Doug Pederson doesn’t think conditioning to blame for fourth quarter lapses


The Eagles defense didn’t allow any points in the fourth quarter in their first game of the season, but the last three games have seen some breakdowns in the final 15 minutes.

They’ve allowed 52 points — they’ve allowed 92 over the entire season — in the fourth quarter of their last three games, which resulted in a loss to the Chiefs, a last-second win over the Giants and a tight close to Sunday’s win over the Chargers. Coach Doug Pederson was asked at a Monday press conference if he thought conditioning has played a role in those outcomes.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s much of a conditioning aspect,” Pederson said in comments distributed by the team. “It was really warm at the Giants game. And that game, offensively, we kind of shot ourselves a little bit in that third, and a little bit of the end of the third, fourth quarter and kept our defense out there a little bit.”

Pederson pointed to injuries in the secondary as one thing that might be a contributing factor and called it “something we’ve just got to continue to evaluate.” He also pointed out the offense’s ability to answer with points of their own the last two weeks, but closing games out in more emphatic fashion would be a good way to keep things rolling after a 3-1 start.

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  1. In game 1, they only lost Darby. But in game 2 the lost Mcleod and Watkins in the second half. In game 3, they lost Cox and Hicks in the second half. And yesterday, they just had fewer players taking more snaps than usual and those guys were of a lower quality than usual. That might have more to do with the second half lapses than conditioning.

  2. The secondary was the obvious weak link in the Eagles’ D which is why they got Darby – and then he went down along with the other starting CB. I’d say it’s impressive that they’ve done as well as they have with 2nd and 3rd string backups.

  3. Yesterday they just got beat by the big play. They’d hold fast and then boom, 1 long play that either scored or set up a score. LA wasn’t really sustaining any drives. It was good to finally see the Eagles finish a game by holding onto the ball and running out the clock.

  4. A date with the Cardinals should fix that. Bad Oline and no running game with an aging gunslinging QB. The Eagles should win that game handily.

  5. guyjuneguyjune says:
    October 2, 2017 at 3:44 pm
    Charger team morale is at an all time low. I’m surprised it was that close. The relocation is unraveling.


    The Chargers lost at least 2 games due to their kicker. The Eagles may have won at least 2 due to their kicker. How many FG did Elliot make yesterday? If he misses just 1, the Chargers may have won.

  6. I blame Schwartz calling the game super timid in the 4th quarter. Hes been running a lot of zones and playing his dbs very far off their wrs. Scared to give up the deep ball. Allowing them free run underneath. He also hasnt brought pressure in the 4th only rushing 4.

    Even with keeping guys off coverage and extra defenders its been back firing. You can only allow a team so many easy catches before they break 1. Also when you have so many back ups playing a zone theirs bound to be missed assignments and when that happens big plays happen.

    He needs to stop coaching scared. Bring pressure and stop all the off coverage. If a guy gets beat in man coverage so be it. Its better then allowing a team to steadily march down the field, while keeping our offense off the field.

  7. It’s injuries, which means the Eagles have less people to cycle through as the game goes on, meaning, players are playing longer.. Which means they get tired (ie conditioning)…

    Once they get healthy, you’ll see them make more ‘stops’, get off the field, and make more substitutions.. Thus keeping everyone fresh..

    4 games in, all teams are dealing with it. The eagles are just finding ways to keep winning (with their only loss on the road the only loss-less team in the league).. Pretty good.. And in 1st in NFCU East.

  8. So for what it’s worth, against the Chiefs we had the late turnovers that burned us, secondary held pretty strong in that game. The Giants made the most of their field position and Odell Beckham, the Sheppard TD was just a damn good play, can’t fault that. Sunday, Keenan Allen just plain outsmarted the rookie Douglas. But we got the lead and protected it. We could be worse but we’re outplaying good teams and we’re not even at full strength on defense. It’s early but a strong October should quiet the naysayers.

  9. They are kicking too many field goals, like they always have done. At least they have someone who is making them, but we aren’t talking about this if they are converting more scoring opportunities into TD’s instead of FGs, cuz they are up by 20 instead of 2.

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