Mike Zimmer on Sam Bradford: His knee feels “better, but obviously we don’t know”

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Mike Zimmer expressed hope Monday that Sam Bradford can return this week, but then, it’s the same thing the Vikings coach has said since Week 2.

The quarterback has missed the past three games with a knee injury.

“Again, it’s day-to-day,” Zimmer said Monday, via quotes distributed by the team. “It feels better. Everything he is doing is feeling better, but obviously, we don’t know [when he will return].”

Bradford remains day to day with a bone bruise, which Dr. James Andrews confirmed during a visit Sept. 22. He did not practice at all last week after getting in a little work the previous two weeks.

Case Keenum played well in a 34-17 victory over Tampa Bay in Week 3, but with Keenum at quarterback, the Vikings scored only nine points in a loss to the Steelers in Week 2 and seven points in a loss to the Lions on Sunday. He has three touchdowns, no interceptions and a 94.4 passer rating.

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  1. The Vikings definitely lost because of Case. He missed a lot of throws and open guys. Not taking anything away from Detroit because they earned it. Thielen wide open in the end zone! Diggs wide open! Gotta play better than that.

  2. The stats don’t really tell the story on Keenum. The coaching staff is trying to minimize Keenum’s weaknesses with the play calling. But once teams got some film of him in the Vikings system they’ve game planned to counter that. I’m a Packer fan but I do feel bad for the Viking fans who were two pieces away from being dominant (QB, RB) but now those pieces are missing and another season is slipping away. And that has got to be frustrating as heck…

  3. Keenum has proven throughout his career that he can jump up with a great game every once in a while but he is inconsistent. I can’t see them being better than 7-9 if he has to play most of the season. The change in protection that he called when he got sacked on third and goal cost them the game yesterday, among other things.

  4. Being a Vikings fan hurts man. Some of these fan bases that brag about how good the team they follow are will never understand.

    Hopefully this is making me a stronger man, closer with my family and community, perhaps a bit more patient, hopefully I get SOMETHING out of this lifelong experience cuz, man, it never ends.

    One day, hopefully. Until than? Skol 😦

  5. Honestly, I’d rather have Keenum as a backup when compared to most other backups in the league. Remember, he’s a backup for a reason. He’s going to miss things. Most teams have backups who are dreadfully awful. Keenum is good enough to keep it afloat. Stop expecting him to be starting quality.

  6. Can somebody besides me point out the fact that laquon Treadwell had another zero catch game? And why do Viking fans expect Michael Floyd to be some sort of boost? He hasn’t done anything in his career but pile up dwi citations.

    Forget Treadwell. Put in one of those young kids with speed.

  7. tyorkiv03 says:
    October 2, 2017 at 4:56 pm
    Boothreview I’m with youh 100% bro. When will it end?


    Maybe after you are both 6 feet under.

  8. ragnarthemagnificent says:

    October 2, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    The Vikings definitely lost because of Case. He missed a lot of throws and open guys. Not taking anything away from Detroit because they earned it. Thielen wide open in the end zone! Diggs wide open! Gotta play better than that.


    The Vikings did not lose because of Case! He made several throws that were available. He only took two sacks, no interceptions. Case did not fumble the ball 3 times. When you play a team like the Lions the Margin for error is very small. Case didn’t make any errors. Also a lot of momentum was lost when Dalvin went down. Yes, some QB’s can bring teams back when things go wrong. Case is not that type of QB and he shouldn’t be expected to be. But he played well enough where he didn’t cost his team a chance and that’s all you should ask from a backup.

    The Vikings do need Bradford back more than ever now that Dalvin is out. The season is not lost yet. Murry is more than capable. The line is still healthy, the defense healthy, and other skill position players are healthy. Get Bradford back and we are probably fine.

  9. ajzinnecker says:
    October 3, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Case didn’t make any errors.

    How about 3rd and goal from the 3 and he checked into a different protection call that left three offensive linemen blocking nobody while a defensive end came in free for a sack?

    He played okay but he did miss some open guys.

  10. Case had an error and took a bad sack inside their 20 yard line. But the Vikings had 3 turnovers that gave the Lions points as well. For those that are looking at Keenum alone as for the answer as why the Vikings lost. No I disagree with that thought completely . What about Shurmur not getting the ball to Rudolph until midway through the 4th quarter? The Lions have had trouble covering Rudolph in recent years too. The kicker missing a chip shot FG. Plenty of blame to go around.

  11. I have to say The Lions are a powerhouse team, much better than decades past. The Vikings lost that game. Case missed some throws but there were a lot of Backfield Holding calls on the Lions that did not get called. BUT it was a well deserved win by Detroit.. Kudos from a Vikings fan.

  12. Week 7 starters
    QB: Teddy Bridgewater
    RB: Murray, with Ham backing up

    Ajzinnecker is right. We’re missing two major, good poeces, but we may have just as much talent in the two guys who could replace them. We’re 2-2 And everyone else is healthy. TB just needs to roll back into the starting lineup and win 10 straight, boom at worst were 12-4! It could happen, lol.

  13. I have to disagree with a lot of the comments about Case; I don’t think the coaches are playing him to his strengths. True he made some mistakes against the Lions, but it didn’t truly cost them the game as much as the 3 fumbles did. Also, why didn’t Zimmer take the field goal and then try to get the ball back to win with a TD instead of going for it 4th and goal?

    I feel if he had made the field goal that would have put the pressure on the Lions to run out the clock and took the pressure off the Lions a bit putting them in the driver’s seat as the defense was playing good, not great, but good since they had opportunities (interceptions) they missed as well.

    The coaches are not playing Keenum to his strengths; and that is what is costing this team. Look at the Texans, using a rookie but allowing his strengths to extend plays and keep the defense honest. Keenum has running ability, roll out ability – why don’t they use him for the run option, or a qb bootleg. They must let him play aggressive; that is his style and his strength. When he’s allowed to play that way he’s most successful, always applying pressure to the defense since he’s not a dink and dunk type of qb. You have to keep a defense guessing as to what you will do and if you use him to roll out, run option, bootleg and throw down the field that will keep the defense honest allowing him to find time to get to his receivers.

    I hope the coaches and Keenum read this; play him to his abilities! I guarantee you he will light it up and take this team to new heights. Bradford when he comes back is just another injury to happen. If Keenum plays Monday night he will be fine and the Vikings will win.

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