Hue Jackson denies rift with front office

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Before the Browns fell to 0-4 in a 31-7 loss to the Bengals on Sunday, there was a report concerning issues between the personnel department and the coaching staff.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that owner Jimmy Haslam had a conference call with the personnel department designed to “instill confidence in them and allay fears” after coach Hue Jackson said following a Week Three loss that “you have to talk to [executive vice president of football operations] Sashi [Brown]” and the executive team about when asked if the team is built with winning now in mind. Haslam has said in the past that he thinks the Browns will be “a substantially better football team” in 2018 and 2019.

After the loss to the Bengals, Jackson was asked about the report and denied any issues exist with the front office.

“I know nothing about any of that stuff,” Jackson said, via “People can say what they’re going to say. Let’s be honest, that has been the [reported] flavor of this organization for years. That doesn’t exist in our building at all. I know those things are going to come. You guys are going to ask those questions. I know nothing about that at all.”

Jackson’s right that losing records have gone hand in hand with organizational dysfunction or upheaval in Cleveland over the years, but they’ve avoided the upheaval since putting the current regime in place early in 2016. Winning a few games in the coming weeks would be a good way to continue avoiding it as well as avoiding further discussion of dissension behind the scenes.

13 responses to “Hue Jackson denies rift with front office

  1. I hate to say it because i have a soft spot in my heart for the Brownies, but this is Hue Jackson, this is who he is and how he operates.

    He thinks he thinks way too much of himself and will stomp on absolutely anybody to try and get ahead.

  2. And the Hue Jackson power play begins, just like in Oakland when he created rifts and tried to convince Mark Davis to make him the GM with full authority. It was a matter of time in Cleveland.

    The problem is the guy really is an idiot who doesn’t know even a fraction of what he thinks he does. 1-18 says everything about his abilities, as well as the lack of ability Moneyball and the Lawyer possess. Dumpster fire all around.

    Usually Cleveland fans are chided for wanting the plug pulled too soon on front offices but in this case it is fully justified. These clowns aren’t getting it done. They aren’t even heading in the DIRECTION of someday getting it done.

    The good news for Haslam is with tons of salary cap space, 2 first rpund draft picks, 3 second round draft picks and likely the #1 overall pick again to grab a franchise QB finally they should finally be able to land Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels to right the ship. That’s good news for Garrett and Ogbueh as well because they will be stand up OLB’s in a 3-4 Defense.

  3. A terrible mistake hiring Hue, you can’t be coach and O.C. at the same time and we’ll probably suffer with him for at least 2 more years. I’m very close to closing the book on the Browns after 52 years of being a true blue loyal fan, and oh yeah Hue, lets stick with our franchise QB Kiser.

  4. I hated the Huey Jackson hiring, and I still do. He was a loser for the Raiders, and in Cincy he was not a QB guru, he just got swept up in team talent and rode it for his own glorification. He is a talent-less megalomaniac. He is creating in Cleveland the same situations he created in the front offices of the teams which employed him – he is so bad the only way he can survive is to create drama. I’m awaiting the announcement from Haslam any day now. Good!

  5. Browns are a disgrace.

    Their players protesting demonstrate they are a total joke to the league.

  6. This is crazy, the front office is doing a great job. Just have some patience. Everyone knew this was a full gut rebuild. Maybe Hugh is the coach for them, maybe not. But there will be more talent in the coming years.

  7. Must be painful for the Browns watching what Deshaun Watson is doing right now knowing they had a chance to get him but picked a pass rusher instead. The pain will get worse next week after Mitch Trubisky starts and does well in Chicago.

  8. After yet another disgraceful performance I have lost all faith in Jackson as a head coach. He is just not very smart. He continually runs the Bengal offense with a Brown’s team that has virtually no offensive play makers. He refuses to try and establish any running game whatsoever. In yesterday’s butt whooping by the Bengals the Browns punted in the 3rd quarter. The Bengal returner caught the ball at the 17-18 yard line. The browns player was shoved from behind at the 20 yard line and an appropriate penalty was flagged. The Bengal returner broke lose and then another penalty for a personal foul and a blind side hit was called at the Bengal 32 yard line during the return. Hugh Jackson accepted the personal foul and the ball was placed at the 17 yard line. He declined the block in the back. Had he accepted the block in the back instead of the personal foul, the ball would have been placed on the ten yard line. He cost his own team seven yards with a very simple decision. These are the type of mistakes he makes on a routine basis.

  9. The fish always rots from the head, and boy, this has been some smelly fish since Jimmy took over. I think the real problem is that Haslam is overly impressed by guys who talk a great game, talk themselves up and get hired into top positions without really having the football smarts to properly evaluate players, or even to hang on to them when they get blind squirrel luck and find a keeper. That is why the team suffers year in and year out from a dearth of talent on the field. If only Jimmy would wise up and hire a knowledgeable talent evaluator, like Ozzie Newsome, to assume full control of the personnel department and draft, the Browns would have a chance to climb out of the cellar they’ve been condemned to by the NFL since the Modell fiasco.

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