Hue Jackson “not going to get caught up” in what others say about team


After the Bengals rolled over the Browns on Sunday, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones said he’s a big fan of Browns coach Hue Jackson from their days together in Cincinnati but that he’s not sure if Jackson has enough talent to win games in Cleveland.

On Monday, Jackson was asked about Jones’ comment. He didn’t offer a direct answer to the question Jones raised in his comments while saying that he’s not spending time listening to outside voices might be saying about the team.

“I have a lot of respect for Adam and a lot of those players over there as you guys know, and they are going to feel the way they feel,” Jackson said. “We have work to do. That is all I can say. I am not going to get caught up into what anyone else is saying about our football team or where we are. We just have to continue to work and get better. That is what my focus is.”

Quarterback DeShone Kizer also fielded a question related to Jones’ comments and pushed back a little harder on the Bengals cornerback’s assessment of the Browns.

“He is not in our locker room,” Kizer said. “He doesn’t know what the talent looks like. He doesn’t know the grind that we put in. He doesn’t know the camaraderie that we have. I look forward to hearing his comments once we do figure this out.”

The Browns face the Bengals again later this year and Jones is signed through next season, so there will be opportunities for the Browns to show him that they’ve figured it out. They’ll need to figure it out first, of course, and that remains a long journey with no clear end point for the Browns heading into Week Five.

9 responses to “Hue Jackson “not going to get caught up” in what others say about team

  1. “He doesn’t know what the talent looks like”

    He just spent a week watching your film and then physically saw it on the field while playing you. HE DOES KNOW WHAT THE TALENT LOOKS LIKE. IN FACT IT’S WHAT MADE HIM SAY THE COMMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  2. It’s probably just as well he won’t hear what most people say about that team. But really they are in a good position to get well in a hurry over the next couple of years, whether or not Jackson is there to benefit from that is another subject altogether.

  3. When a coach wins, he’s a great coach. When a coach loses, he doesn’t have the talent. The Browns are losing, so the finger pointing will begin. Pacman is a friend of Hue’s so he’s just firing a shot for his old buddy. That’s all. It’s just a game. The coaches will get all their buddies in the media to rip on the front office, and the front office will get all their buddies to rip on the coaches.

  4. When Tomlin hires Pacman as his DB coach in a couple of years, maybe Pacman can put in a good word for Hue then, too.

  5. No receivers, Rookie QB, defenses load the box. Hue needs Sashi to do his job and get talent. They can’t judge Kizer until the get guys that can catch and run a route

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