

    EVERYBODY had to see he was 40 yards deep on that screen pass TD right before the half and still couldn’t get near the RB–and please don’t tell me it because he was blocked;

    add to this throwing away $16M on a slapping QB they are forced to keep because even the arena league won’t give up a draft choice for him, a first round draft choice who was known league-wide to be injury-prone, a patchwork OL with only two competent players out of five, and what can the outcome be but an embarrassment to the league?

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