John Fox on QB change: A decision that needed to be made

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Reports that the Bears pulled the plug on Mike Glennon‘s run as the team’s starting quarterback surfaced on Monday afternoon and the team confirmed them a short time later.

Head coach John Fox discussed the decision to go with Mitch Trubisky on WBBM on Monday night and called the move “a decision that needed to be made.”

“We had 10 giveaways in the first four games of the season and you can’t win games that way. It wasn’t just one guy’s fault but we need to move in a different direction,” Fox said.

Glennon, who Fox said will be the backup ahead of Mark Sanchez, was responsible for eight of those giveaways and the presence of the second overall pick in the draft had people discussing a potential change before the first of them. Trubisky will be working with the same group that Fox says needs to improve across the board, so there will likely be some tough sledding at times.

Fox said he’s excited to see Trubisky’s mobility and accuracy in game settings. Glennon completed 66.4 percent of his passes, but mobility isn’t high on the list of his attributes and the Bears are 28th in the league in net yards per passing attempt so there wasn’t much return on that accuracy. The Bears are hopeful that Trubisky can change that in the weeks, months and years to come.

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  1. I personally like Mike Glennon. As a Bucs fan who saw him up close for several years, great team guy, but not a starting QB in the NFL. His stats cover up his real ability. Too many checkdowns, to many “safe” throws out of bounds and not enugh making plays happen. A good back up QB. No kidding though, during his contract year last year I begged Glennon and someone who knew him well to convince him to stay in Tampa as our backup QB…because he’d last no longer than 3-4 games anywhere else as starter…and here we are. CHI has a good back up QB, and Glennon is the most expensive clipboard holder I’ve ever seen.

  2. I hope that the Ryan Pace QB analysis for Trubisky was better than the analysis for Glennon. If Trubisky looks bad, then Pace should be run out of town. This team has no wide receivers and no depth. Frankly his 2 first round picks, Kevin White is a certified bust and Leonard Floyd a pass rusher has 1 sack this year. You have to hit on your first round draft picks!!!!

  3. A few weeks too late. Still not going to save Fox’s job though and probably not Ryan Pace either unless Trubisky looks like he did during the preseason. Bears fans should be thankful if they both get fired.

  4. Foxy sees the hand writing on the wall and is trying to save his job. If the Bears continue to lose games, he could be fired before the end of the season.

  5. There hand was forced by Watson tearing it up in Houston, who was picked about 15-16 picks lower.

  6. He had to make the move. The home crowd would have been unbelievably hostile towards the team if Glennon would have started. Boos the second he saw the field. It’s been very obvious to anyone watching Glennon should not be starting.

  7. This is one of the most exciting starts to an NFL season that I can remember. Now this will just make it that much more interesting. Some of America’s big cities, L.A. (Goff), Houston (Watson), Chicago (Trubisky), are getting good young QBs. Look for the NFL to break another revenue record this year.

  8. People talk about the Bears wrecking Trubisky by throwing him to the wolves too soon, but i don’t see it in this case. They have a pretty good o-line and a solid run game to lean on. Trubisky is a mentally tough kid who can handle the ups and downs. He’s not gonna be asked to do much and since he’s used to throwing to NCAA level receivers, the Bears WR core will feel perfectly normal to him.

    There was no point in riding Glennon any longer. He’s clearly not part of their future and wasn’t offering anything in the present. Trubisky can create, he can throw exceptionally well on the move, and they might as well let him start practicing for next year. He seems like a really hard working and grounded kid, i’m sure he can handle whatever is coming for him this year and his talent will give them a better chance to win than Glennon’s “experience”, which was nothing much more than consistently engineering the least effective scoring drive %’s both during his starts in Tampa and again this year.

  9. meccalambeaufield3 says “Not saying Glennon is good but when you have no legitimate receivers you cannot expect much.” – you should have just stopped at “Not saying Glennon is good”. What you are supposed to expect from an experienced QB is to sense pressures, get rid of the ball with timing when he’s about to get blindsided and someone is open, not to turn the ball over 4 times, etc. I don’t think that’s too much to expect, even if a couple WRs are banged up. That’s a lame cop out.

    Nobody was expecting him to be great, but he couldn’t even manage serviceable, and there were no signs that improvement was anywhere on the horizon. There were WAY too many mistakes that had absolutely nothing to do with his WRs.

    That’s oversimplification to the point of stupidity.

  10. Glennon hasn’t played very well, but anyone who’s watched Chicago knows that he wasn’t the reason they’ve been bad. The defense admittedly has had a few good moments, but it’s not good yet or consistent yet. The offense is atrocious, and it’s mostly because they have terrible receivers. Their playcalling hasn’t stepped up either. Glennon is better than most backups, but even if he has the ability to be a solid starter one day, Chicago is not the place for a QB to excel right now. I think the coaching staff knew that, and they knew that letting the vet take a beating for a season while the organization filled some holes would let them integrate Trubisky into their system while keeping him safe on the bench. Unfortunately they’ve gotten a lot more attention they thought they were, partly also due to how good Watson is becoming, and now they want to save their jobs by hoping that Trubisky is the real deal.

  11. Are the WRs really that bad? It was impossible to evaluate the WRs when Glennon was the QB.

    Trubisky throws his receivers open. He made Deonte Thompson and Josh Bellamy look like All Pros. Hopefully, he’ll get on page quickly with the ‘1s’ Kendall Wright, Miller, etc..

    Wheaton has played 2 games and he has been interfered with both times. Now that we’ll throw the ball longer than 4 yards, the refs will wake up, and we’ll eventually start to get that call.

  12. Chicago could have Joe Montana in his prime, but no QB can win if he has horrible receivers. The Bears don’t have anybody who can catch the football. They’ve had so many drops this season, and several of them have come in the end zone when games were on the line. Glennon is never going to be the answer, but Trubisky can’t win either if his receivers can’t catch the ball. The Bears have a suspect O-line, no receivers, and now a rookie QB. Things are looking grim. I predict that Fox and Pace will both be gone at the end of the season, if not before. They just haven’t produced. The Bears need someone who can draft and someone who can coach. Right now they have neither.

  13. That team has waaaay more problems than Mike Glennon. For starters, they’ve got a GM who decided Mike Glennon was a starting-calibur NFL QB. And made a $$$pricey$$$ deal to get him. For me, that casts his decision to trade valuable draft picks to move up ONE SPOT to draft Trubisky, a guy who started only 13 college games, into question — but we’ll see.

    Maybe his genius will be vindicated.

    (Hope so.)

    Bear Down Bears.

  14. Glennon is not good, but what he got paid is the going rate for a starter in the NFL, anyone else out on the market was bad too. You can say Jay would have been paid less, and that’s fine, but both sides needed to move on in that situation. Would everyone be happy if they gave Brian Hoyer 16 million this season to throw for his empty 400 yards a game, no TD’s and lose? That money was spent, doesn’t matter who it was. It only matters because they signed someone, and then moved up to draft a QB. Which I am more than fine with. I admire the set on Pace, staking his job on Mitch. He’s going to have to find a #1 WR in the draft because unless they are going to go after Deandre Hopkins in free agency, Alshon is the only other legit WR that is a UFA in 2018.

    Mitch-a-Palooza 2017 kicks off 10/9/2017

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